25+ Brilliant Typography Tutorials for your Next Design

Love to design a text logo for your own brand? Or design a poster with beautiful floral effects? Having a unique typography effect in any design is the key to a memorable user experience. Your colleagues, clients will remember your work just from this great typography design. You will soon find out that creativity, patience, interest, curiosity all are great traits of a talented designer.

First of all, you need to master the basics and then with the help of foundation knowledge, improve your skills and use your ideas to built perfect typography effects.

Go through the video tutorials we have handpicked to improve your skills. Even if you are new to typography or an expert, the following tutorials will give you a better idea and knowledge.

A good introduction to the fundamentals of typography will push your abilities further. Have a bit of patience and learn from these amazing typography tutorials we have added today. Typography lessons you find here are in the form of web tutorials and video tutorials. Good luck and let us know in comments if you have created anything yet.

Basics of Typography (Tutorial 1)

First of all, you need to make sure you know what typography term means and in the video, you will find some major terms that will be helpful such as typography, body copy, display type, hierarchy, kerning and leading. It can also help you to understand and communicate with your thoughts and ideas especially for designers & of course for beginners.

Basics of Typography

Basics of Typography (Tutorial 2)

In the second video, you will find some major terms that will be helpful such as tracking, widows and orphans, serif fonts, sans-serif fonts and script & cursive fonts etc. This tutorial will give a better strength for your first video tutorial information(ground support).

Beginners graphic design typography

This is a quick video tutorial on the basics of typography including different types of fonts and common typography terms. Also, they have given information on how to handle the words while you want to write or type it in a different style. To get more information on beginners guide in text format Click Here

Introduction to typography

In the Video, you can see an overview of Typography with the definition of terms & adjustments and that includes working with typography Design and placing text. It also covers how to create character and paragraph styles. Go through the video in detail and understand the introduction before proceeding to the next step.

Now you need to learn the fundamentals of letterforms and typography with the help of this guide. The way we see the letter & to use your mind to create a new style of the letter then to apply it, all those information are given in this video tutorial.

Anatomy of a Letter

In this video learn the language of designs on typography and strengthen your design skills by learning these important typographic terms and terminology. Now, familiarize yourself with these terms to get a better handle on typography.

Common Typography Terms

Paragraphs and special characters

While using different styles on paragraphs and characters, we need to consider some important points while the body copy design requires you to consider two separate parts i.e character styles and paragraph styles. Proper use of special characters can greatly increase the level of professionalism in your designs.

Go to this website to learn about the paragraphs and special characters used on typography Click Here


Basic Typography Terms (Shown below)

After all this, now you are ready to go and try some basic typography terms. Go through the following tutorials to familiarize yourself with these terms.

A single vertical stroke upwards to create letters like L or F. Connect one stem to another using a crossbar detail, like the letter H.


The invisible line letters rest on.


For lowercase letters, the X-height is the main body of the letter.


Letters with downward strokes that extend past the baseline have Descender strokes. Alternatively, if the stroke moves upward and away from the main body of the letter, we call that the Ascender stroke.

Ascender or Descender

Uppercase letters are capital letters and Lowercase letters are smaller ones. Use uppercase letters for names & places and lowercase letters for casual settings & more readability.

Upper or Lowercase Letters

An Ear is a decorative detail that pokes out from letters like g. A Shoulder is a bumped curve seen in letters like m and n.

Ear and Shoulder

Fully or partially closed spaces found in letters like O, A, and B. If the letter isn’t fully closed, then it’s an Open Counter.

Counters and Spine

Serif types feature extended stroke details also known as feet. These details are missing in Sans Serif styles.

Serif Vs Sans Serif

Advanced Typography Terms (Shown below)

After all this, now you are ready to go and try some advanced typography terms. Go through the following tutorials to familiarize yourself with these terms.

Grafitti Type

It is an awesome style used on text writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on a wall or other surface, often within public view. Graffiti range from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings.

Go through the following video to learn graffiti type text with the help of WACOM ILLUSTRATOR.

Grafitti Type

Gooey Text Typography

Create great looking, 3-Dimensional, and gooey looking text. This technique does require minimal drawing skills but is definitely suitable for beginners. It is perfect for the latest horror movie font.

Go through the following video to learn how to create a Gooey text typography in Photoshop. In this tutorial, they explain how to create slimy, gooey, and drippy Halloween typography in Photoshop.

Gooey Text Typography

3D Type

Make your typography really “Stand Out” with this incredible 3D text tutorial. With the help of Adobe Illustrator, they will guide on how to make a 3D type typography( Typography template).

3D Type

Neon 3D Lights

While we are on the subject of 3D text, let’s take a look at one other cool effect. Ever seen neon light text and wanted to make it yourself? Now you can with PsdTuts sweet 3D Neon Light Typography tutorial.

They also provide the helpful source file, allowing designers to see the different layers and effects applied in Photoshop.

Neon 3D Lights


Grunge Poster Text

Do you want a retro, grungy poster complete with fitting text? Try this Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create one for yourself. The finished result is really impressive and the techniques learned from this tutorial should help you on future projects all across the board.

Grunge Poster Test

Flower Text

This tutorial is perfect for the flower power children inside all of us. You will need some stock images of flowers (or just use your own if you have a nice selection) and a Photoshop to conquer this tutorial.

Flower Text


Custom Hand Drawn Font

Using Photoshop and FontLab Studio, you can create your own hand-drawn font. This is a great way to get a unique font that is truly one of a kind. FontLab will do most of the grunt work for you, allowing you to whip out some creativity pens and get to work.

Custom Hand Drawn Font

Explosive Typography

Check out this amazing tutorial on creating 3D exploding text. In this tutorial, we will see how to create an exploding text effect using Adobe Photoshop. Here they will be using type and 2 free Photoshop brushes, then apply a crack texture.

The main goal of this tutorial is for you to learn how to use Photoshop brushes and textures to create some powerful text effects.

Explosive Typography


Ornate Text

In this Video, they will be creating Ornate Letter Design to create the effect First, trace out the sketch using the pen tool and then using the Extrude and Bevel option to create the 3d perspective view. Finally expand the design and work out with individual pieces.

You will love the finished product of this amazing effect, with some truly exotic and impressive text effects at the end. Give some time to go through this one, as it is pretty advanced.

Ornate Text


Now you have learned some basic & advanced information on typography, so the next step is to implement those ideas you got from these tutorials to your next work or design.

Also, go through the following links for more typographic information & examples…


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