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55+ Free Music and Video Player UI PSD Templates

The free PSD templates we handpicked here will help you design UI elements for music & video players. Customize and save time by quickly designing an engaging user interface with minimalist buttons, controls, playback settings, etc. Either it’s for website projects or mobile apps or mockups, these collections of free music and video player PSD templates will help you for many upcoming projects.

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Many UI Designers have limited time to work on a project, and thus less attention is paid to small user interface elements. Although a media player seems like a tiny part of your overall design, it is the most used part of any website or app. Users interact with these on a daily basis, so a pixel perfect design is a must to avoid the boredom of users.

Considering minimal design and modern flat design trends, we handpicked the best few to get you a jump start. All of the below PSD templates are free to download and use for personal, commercial projects. Also, check our awesome post on free ui kit psd for mobiles and websites.

1 – Music Player PSD

Download over 25+ free music player templates for your next project. These mockup designs will help you present a music player UI to your clients with a simple customization from your end.

Flat Player – Freebie

A classic looking free flat UI music player with album art and player controls to keep easy track of your favorite songs. Present your mockup design to the clients with full confidence as this template will let you edit layers as needed.

Download music player psd template

Minimal Player

This player has got a stylish look with a simple and minimalist design. Alter text, album pic, and backgrounds to match your design project or create a beautiful mockup.

Download minimalist music player psd

Music Player UI Psd

This free psd file has stylish controls and a full screen album art display for music lovers.

Download Music Player Free Psd

Music Player App



Minimalist Audio Player (Psd)

The fast trending Minimalist Audio Player are mostly used in the websites because of its sleek and stealthy design. It is a great choice when you are not on the lookout of something fancy.

Download Minimalist Audio Player

Minimal Music Player UI PSD

The pleasant color and style of this design is pretty awesome, with easy to use functions, this free psd ui is a hit amongst many. Even though it is a minimalist, do not underestimate its performance power.

Download Minimal Music Player UI Design PSD


Audio Player

It is the simplest form of the audio players, and it comes in two skin colors, black and white. It is custom made and many people prefer using this because of its user friendly nature.

Download audio players preview

Sleek Album Art

As says the name this player is designed with a tint of cuteness to it. It would do well amongst our young friends who design creative stuff.

Download cute player psd

Super Purty Player

The super slick, smooth player looking pretty cool. Just the play bar, that’s it! So much for minimalism. Yeah true. We love the simplicity but this concept is amazing.

Download smooth music player

Music Player Skin (PSD)

It is a perfectly designed, pixel perfect widget. It has a display space and the music information, the progress and volume bars are sliders.

Download music ui psd

Custom Audio Player Skin (PSD)

This one is just like the super purty player, only difference is the color. The skin is dark and the progress bar has a different color too.

Download music ui psd


Blue Mp3 Player(PSD)

This chic music player is going to be eye catching if you place it on your website. The simple headless bar along with being elegant looks hip too because of the blue color of the bar and green progress color and the medal icons.

Download Photoshop mp3 player


Digital Music Player (PSD)

Along with a set of controls itoffers a blue LCD display. If you are looking for a smart design alternative,  this one is just for you. The psd is customizable to some extent.

Download digital music player ui

Flat Mini PSD

This psd is slightly different from the others as it has a playlist with a scrollbar. So instead of the music opening on a single page, the music plays on the playlist itself and the progress bar appears below.

Download flat music player design


Dark UI Music Player Design Psd

The black themed and a old trendy design with a glossy finish which will transform the look of your video, app page.

Download Dark UI Music Player Design Psd


Compact (PSD)

This little widget is one of its kind, it has a rating system along with the song information and would do great for the music websites.

Download Compact Music Player

Minimal Play

The flat style design of this small template looks simple. It will look great on the websites and the circular progress slider adds to the uniqueness.

Download minimal-music-player

Free Audio Player PSD

The dark theme of this audio, video template along with the flat sleek design looks really sweet. Use your creativity and do more with this base version of the psd file. Also update us if you have done any variety works in the near future.

Download music player ui psd


Abstract Audio Player Free PSD

With the modern graphic UI this audio player looks pretty cool. The design is not like the regular ones, it is something different and you would definitely want to own one just by the look of it.

Download abstract-audio-player

Rounded Fun

This is one of those kinds of music player psd files which fascinates you on a single glace at it. The play bar is round in shape with display picture in between. It is beyond awesomeness.

Download Rounded music player PSD< width=

Free PSD Mobile Music Player

A specially designed template for mobile devices and web applications. The color combination of blue and green which is used to create the app is what makes it look super awesome!

Download Free PSD Mobile Music Player

Little free PSD music player

The small size of this psd, makes it look really sweet. Big surprise’s come in small packages, you would agree to me if you have one of these downloaded and used.

Download free PSD music player

Dark Audio Player PSD

Are you bored of the sleek design? If yes, then this is the audio player you like, a thick audio player. The matt black color of the audio player looks hot!

Download audio_player_psd



Audio Player PSD File

A small, nicely layered PSD music player, for you to enjoy the music from you devices.

Download Audio Player PSD File

Minimalist Music PSD

This has a glide through gallery look where u can look at three songs at a time and choose the one you like to listen to.

Download minimalist-music-player

Modern Audio Player

This is a custom made modern music psd player and is pretty good at what it does.

Download modern-audio-player-500

Spotify Mini Player PSD

This mini player is not only stylish but has a track listing function added to it as well.

