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Awesome Live Chat for wordpress

20+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

The main focus of this article is live chat plugin which can be integrated on a WordPress website without much hassle. These live chat WordPress plugins will appear on the website wherever you want them to show. Initiating and engaging chat with your website clients to discuss or provide support, feedback offline or online is now much easier. Manage, organize your chat professional with WordPress plugins.

Click the chat option which is usually on the bottom right of the website and start chatting with senior webmasters or support technicians. Here you can find free WordPress chat plugins as well as premium codecanyon plugins which are not avoidable. Also check our WordPress Social Network Plugins we introduced earlier.

Formilla Live Chat – Free WordPress Chat Plugin

Install live chat to your wordpress site. Chat with your visitors with a clean and easy-to-use interface. No strings attached!

Formilla is a free to download WordPress live chat Plugin which lets you chat live with your customers and freely answer their questions and support them in need. It can be easily and instantly installed; a live chat button appears on the WordPress as the plugin is installed. It has a responsive design for customer to contact you from any device. There is a pro-active chat that you can enable at times which automatically starts chat with a customer after a few seconds. There are desktop notifications, colour, themes banners and many more which you can easily customize.

DemoMore Info / Download Free wordpress Formilla Live Chat

Free WordPress Live Chat by OggFlow

Live Chat by OggFlow is a customer support software and help desk suite (Live Chat, Social Media, Ticketing). Your first user is always free!

This plugin for WordPress enables you to effortlessly add attractive live chat to your blog or website. OggFlow helps you manage all your customer service related work–emails, live chat, tickets, Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds and Gmail shared folders all just from one easy and familiar interface. You can respond instantly to customer requests thereby increase your customer satisfaction and sales.

DemoMore Info / Download Live Chat by OggFlow

Free Live Chat Software by HelpOnClick

This plugin installs HelpOnClick’s live chat widget on your WordPress website to allow real time chat with your website visitors.

Tests proved that human engagement through a live chat can have a positive effect on a company’s or businesses conversion and sales. The absolutely easy copy and paste installation will have your chat process live within minutes. HelpOnClick chat widget not only gives you the control on real time traffic observing, but also help your customers asking the required questions and getting immediate help they want.

DemoMore Info / Download live chat software free wordpress plugin

WP Live Chat Support

Free to download the WP live chat support is ideal for small businesses, you don’t have to pay any sort of monthly subscriptions to be in touch with your visitors or customers. The plugin is fully functional and helps you increase conversion rates because of the direct contact that you have with your customers. The interface is simple for both the visitor and the administrator. You can drag the chat box anywhere on the page and change the colours of the chat box also. The plugin is advertisement and link free and even when the live chat is switched off the messages are stored for you to view later.

Download WP Live Chat Support


This chat plugin is best suited for social networking and community sites. What makes it different from other plugins is that two or more users can chat privately in one to one conversations or in a group. It works well for dating, forums and blogging sites too. iFLyChat can be used as online support for customers as well. The conversations are stored which can be later viewed by the users if they want.

Demo Download iFlyChat

Community Chat

This WordPress live chat plugin is specially made for community chats; however it can be integrated with other websites also for customer service live chats. It is simple to use and has a number of options to choose from like colours, fonts, size etc. in live chat. It helps in drawing more customers to your website as it is the fastest way to getting their problems solved.

Download Community Chat

Wise Chat

An easy to install free plugin to build social network which helps in increasing customer engagement for your website because it provides the users to exchange messages in the chat rooms. It has a fully responsive design and can be used on mobiles also. Users can participate in chats and keep their identity hidden through anonymous feature where they get an auto-generated user name.

Demo Download Wise Chat

My Live Chat

Live-chat software is absolutely free. You can chat live with the users, analyse all the web activities including what keyword they are looking for and their search engines also. There is a live help button that the user needs to click to be connected live in chat with your company representatives. You can assist them with information or send them graphics, links and if required guide them through your website.

Download My Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

You can now support your customers through a Facebook live chat directly from your website. The WordPress is easy to download and use and has a permanent history of chat for the users and the owner of the business. There are social buttons integrated which you can use to encourage your customers to join and you can add a background of your choice. A promotional bar comes with the WordPress for you to promote new arrivals and products.

DemoMore Info / Download Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

Awesome Live Chat

There is no interference of any third party, the set-up is yours. Live chat helps you to provide customers with immediate support which in turn increases your potential customers. The chat flow is continuous, after opening multiple tabs also they can continue from where they left the chat. You have the option to have many departments, you just need to type and click on return. It has a clean design and is highly customizable.

