20 Amazing Fashion bloggers with Online Stores

Online commercial sites are constantly being developed and have covered almost every sector. Online fashion is an important section of such sites. There are plentiful options available to choose from. Here is the list of top twenty fashion bloggers who also possess their own online store. This list features top brands that would probably give you the best online fashion shopping experience.

Sincerely Jules


Julie Sarinana is owner of this blog. She established her blog in 2009. Throughout these years, she has successfully managed to gather plentiful of followers. Her Instagram page alone has 1.7 + million followers and still counting. Here cult hit celfie tees are main attraction to her online store and are quite extra famous among her followers. She created an online boutique on her blog itself. You can click on the product which will redirect you to retailer’s page to fulfill your order.

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An Organized Life


This blog of 25 years old New Zealander Beck Wadworth is dedicated to personality development and fashion. She dedicates her content space to minimalist, organizational lifestyle tips. On the other hand, her online store is a collection of her latest brand planer. You can also pick cool stationary or other stuff for home fashion such as candles and other stationeries.

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Style Du Monde


This blog is inspired from famous outfits featured on various sites. It is considered Belgium’s first and best street style website. It offers edit of pieces. Those pieces are selected from its famous affiliates that also include Net-a-Porter, ASOS and Top shop. This blog does not sale its own products. However, it provides best possible combinations of well famous affiliated brands and their products. It will probably serve you the best online fashion experience of your lifetime.

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Fashion Me Now


Face behind this international blog is Lucy Williams, who is a well-known British blogger and mega-babe. She is also an inspirational photographer; however, she shoots for her own blogs only. Her blog is known as fashionmenow.co.uk. On which, she writes about travels, fashion and beauty stories. She follows casual styles and trend led. Her pieces of styles and models can be bought straight from her blog. This is the best place for casual fashion lovers.

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Stephanie Sterjovski Life and Style


This blog is famous for home and style category. After browsing this blog for a few minutes, it is guaranteed that you will want to sell all your home wares and want to buy everything new from this blog. Taste of her is quite cute. Most of the prints, notebooks, stationary, etc. featured in her articles are designed by herself only. Her blog is directly linked with her online store. All their products are being sold for a super reasonable price.

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Harper and Harley


Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley is a self-professed minimalist. She would not be seen in anything that is more bright than grey. She is an Australian umber-blogger.  She was seen in many TV shows about bloggers too. She is famous among her followers for her simple style. Her online store represents her own personal look. It is well organized, expensive looking and chic.

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We Wore What


We wore what is a fashion blog of Danielle Bernstein. It is constantly developing its areas day by day. Her online store is linked to her blog and is not fully developed and integrated yet. However, through her blog, she has promised that the online blog is going to get launched soon (by the time you are reading this post, it is possible it has been launched already!). However, her famous styles can still be bought directly from her blog. There are not many variations available for now; however, whatever is there is pretty good.

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Brunch at Saks


Bruch at Saks is a décor blog dedicated to home and style decorating. It also has a well developed e-boutique that is integrated with their home and style website. They offer a variety of throws, cushions and original furniture for a quite reasonable price. You will definitely fall in love with the designs that are developed and designed by them.

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Jessica Sepel Health


Jessica Sepel is a health blogger being a qualified nutritionist. She loves to write about good for your recipes, fitness tips and almost each and everything that is required achieving a healthy lifestyle. Her online store will guide you in order to stop emotional eating, detox plants and many other important and interesting things.

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Song of Style


Aimee song of style has really got some good sense of style. Her street style is quite famous among their followers. It gets a whole lot boost when fashion week is around. She also runs an online store named Two Songs. Through this famous online store, she sells her own design and styles.  Her slogan tees and sweaters are famous and come in new designs now and then on her blog through outfit posts.

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Brooklyn Blonde


A New Yorker Helena Glazer serves her unique and cool style through her blog. Her style is easy to try at home which makes it quite famous among online buyers and fashion freaks. A bunch of different brands and retailers are served on shop section of her website. It offers almost everything related to fashion from designer shoes to lipgloss.

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Haute Pursuit


Fashion blogger Venessa Hong is famous for her noticeable sense of style and killer blonde hair cut. Other than her followers, there are limited people out there who know about her online fashion store. On her store, she sells treading accessories around the mark of fifty bucks. Her store has quite high pieces of slogan tees and sweaters.

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Media Marmalade


They are famous for their affordable products. They sell trending and newly arrived products from many famous fashion retailers. According to their blog and online store, they are going to launch their own products soon in near future.

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It is famous for their high-end yet affordable home contents. Besides that, it is also a great destination for shopping a vast variety of things that will make you feel and look totally new than your old digs. They have quite a good taste of casual trending.

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Gray Pepper Girl


This blog is established and run by Nicole Warne. It is a certain fact that she is one of the biggest bloggers around the world. Along with her own design and style pieces, she also sells external brands through affiliated links on her online shopping stores. Rather than being for advertisement purpose, these brands come from her favorites and must try list. She is quite famous for her feminine fashion styles and for providing famous products across the world.

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The Blonde Salad


Chiara Ferragni was never interested in selling her own self-titled collection of shoes directly through her blog. However, she also owns her own online retailer shop known as chiaraferragnicollection.com. It is quite famous in her followers since all her styles and combinations are available there.

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They All Hate Us


Faces behind this famous Australian blog are Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton that are indeed best friends in real life. They All Hate Us are famous for their inspirational images on their blog. The pair is famous for their ripped jeans. Their top ten wardrobes are being sold on their online store every month. They also sell best trending Australian labels and a bunch of distressed denims.

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Wendy’s LookBook


Wendy Nguyen is a L.A. based fashion blogger. She is quite famous for her YouTube with 60K confirmed followers and still counting. She provides a good reading experience to her readers through her unique way of thinking and her unique sense of fashion and styles. Her online store sells all her combinations under the name of Wendy’s LookBook.

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Swiss model and blogger Kristina Bazan has impressive reach on Facebook with over 1 million followers (with noticeable presence on Instagram and Twitter). She loves high-end brands and sells her favorite collects of Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Piaget through her online style shop named Kayture.

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Fashion Toast


At the age of 31, Rumi Neely launched her online shop and blog in the year of 2007. Her posts mainly feature heavy photographs of cool clothes and model photographs. Her posts greatly influence her followers. In beginning of her career, she collaborated with pre-established blogs to build up a base. Recently she has launched her own line. Her collections of strip dresses, tap plants and cut tees are quite famous. There are plentiful of fans of hers that are always waiting for her new launches.

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