20+ Amazing Church Website Designs from all over the world

Some of the amazing church website designs from around the world are listed here. Take inspiration from these list of church websites and build a unique website for your church. Let us know how you find these helpful.

How to build your own church website ?

Like any other business and organizations, it became important for the churches as well to have a well-built website. The issue is in most of the cases, the churches are left with a smaller budget. It is also vital for the website to serve the church well that is the website is to be well thought and much easy to manage. The most suitable platform is WordPress that provides a very low-cost solution. Using WordPress the website can be built with ease, the setup process is much easier while this platform is much flexible to meet different needs. With all these WordPress is completely free. So, this is probably the best CMS to choose for building a church website. Plenty of WordPress templates for designing a church website are available using which you can build a website in just a minute as well.

The Design

Next, comes the design part. Designing a website is not much tough and with the availability of numerous WordPress logo, themes, website templates, and plugins for church website anyone without the prior knowledge of coding or designing can go for designing a church website. However, you can always hire a professional graphic designer to do the designing job in a much efficient way.

Choosing a Website hosting & Domain name

One of the most important parts of designing any website is to have a web hosting and domain name. Hosting is the server where actually your website lives on the internet and Domain name is the address of your website using which visitors can get into your website. You can choose web hosting based on your budget is low and if your website is small, then shared hosting is the best idea at the start. But with the growing traffic in the website you are required to go for the managed VPS or dedicated hosting.

Okay. Lets take time and check these inspiring websites.

Church Suite

This is one of the best and helpful Church WordPress themes that is fully responsive design, smart and let you build the website as per your need. Compatible with all the browsers this theme is highly customizable to allow users to build the website as per their need. It is a feature rich theme which comes packed with several useful features like events grid, events list, events calendar, upcoming events and more. From simple to more complex whatever is your requirement, this theme can provide you that. So, get this well-documented theme and make your WordPress website as fast as possible.

More Info

church suite wordpress theme

Orthodox Churches of Estonia

This is another most popular and helpful church website design that provides information on churches of the Estonian Orthodox church of Moscow. This site allows you to conduct a visual tour of all the churches presented here which is being established by the financial help from ‘Orthodox initiative’, the International open grant competition. The site offers various information on the church’s pre-history along with their description and images.


Orthodox Churches of Estonia

Faith Community Church of Hopkinton

Faith Community Church of Hopkinton is a very popular church worldwide and you can gain the information on this church from their website itself. The website contains all the needed information and offers a useful map in the site itself. Here all starting from kids, teenage and adults can discover how Bible guides them through their entire life to live a beautiful life. Just click on the below link and have a look at the website to know even more.


faith community

Emmanuel Covenant Church

One more amazing website design and this Emmanuel Covenant church are must mention. This is a church in South Surrey, BC, however, you will get all the needed information from the website itself. A list of all the upcoming events is mentioned so that people can attend the events if they wish to. The design of the site is attractive that explains what visitors can actually expect and what this church do for people in real. Take a look at the site and you will be highly impressed.


emmanuel church website

HillSong Church

This church aims to influence people through building a Christ centered and Bible based church which change the mindset of people and help them to lead in every sphere of life and the website is a reflection of that. Terry and Judith Crist are the main Pastors of this church and you will find all the information on them and about their journey on this website. The look of the site is very clean but elegant to impress all the visitors. Also, easy navigation is another thing to mention.


hillsong church website

Gateway Church

The responsive design of this church website is amazing that has to offer all the required information such as upcoming events, ministries etc. The most interesting thing about the website of this Gateway church is, it allows people from all over the world to enjoy the live service from anywhere. So, the website is the perfect reflection of the church and in case one wishes to visit the church, the visit of the website can do a lot more. Have a look at the website and it is sure to impress you.


metro church

Arise Church

Arise Church is a very popular church in New Zealand that is situated in across 8 locations and is beautifully presented through the website. To have a look at the church just click on the below link and look at the website which contains every detail. Details on the conference, lead pastors, and their journey etc. are explained here. It also has the social media share buttons and if any visitor is willing to share the news and images of the church in their social networking, just a click on the button and they will be good to go.


arise church events

Holy Fire Church

Holy Fire Church is another example of an excellent church website design that explains the core value, their vision, statement and all other details on the site. Also, the visitors can get information on the service time, ministries etc. from the site itself. The design is very simple yet attractive. Easy navigation offers peace of mind. Also, there is a map available to easily locate the church in case there is a wish to visit the church once.