Demo More Info / Download Awesome Live Chat

Leap – WordPress Live Chat Plugin

You can have multiple operators inside the admin area so that there is a good connect between you and your customers. There is an analytics page where you can get the details of your customers like their location and which operator was he/she assigned to. You can set up a contact form for your customers if you are not on your seat. There are more than 600 Google fonts that you can use in the Leap WordPress.

Demo More Info / Download Leap - WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Wpmudev – Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Add chat to your blog. Chat with your readers and let them chat with each other. Start communicating! Bring live, two-way chat to your site. Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales without needing any third party javascript or other code – works great with BuddyPress and Multisite too.

There is a corner chat widget which will make it easy for you to chat and you can select the size, colour, font, automated messages and many others to customize it accordingly. You can create chat rooms and have the option to open or close the chat for public and have it only for members. Your visitors have an option to join the conversation using Twitter, Facebook and Google + login.

DemoMore Info / Download  best stand-alone live chat WordPress plugin

Quick Chat

Self hosted WordPress chat plugin supporting private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering, smilies, caching plugins and more.

What make the plugin stand out is that it can filter out the bad words as it has the interface to add or remove bad words form the chat. There are some lovely emoticons for your user to be more expressive and can detects user login. Quick Chat supports language translation. The plugin helps you save your sites bandwidth by sending Ajax requests only if there is any new message.

DemoDownload quick chat

Live Chat – Casengo

Live Chat from Casengo is Customer Support Software from the Cloud, First User is Always Free. The Casengo Live Chat plugin allows you to add live Chat to your blog or website quickly and easily.

Whatsapp services have been integrated in Live Chat so that your customers can be in touch with their owners. Besides live chat it helps you manage many functions such as mailbox. You don’t need to have any special training to use the plugin; you can simply install and start using it. It is mobile friendly and works equally well on a tablet too.

ShotsDownload casengo

Free Live Chat by Tidio Elements

Meet Tidio Live Chat – a totally free chat for your website. No logging in, no signing up – integrates with your website in less than 20 seconds.

An extremely easy to install WordPress Tidio Elements is wonderful and simple to use. You can keep a track of all your website visitors and contact them if you want. The colour of the screen is adjustable and is perfect to run on mobile and computer devices, iOS, Android, Chrome and OS X. It supports around 140 languages from all over the world and leaves an online form for your visitors if you are offline.

ShotsDownload livechat free


WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support

There is nothing like giving your brand a voice. Live chat with customers give that personal touch and the customers feel connected to you and your business. This helps in increasing you company’s goodwill and sales. It has a clean code and a cute but completely customizable skin. You can create more operators and more than one operator can engage with a customer if required. As the user logs in you get notified through an email.

We simply use Ajax technique instead of Web Sockets. Because it’s pretty straightforward and works even on Internet Explorer. Also, you probably don’t need any server modifications for this plugin. It works with native PHP 5 server and WordPress fine.

DemoMore Info / Download WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support

Chatty – Simple Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

A simple standalone WordPress Live Chat plugin. Unlimited numbers of chats per website (both unique and shared)!

It works wonderfully and looks great on all devices. The plugin is simple to use and has Css3 emoticons to make the chat more engaging and attractive. There is no external API required it is completely standalone.

DemoMore Info / Download Chatty - Simple Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

WordPress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin

Industrial strength 1-2-1 live chat software configured into a WP Plugin. It allows you to add 1-2-1 live chat on your WordPress powered site. And it’s extremely simple to set up.

Your users can still connect to you by sending messages if you are offline in WordPress in 1-2-1 plugin. If a user has sent you a message to chat with you, there is a beep that you would hear on your computer. Live chat leads to immediate sale of products and this WordPress plugin can make it happen for your company too.

DemoMore Info / Download Wordpress Live Chat Plugin

In Chat – WordPress Plugin for users to chat

This plugin allows your registered users to chat with each other. Online users are detected and shown in different color, making people to know who is online. This plugin do not requires any third party plugins or configurations, hence can be run on any common php & mysql server.

In Chat Plugin supports HD emoticons and there are 3 packs that have been made available in the plugin. There are around 10 themes which you can use depending on your mood. You can chat from the admin panel directly so while you are working on your website you can chat with your users as well.

DemoMore Info / Download In Chat

Rhino Live Support – Live Chat

Provide premium customer service by chatting live with your customers and give direct assistance where it’s needed – at any time. Unlimited operators and departments, invite website visitors, transfer customers, IP-Location, advanced statistics and much more.

