Updated Oct 2018.

At DesignSeer, we try to provide you with the best resources(themes, templates or design freebies) that would impact your business & its growth. Each article is researched and you only get the best.

Rijo Abraham is the lead writer and content curator at DesignSeer. Reviewing themes and software are his favorite hobbies.

Did we rebrand the website?

For those, who don’t know, this website was previously named: DesignsCrazed

Typing in Google search was hard with this old name(that includes me). The change, however, was not easy for me(lost much of the rankings in the process). But it was time to fix that and more.

The website has been around for more than five years now(Thanks for choosing us), and it needed some serious rebranding, with the latest content updates.

Lastly: the most asked question.

Even my close friends ask this:

  1. The review process(finding what is best)
  2. How to start an online business
  3. How I earn online
  4. Which hosting do you use?

1. The review process

It is hard to say but when it comes to WordPress themes, I do a real review of the theme. It starts by contacting the theme developer, get hold of a demo, next checking Pagespeed, then weighing the essential features, and so on.

2. How to start an online business

There are over a hundred tutorials on this topic. I will cover that in the future articles. Currently, my favorite is this one.

3. How I earn online

Straight answer: blogging.

Not enough? Monetizing the blog with Google Adsense & also some Affiliate marketing.

Yes, that’s lazy writing. :D Contact me here if you need any help with questions like:

  • Optimizing website for better loading speeds(check platz template with Pagespeed of 100%)
  • How to do affiliate marketing
  • Yes, yes, content strategy & page quality

4. Which hosting?

Fastcomet is our latest hosting provider. Before that, I used Siteground & Wpengine. Why I switched the hosting? Fastcomet offers better value and performance.

Don’t believe me?

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Time to First Byte(TTFB): 268ms

So much to do and so little time. See you out there. :)

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