Download Mini Spotify player PSD

2 – Video Player PSD

There are over 30+ clean, free PSD templates

Video Player UI PSD

With this psd file you can easily dig through your collections of videos and audios and enjoy the high quality feel of it. The clarity in details is great, add this to your collection of free psd app ui templates.

Download video-player-ui-psd

Minimal UI Player

This is a superb, eye catching design giving a high quality audio and video experience with clean line icons. Use this ui kit in your website design with Photoshop that gives you full control over input fields, seek bar, logo, icons etc. The vector enabled layers will give you room to resize and scale also enabling you convert to a html template.

Download psd video player

Youtube Player Mockup

This is one of the best pseudo creations of Youtube. The psd template is free to download an use in any commercial projects. All the psd layers used in this youtube player psd are vector and it will scale to large resolution without causing noise or blur.

Download free YouTube Player psd

PSD Video Player

Its modern flat design distinguishes itself from other fancy versions out there. It comes with 22 different line icons in the shape of vector, just to make your video watching more enjoyable and trendy.

Download psd video player

Vimeo Player UI Kit

All the icons recreated shapes of vector and are adjustable. All elements of the player are designed in a manner to give a pixel perfect view, so that you can enjoy watching high quality videos.

Download vimeo player ui kit

Clean PSD

If you are looking for a professional classic design for your website then clean video player is going to be just the right choice for you.

Download video player ui

Minimal video player

This is another eye catching design with a larger play button than the regular ones. This could also be used in a web design as a html template.

Download minimal video player

Dark Psd

Wish to insert a web app player on your website, the dark theme of this video player with awesome pixels will make you extraordinarily cool.

Download Dark ui psd template for video playback

Youtube icon

This is a simple play icon for the screen, the web symbol for video streaming. It gives a modern and elegant look and gives a high quality video streaming experience.

Download youtube player icon

Simple Video UI PSD

As the name says it, this player is a simple one with a classy car on the background. Now who does not like classy rides? We all love them!

Download video player

Dropbox Player

Does Dropbox ever had a player ? Maybe it does for playing video files in its folders. Simple elements were took to redesign this Dropbox player, and efforts have been made to maximise the play bar so that locating a particular part of the video becomes easier.

Download dropbox video player design in psd

Youtube Video Player PSD

This one does not include any effects on the background so that it can easily be used on a white background. The look is simple and elegant.

Download youtube-psd

Freebie: Video Player PSD

Has minimum functionality added to it, this player player is an easy to use and will give you a quality video streaming experience.

Download Video Player PSD

Video v2 PSD

Minimal approach has be used in the making of this ui player. It is user friendly, and serves the purpose of watching videos hassle free.

Download movie Video Player

Mini Video UI

A clean slider control option which is on the middle of the screen instead of below like in other video player psd. The background is also beautiful.

Download Mini Video UI PSD


Video Player PSD Set

This psd file has been designed in a clear style not too many functions added to it. Although, it does have 6 color variations, which comes along with the PSD file of the player itself.

Download video-player-psd-set

Slick UI

In this the progress bar looks glassy and translucent, which makes it different from the others in terms of fancy. The psd template is free to download and use for any educational purposes.

Download slick-Video-Player-PSD


Classic Video PSD

The high quality picture that you will get to experience in this template with a different design of progress bar would be enjoyable for sure.

Download video_player_psd

Glossy Effect release

This is a simple template with great pixels ratio. The blue color of the function bar seems to be the center of attraction in this player file.

Download video-player-psd-release

Free colorful flat Video Player

The description of flat template matches to its name. This free flat ui player is beautifully colored which makes it look very trendy and abstract in form. Nonetheless, you can use it in personal or commercial projects as required.

Download video-player-psd-flat

Clean Player

The clean player is designed for video playback in a clean cut psd file design and gives a wonderful video experience.

Download clean-video-player-psd

Flat light

This player has a flat design with a different a cool interface work on it done by the creators. The blue color progress bar looks nice.

Download free psd file for player

Simple Media Player – PSD

This media player has both small and large psd files. The design is simple and not so fussy that lets you add more to the existing Photoshop file .

Download Media Player psd file

Media Players Free PSD

This kind of music players is preferred to the people have music website featuring music which needs rating review. Start working on Photoshop to add any features you think to have on your custom design.

Demo music-video-players-psd

Preview Player (with PSD)

Few people may like this kind of player where you can do something fun at times when you are getting bored. Photoshop can help you do more to this premade design.

Download media player ui

3 – FAQ

What is a PSD File?

PSD is a Photoshop file format. Adobe Photoshop, an image editing software is the tool for editing PSD files. It saves multi-layered image designs to the PSD format when compared to a flat JPG file. Photoshop PSD file lets you edit elements like text, image, logo, buttons, icons, backgrounds.

How to convert PSD to CSS?

Photoshop extensions are the answer; they will help you extract CSS3 code for individual layers.  CSS3PS and CSS Hat are the extensions for that converting PSD to CSS. The CSS3PS is a free Photoshop extension that you can install right away.

convert psd to css
Free Photoshop Extension that lets you convert PSD to CSS: layer by layer

Please share this free music, video player UI collections if you find them useful and worth your time. I will keep updating this topic with new designs.

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  1. Andy

    i need to know how to use these players in dreamweaver please someone help

    • Rijo

      As far as i know psd needs to be converted to css with Photoshop. Free plugins for Photoshop like css3ps work wonders.

    • Webgyaani

      It’s PSD file only open in photoshop. You have to convert it on HTML and CSS.

  2. Mark Abbott

    Great collection, I’m using JULBUL to get these kind of player layouts for my youtube embed videos – isn’t it amazing?

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