You can save all the conversations if you want and have unlimited operators for your website making it easier to monitor the website. You can style the chat with various fonts, colours and borders.

DemoMore Info / Download Rhino Live Support - Live Chat

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin

I decided to put a Simple Live Chat Plugin together for the every day WordPress website or blog. If you have an online business or cart where you are in front of your computer most of the day, why not add another layer to your business by adding a Simple Live Chat?

Easy to configure, set up and use the colour and the name of the live chat can be changed with ease. You can choose to have the chat box on any four corners of the page and can set your chat to be offline or online. Besides the customers, you can engage with the blog readers also to build a connection with them; they are your potential buyers.

DemoMore Info / Download Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Kruk Chat For WordPress

Kruk chat is the simplest way to provide your wordpress or woocommerce visitor a “live chat support” and manage it via mobile app and web .

The plugin is simple and has a wonderful live chat built in for your website. It is responsive and works on mobile app as well. You can even manage your account from the app. There are many positive reviews about Kruk and it is worth giving the plugin a try.

DemoMore Info / Download Kruk Chat For WordPress

WordPress Live Chat with Web- & Windows Clients

The ClientEngage Visitor Chat for WordPress is a fully-featured real-time chat for your WordPress websites. A clear and simple web-based administration allows you to conveniently chat with your visitors.

There are so many good features in this plugin; multi lingual, multi-purpose colour schemes, easy customization, windows client included etc. You have the option to chat with many users at a time and can change the look and feel of the chat if you want.

DemoMore Info / Download ClientEngage Visitor Chat for WordPress
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  1. mercy


    Should Your Business Have Online Chat as a Customer Support Platform , if you wants to chat join us at following links.

  2. Click4Assistance

    Hi Rijo,

    Nice article, just thought I would introduce ourselves, we are Click4Assistance the UK leading provider of live chat support software, we have had many customers over the last year or so experiencing issues when trying to add live chat scripts to their WordPress sites, that’s why we developed our WordPress plugin so they wouldn’t have the hassle anymore and can get live chat and website analytics instantly.

    If you ever do an updated list, feel free to contact us we can give you access to the plugin (as an account will need to be in place to use it) or we would be happy to demo it to you.


  3. rezky

    hay, i want to use facebook live chat for my web, and than my web will show in webview on android studio. but the fb live chat didn’t show, is there possible to show fb live chat in webview although the webview showing my website? please help me to solve it. thanks

  4. Sven

    Hoping some one can recommend a chat plugin that can used with wishlistmember and allows for video and image upload.



  5. asad ali


    i need chat plugin for my chatting website chatbk.com this site i have and right now i am using someone else scrpit but i want to use my own chat room with admin Acess so i can control my chat room my self i need simple basic chat room where people can chat live by satying in the chat room please give me name of plugin if you know or give me link for that thanks in advance :)

  6. WordWeaver

    I see a lot of different WP chat plug-ins being promoted in Rijo’s list, and I see a lot of chat plug-in developers pushing their products in the comments section. However, I see little feedback from actual satisfied users.

    I host my own self-installed WordPress blog on my own server, and not via WordPress.com. As such, I have complete control over it.

    Thus, I am not looking for a plug-in where I embed a snippet of HTML code in my blog theme files, and then everything is controlled and limited by some company out there in Internet-land. I want the chat to function completely from my own web server, without having to make HTTP requests to a remote chat service. I also want to have complete control over the chatroom embedded on my WP blog, i.e., look and feel, size of the chat window, etc. I am NOT looking for a paid monthly subscription service. I prefer, at best — and unless there is a good free one — a one-time reasonable payment for a good self-hosted chat plug-in.

    If any other WP admins out there are using such a WP chat plug-in, and are thoroughly satisfied with it — no plug-in developer feedback please — I would really appreciate hearing from you.

    I have tried a few Java-based chatrooms on my regular website — outside of WordPress — and they have been rather slow and clunky for the most part, required HTML frames, or something else which was not particularly to my liking.

    So again, if you have found something that meets my needs for a WP self-installed blog, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    • Matthew

      To be fair, that’s how internet marketing works these days WordWeaver. In order to get sales, we need to get out there and post up comments in the right places :) Ok that said, I agree but monthly subscriptions pay for bug fixes and security patches – developers need to eat too!

      I work with website psychology, so I must admit I didn’t like the current crop of chat tools. Which is why I have just released an unlimited version of perceptive chat which works with Telegram. If you’ve not seen Telegram yet, go to http://telegram.org it’s a replacement for WhatsApp, Viber etc..

