Bent – Free HTML5 App Landing page Template

Bent – Free HTML5 App Landing page Template


This is a modern app landing page template made by Designseer for you that helps you build your website in a matter of minutes which is responsive in tablet, mobile platforms as well. The CSS3 animations, parallax scrolling and sliders adds to the unique features of Bent. Built on top of Bootstrap framework this template makes it easy for you to create brilliant pages in minutes.

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Responsive Design

Make your website shine on any device with elegant style. The template scales neatly on mobiles, tablets and desktops.


Browser Support

The template works perfectly well in modern browsers like IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.


Intelligent Coding

Seo optimized sections with fully standard HTML5, CSS3 Bootstrap based markup ensure the website to rank well in google search results.



The style.css and index.html is well commented for easy customization on the go.




  • Name: Bent
  • Template: HTML5 & CSS3
  • Framework: Bootstrap
  • Release: Feb 2016
  • Updated: April 2017
  • Usage: Personal & Commercial



Version 1.0.1 – 27 April 2017

  • Contact Form Added (contact.php)
  • Subscribe Form Fixed.
  • Documented the above in the index.html file.

Version 1.0.0 – Feb 2016

  • Initial Release.




50 thoughts on “Bent – Free HTML5 App Landing page Template”

  1. I am watching out your whole website design.It’s awesome. Specially that page design is attractive. What wordpress theme you are using for your website.

  2. I downloaded the updated version and added my mail to the contact.php file, but uploaded to the server does not send any emails.

  3. There is a bug in the contact(.)php file in line 46 to 48 in “$(_)POST[‘HERE ONLY’]”, you must change:
    – “mail” to “emaild”
    – “subjectForm to “subject”
    – “messageForm” to “message”
    That’s all contact form should now work.

  4. The contact page STILL doesn’t work – even when I take the action=”contact.php” out of the form tags it still uses a php page somehwere

  5. Hello Rijo,

    Thanks for this nice and useful template.
    One point : the contact form is still not working for me. I have added my email in the php form but I don’t receive anything.
    Do you know why? I think I’m not alone in this case..

    Thanks 4 your help

  6. Hi! I try to load theme to wordpress, it text that style.css and index.php files dont find, can you check please? Thanks for the awesome work!

  7. Hi! Contact form still doesn’t work. I downloaded the updated file, but that was not helping. Any help would be very appreciated, thank you!

  8. Me too Maga Agarskoi, I tried to load theme to wordpress, it text that style.css and index.php files dont find, can you check please?


  9. i can’t have your contact form working after modify line 9 with the latest version..
    do you have another working ? thanks

  10. Anyone figured out how to get the form working?
    I’ve tried downloading the latest version and making the edits that “Prezes” mentioned, but still nothing.

  11. Hi!
    I got the contact form to work!

    In contact(.)php, lines 44~48 should be as below:

    if(isset($_POST['name']) and isset($_POST['emaild']) and isset($_POST['message'])){
    $name = $_POST['name'];
    $mail = $_POST['emaild'];
    $subjectForm = $_POST['subject'];
    $messageForm = $_POST['message'];

  12. Hey Rijo, I tried everything to make the contact form work. I´m still not successfull. Did you change something in the index-file?

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