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amazing examples of church logos in design

45 Amazing Church Logos for Design Inspiration in 2018

Today we are showing you the best church logos to get you started with church logo design in 2018.

Logo for a church should be simple, influencing, attractive, and meaningful.

A perfect combination of colors, symbol, and faith leaves an impact on the one who sees it; connecting the person to the church.

Common symbols that bind the Christian community are Bible, cross, flame, mountain or cityscapes and dove.

Find these symbols in these designed logos we picked and consider it in your church logo design. However, it is the uniqueness of every logo that describes a church and its community.

1. Examples of Logo with Cross

Generate limitless possibilities just by using “cross” in logo design; Below flat logo designs are a great inspiration.

Church Logo with cross
Logo for Harvest Bible Church; by Graham Smith
Church Logo with ladder
Proposal for The Upstairs Church; by Sean Heisler
church logo with cross on globe
Logo Concept; by Daniel Bere
Word of Faith logo
Logo for Word of Faith Church; by mfrank
flat logo design for church with cross
Logo for Mansfield United; by 
Bible Church Logo
Source: Dribbble
custom logo design for a church
Source: Dribbble
Church Logo with cross design
Source: Dribbble
Redeemer Church Logo design
Source: Dribbble
Church Logo
Source: Dribbble
Church logo representing a Community
Source: Dribbble
simple church Logo
Source: Dribbble
WestBrooke Church Logo design
Source: Logo Pond

Need more logo examples with the cross as the main theme?

examples: church logo with cross
Here are more ideas for church logos

2. Examples of  Typography Logos

typography logo for church communities
Branding for The Village Church; by Kelsen Findlay
minimalistic design of Church logo
Source: Dribbble
church Logo with cursive typeface and star symbol
Source: Dribbble
logo design with tree as cross
Branding for First Free; by Allan Peters
church logo with wheat stalk on letter H
Logo by Nate Perry
typography logo with letter L
Logo Branding by Ben Stafford
typography church logo
Church Branding; by Mike Jones
Church Logo design for meetup
Source: Dribbble
Journey Church Logo
Source: Dribbble
Mckinney Church Logo
Source: Dribbble
typography logo for church community
Source: Dribbble

3. Examples of Logo with Minimal Design

modern church logo
Branding for Journey Christian; by John Oates
logo for Oak church
Concept logo by Josh Carnley

4. Examples of Modern Church Logos

Really for a church? Yes, these are indeed popular logos created for the church communities around the world. Let the ideas flow.

badge style church logo
Branding for Rush Creek Church; by Allan Peters
Church logo with olive tree and hidden dove
Branding a Community Church; by Carlos E Xavier
modern flat church logo
ReBranding Life Pointe Church; by Jorge Silva
modern church logo with mountains
Branding church; by Rodrigo Kugnharski
simple Church logo
Logo by Peter Culkin

5. Examples of Overlapping Logos

monogram logo for baptist church
Branding of First Baptist Church; by Eddie Lobanovskiy
church logo branding
Branding for New Hope Church; by 320 CREATIVE
abstract church logo
Abstract logo Concept by Jeroen van Eerden
Logo for a new Christian community; by Mcraft

6. Conclusion

I bid you farewell and good luck with your logo projects. With the help of logo design inspiration here, you will be doing complete branding for your own and your clients, soon.

Let us know in comments what you think of these logos.

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    All logo designs are nice, Rijo. But, I like most the logo of westbrook. It look elegant and more unique.

    • Rijo Abraham

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