      We spent quite a lot of time developing a user-orientated live chat tool that focuses on usability and high availability. Yes, we have a monthly subscription of $9.95 but you can use the coupon BACON and get 10% off for life. I can’t convince you if you don’t look, so head over to http://perceptive.io/chat


    • MrB

      I totally agree with WordWeaver……this list of live chat plugin is useless to me.
      WordWeaver….did you find any plugin?

  7. Rick

    Do any of these plug-ins (free version or pay) have an app to integrate with an iPhone or Android?

    • Aaron Packer

      @Rick – we just released a WordPress plugin for Pure Chat (http://wordpress.org/plugins/pure-chat/). We have Android, iOS, and even Kindle Fire / Fire Phone apps :) Check it out and let us know what you think!

      -Aaron @ Pure Chat

    • David

      @Rick – check out also livechatinc – they have amazing apps for mobile devices.

  8. Paul Evans

    Hi Rijo, did you know that wordpress users can now support their customers on their own website using Facebook Messenger? We at Zotabox have an easy to use integration tool here: http://bit.ly/1ZdPXsl.

    Supporting your customers via Messenger has many advantages. It is secure, convenient with a permanent chat history for both parties. Messenger also allows accepting payments for store owners. We would be pleased to hear your comments. Thank you very much,

  9. shehryar

    Hi, I want a chat plugin but please tell me is there any plugin for free? i did`nt find any plugin for free so far with functionalities. this is the site please recommend thanks, http://www.wowbix.com

    • Anna

      Hi there, I wanna introduce to you wp-chat plugin. I have been using this plugin for close to 6 months now. It’s being working effectively well for my business and the best thing is that it’s FREE. Why don’t you give it a try , here is the link http://wordpress.org/plugins/chats/

  10. Sarah


    Thanks for this review.
    What exactly is the difference between these chat plug-ins and chat services such as LiveChat or Zopim, for example?

  11. Gustavowoltmann

    Hi there. great post! I started using http://www.rumbletalk.com chat plugin for my wordpress website. I also use it on my blog and facebook page. Works really well!

  12. David

    Really awesome list but lack of livechatinc is very weird. It’s best available chat software in my opinion.

  13. LiveChatLinda

    Thank you for this set. I would also like to reccommend you LiveChatInc plugin for WordPress: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-live-chat-software-for-wordpress/. It’s really, really simple to use and quick to install. You have also a 30-day free trial to check, if it works for you or not. But I am sure it will :)
    Hope you find it useful.

  14. Robert


    We have been using Wise Chat for 2 months and it is a very impressive solution! Check it here:


    There is no need to pay for a server, it has no limits to the number of chat rooms and users, it filters bad words, support images and files posting, moderation, private messages, WordPress multisite and much more!

    It boosted user engagement on our website!


  15. Angy

    I would like to add whatsapp as a chat plugin. Can anyone show me a free plugin please?

  16. Randy Garcia

    These plugins are very nice! I’m really excited to read this, I’ll get the Rhino chat tbh.

  17. samdani

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    To make this option on a site there are some of plugins .
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  18. Agnieszka / LiveChat

    Hi! There is one more plugin that is not mentioned on the list – WordPress plugin for LiveChat (http://www.livechatinc.com/).

    It’s one of the most popular live chat tools on the market and the plugin is developed and supported by LiveChat’s developers.



    (note: I work at LiveChat)

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  20. Ben

    Recently our team from GOSU helped a fairly big community website to make their users engage and return much more thanks to the chat feature. Check it out yourself there (http://asoiaf.westeros.org/ -> little circle at the bottom right) or see a chat demo on our homepage. GOSU comes with iOS and Android apps that make it well suited for Youtube Channels, too. The live chat is completely free and easy to install. http://www.gosuchat.io/

  21. Rijo

    Great list.
    I was using QuickChat for one reason only: the ability to define chat room by posting title.
    Admin can create chat room by filling in the name of the room in a widget setting field. But it turns out that the field can take php. So I can return the id or title of the post there.
    My website is an online learning site. Users need to enroll in a course to view the lessons.
    By using this feature of QC, I can have a chat room available only to students enrolled in that particular course.

    Unfortunately, this great chat plugin has not been updated for about 2 years.
    In my new website, I’m trying to find a newer alternative that have such feature. But I’m still not lucky yet.

    Do you know of any plugin for chat room that has such capability?