holyfire church website design

The Way

The Way is a very simple looking website of a church that comes packed with all the functionality of a fully functional site. The search button located at the top right side allows visitors to search for anything rather than navigating here and there.


the way of christ

Community Church

The bold use of white color is definitely something attractive and it also offers great peace of mind. The design of this website is elegant with the minimalist homepage. The announcement and recent media section are of much help to provide you more information on what is going on in the church. The social icons buttons let the members and visitors share it on the social network.


community church web design

Hillsong Church

Jesus hope for humanity is the welcome message in this church website. Sections like location, music, events etc. are covered in the website so that visitors can have access to all the information about this Church without being there. The design is eye-catching with a simple logo. Click on the below link and have more information on the church from its website.


hillsong church online

Risen Church

This church website looks very much like a photo journal where a great emphasis is put on the graphics over text. The footer is amazing and keeps shifting as you scroll through the website. The design of this site looks very attractive and definitely, it is a treat to the eyes of all visitors.


risen church


With great font creation, this website is another interesting design in the world of the church websites. The fonts might be bit difficult to read for many; however all over the looks is simple and eye-catching. The internal consistency is amazing with so many high-quality photos of the staff. The color combination of this church website is just perfect.


lifeline church

Loft Church

Loft Church is a great creation that is built with all the basic and functional features so as to keep the website fully functioning. The header is very simple with a large welcome message. Visitors will find to go through the site much easy due to easy navigation. The design is not complicated but simple and looks elegant.


loft church website design

Redeemer Lutheran

Redeemer Lutheran church is designed in the simplest way but offers all the needed information so that visitors can have detail information about the church from the website itself. All about history, belief, Pastors, and worship are explained on the website. Also information on events, the announcement is easily available.


redeemer convoy website for church

Webelive – Church Website Template

This is a fully responsive and retina ready HTML5 template designed especially for the prayer groups, Christian, Non-profit organization, church etc. The template is fully functional to make the website working as per your requirement. Based on Twitter Bootstrap framework this template is available in all kind of screen sizes, so all the visitors in mobile and a big screen device can open the site. The donate option adds a funding feature which will help you raise a campaign. All the images are very clear while users are provided with enough opportunity for customization.

More Info

church website template

Calvary Church

The overall look of the site is highly impressive which creates a positive impression. Our mission is a section of the site which includes a link for more information and this is something which many of the first time visitors keep looking. This is a multi-location church where you will get all the three locations in the drop down menu. Services times are easily available on click of a button in the header.


calvary church website

CottonWood Creek Church

Prominent navigation menu of this church website is one thing to attract the visitors. The facility of online chat is definitely helpful for the users who want to get in touch with the staff of the church to know all their queries. Also, the service of the church is represented through a video footage which is just mind blowing.


cottonwood creek church

Life Church

As the name suggest the visitors can enjoy all about the church online. That is visitors can have a visit to the church through the location mentioned on the website. The design of the website is pretty impressive and easy navigation makes sure the visitors will stay long on the site without being irritated. This is a multi-location church and a simple click on the location will fetch a map of the church location. Overall the design of the site is just perfect.


central church - an amazing website


With an amazing homepage, this Raise church website impresses all its visitors greatly. The header section is stunning and as the visitors will scroll through the topics the header keeps on changing. Details on events, media, and locations everything is available on the site and the ‘learn more’ call to action button will help users to know even more about the church.


raise church

True Church – Free Website Template

This is a fully responsive website template designed for Church website mainly. The design of the template is very sophisticated and it has a versatile look to impress all the visitors. The layout is very clean and the classic color is something different to make the look even more stunning. The template is fully customizable and provides enough space to showcase the important information while images can be showcased in a much better way. The best part is this template is completely free to get.

Demo | Free Download

true church - free html5 website template

Light Modern – Free Church Website Template

As the name suggest, this free church website design is very light yet modern looking which comprises of all the needed functionality to run a church website at its best. Places for images and text are sufficient so, users can include the required content and images on the site as per their need. This template is available at free of cost, uses responsive design so go ahead to enjoy all the functionality of this amazing template.

Demo Free Download

modern church webiste template

DISCLAIMER: There are two free website templates which you can download as well as two premium ones.

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