    Thank you

  22. Betty

    You did a great job! Wp-chat for is a Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales plugin on WordPress that I use for my blog live chat and its simply awesome.It has a live support, web analytics and online marketing application. Single users can also use it for personal communication. There is Layout customization like client-chat colours, and other coloured features and you can Change the colour of your chat widget (colour of chat theme). Check it @ http://wordpress.org/plugins/chats/

  23. Jesse

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  24. Hans

    Talk & Realtime video contact on a WordPress site: http://wordpress.org/plugins/weseedo/

    WeSeeDo is the first WordPress plugin to make simple, face-to-face communication possible via a website. Through live communication with your target group, you can quickly convert website visits into actual contact or sales enquiries. WeSeeDo is based on revolutionary WebRTC technology, with all communication taking place across a web browser. It is fully secure and users do not have to download any software. Activate WeSeeDo on a WordPress website is easy with no additional PHP programming.

  25. Ahsan Arif

    I am using WP-Chat for my website

  26. Betty

    Hi everyone. There are a lot of good live chats for websites, but not all can provide user with smooth work and security. Everyone of us can find something good and share it with other people. As for me I found this wordpress chat plugin wp-chat by wpadm http://wordpress.org/plugins/chats/ and I am satisfied with it. If you need one good chat tool, you can try it. It has it’s own online dashboard to chat and manage all the settings. Some settings you can manage in plugin by itself in wordpress dashbboard, but online dashboard allows more opportunities. I really found it very convenient and easy.

    Good luck

  27. Rich

    Interesting to see that Tawk wasn’t included in the list.
    Very nice free live chat system.


  28. Randy Garcia

    I’ve been using the Rhino chat for a while now, its really nice.

  29. Global Like

    Really useful plugins for every business site. And i appreciate for sharing this. But it will be better for if you share some best free portfolio plugins please. I wanna use one best free portfolio plugin for globallike.com .. Hope you will share it. I am waiting for this. Thanks

  30. Sharon Hamlin

    Honestly , I’m very much pleased to read this amazing article.Listed all the plugin are very useful. My live chat is one of the finest chat plugin obviously in my opinion.Thanks for this helpful resource.

  31. Damar

    Is there a free video call plugin for wordpress? If it is, what is the name or brand? There are many chat programs, but all of them are text chatting systems. I’d like to have a video chat system. Thank you for your help.

  32. John

    Facebook Live Chat for WordPress is not a live chat. It only sends whatever the visitor writes to your Facebook messenger and the conversation has to continue from there. That means both have to switch to Facebook to continue the conversation. Very misleading.

  33. chris

    Does anyone know of a WP chat plugin that we can use for our clients only? SO they will have to be logged in to see the chat?

  34. Shikaku

    Are there any tools that make forms look simpler and cleaner ?

  35. Gregory Lucy

    Hey there,

    Thanks for sharing with us 20+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins. Live chat is essential for important business sites. Hope users will get benefit from your nice write-up.

    • Rijo Abraham

      Thankyou Lucy.

  36. Kar Lin

    Cool. I am tried to chatting with my client. I am using wordpress and i need a best live chat plugin. Now got this. I wanna use this for http://globallike.com. Thanks man for sharing this valuable post.

  37. michael vinh

    Thank you for sharing.
    I also want to add to your collection a plugins are also very need for wordpress but completely free.

  38. Feenta

    Wow, how come nobody mentioned Rocket.Chat? And only one mention of Tawk.to? Two of the best chat platforms right there. Rocket.Chat needs more configuring though. And a VPS. There’s a nice guide here. If you’re on shared hosting you can easily use Tawk.to without much configuration.

  39. jonna

    I am using LiveAdmins live chat WordPress plugin on my website.they provide quality service at a reasonable price

  40. Laura Rodd

    Great post Rijo! These Live Chat Plugins are amazing for WordPress. We all know the importance of having a Live Chat support to engage more with our customers and provide a much better customer experience. We’ve also written an article covering the same topic we mention some additional plugins: http://goo.gl/Kj4TV2 We’d love to hear your feedback ;)

  41. Jason Grills


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  42. mak

    Please let me recommend new creative live chat for website Revolivechat.com First live chat to allow admin give discounts into users live chat cart and the user may complete shopping even in chat window

  43. Brian

    Thank you…surprised not to see zopim on the list…i think that’s what they are called.

  44. Peter John

    Thanks for sharing this useful and attractive chat plugin. I would like to install it on my website because this will help me to connect with visitors instantly.

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