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30+ Artistic Die Cut Business Card Designs with Fantastic Ideas

Today’s digital world demands everything to be online, one thing we can be sure of is that business cards are not going to be replaced by the digital market anytime soon. People fail to understand that the personal touch is being lost in the long run where basically everything is happening online, may it be from connecting with people to signing of contracts. It is very impersonal to exchange information digitally. Imagine two people deeply engrossed in their phones do you think either of them are going to have any memory of such an encounter, well, the answer is no! But, if you happen to exchange a business card during that encounter, then your purpose of establishing a contact has been solved.

The purpose of business card is to make an imposing first impression. In case you meet a person who is a potential connection, and you do not intend to let that person walk away with just a phone number and email address then an unforgettable business card can really do wonders in making a remarkable memory in his/her mind about your brand. Handing out a unique business card can actually fuel a conversation and can work as an icebreaker at times. There are numerous different concepts of creating business cards, die cuts are one of them, and all of the designs are inspiring and can be helpful in your own endeavor of creating an outstanding business card for your brand. Also check these below business card collections, you may like them too.

Never Throw Away

This business card is unique in its own way, it is hexagonal in shape. Both the sides of the card are printed digitally, the sides have been cut with the help of staple’s rotary cutter. This design can make a perfect business card for people into photography and designs. A card with such design will definitely never get thrown away.

 business cards with die cut design

Lina’s Art Cafe

A good business card does not have to be a piece of cardboard with information typed on it. Lina’s art café is a beautiful business card design with flowery prints and creative artistic die cut style, which will help your brand to create an imposing effect on the people you hand over your business cards too. This card style is referred to the people into Art businesses.

premium business card design for cafe

User Exp Consultant

Business cards are being designed in various new concepts, and it is amazing how creative styles can give your brand an interesting view to people whom you wish to connect with or ones who wish to connect with you. The cutwork in this business card will definitely leave a lasting impression.

consultant business card design

Tailored Shirt die-cut business card

Corporate cards are usually very simple and common, however a business card in the shape of a shirt with a tie seems quite out of the box. As it is the daily outfit of the corporate industry, it fits in well, and is amazing at the same time. This artistic die cut style of business card will be a wonderful option for corporate businessmen.

Tailored Shirt die-cut business card


Rare businesses like the one in which you buy or sell pets like kittens, this card style will be the cutest ever. Instead of having a normal plain business card, improvise by using the sweetest pets ever on your business cards to make them more interesting. Cards in the shape of a cute kitten or pictures of kittens on them will attract a lot of people for business.


Card For Artist

People from the art and painting industry can get themselves a business card with their name artistically written on one side with a display a small work of theirs on the other. For example, they can get flower which is painted on the inside and folded in a manner that when you open it the flower blossoms to display their art. A business card as such will simply blow your mind away, which means it is capable enough to create a lasting impression on potential connects.

artistic card design

Operations geek

If you are a geek it does not mean you go for a plain card for your business. There are many geek concepts by designers for business cards. All we need to do is think different first and opt for a die cut design business card for example, with a cute nerd boy wearing a bow and you can have the information typed on the other side of the card.

Business Cards with die cut design

The Kettle Black Cafe

Let’s say you have a coffee house or a tea café you can get yourself a business card like kettle black café who has a K or a B alphabet shape card which is Black in color and the opposite of it contains the information details. It is a simple yet unique business card idea.

Black-Cafe card

Pop Grub

If you happen to own a restaurant you can think about a card which will easily relate to dining experiences. The pop grub has excellently chosen the shape of its business card to be a wine glass. It is an easy attention seeker, designs as such.

die cut Card design

Busy Building Things Cards

If you are looking for interesting business card designs take a look at the card of busy building things. Keep it simple and classy, give it the design of your brand logo to make it more impressive. Keep the colors on it same as the one on your logo and let it do the magic.

Building business Card


It can be used as a business card design for the people into art and sculpture business. The Knife is a part of an art person’s personal identity it can be used as a unique design yet a personal touch about the business.

 personal identity sticker cum card


A hand shaped die cut design business card seems fit for the artists who are into henna art. You can have a beautiful henna art printed on one side of the card with your information on the other. This gives a personal element to the card of your business and would definitely make a lasting impression on people you hand them out to.

Hand-shaped die-cut business card for henna artist

Modern Die Cut

This is a beautiful concept of business card making. It is designed in such a manner that the logo is die cut into the middle portion of the card and a single color of the brand colors the entire side of the card. The opposite side of the card contains the information.

Modern Die Cut Business Card


If the business you have is photography, then you might want to get yourself these kind of business cards. A set of your best shot pictures on one side of a die cuts design card and the other side holding your contact information. This is the best unique way to attract more people in business.

Photography wedding Promo Card

Thought Spark

If you are a content writing business owner, you can get yourself a business card as the though spark’s. Their card has a die cut, designed human head, which seems to be at work with information on the other side. It is a nice way of portraying what your business does.

 die cut business cards

New York City

This design is simply amazingly with the New York City tall towers and the statue of Liberty designed in die cut style with red and blue color. If you hand out such a business card to a person, he/she is sure to ask you more about your business.

Custom Die Cut business cards

Obliviù Brand

This idea has been put together by two graphic designers wishing to create a new visual identity all together. The style uses a die cut design for the business cards and can be used by people wanting to go for something new.

 Brand Identity with business cards

Personal Branding

This is a kind of a custom die cut design business card, where you can add anything relating to your business into the card. This style of business card gives you to design your card yourself, like you can make the designers add anything you feel like into the card.

Personal Branding - Business Card

Sarah Dawson

This again is a custom die cut design along with two color offset. This can be used by photographers especially when you have famous name or want to advertise your name with your business.

Sarah Dawson photography card


If you are a Disc jockey this die cut design business card would do wonderful for you. In the shape of a disc which will revolve to reveal your information. Nothing can be more awesome than a business card like this.

Revolving-Wedding-Invites with die cut design

They have beautifully designed die cut style business cards with delicious looking cakes on them. This is the kind of tempting business card is what you would want to have if you are into confectionary.

 Sleek new die-cut business cards

Heart Dejah

A simple die cut heart with beautiful calligraphy of Dejah on it is again a custom style of personalising your business.

heart style die cut business card

Tattoo Card

If you are a tattoo artist gets and looking for a business card for yourself, then instead of going for a common one, get yourself a die cut design card with one of your funky tattoos on one side with your contact detail on the other.

tattoo - die cut card design

Craft Studio

If you own a craft studio, then it obviously makes sense that you give your business a beautifully crafted die cut design business card. This will make people think of your talent and dedication towards the craft.

craft studio business design card

Moss & Mountain

A brand as such the moss and mountain who make handmade clothes for children have a beautiful business card which gives an earthly feeling. It has a die cut design with its brand name on it, simple yet eye catching.

social media cards with die cut design

The Party Fox

They are a company who supply party items. The business card is a die cut design with a fox wearing a party cap. This kind of business card instantly makes you want to do business with them because of the creativity you see in their unique cards.

social media business card for partyfox

Steph Photography

His business card is kind of a limited edition you can say. It is hand made with negatives inserted in the die cut design of the card. It is a creative idea to make his business look unique.

steph photography business card

Generation Green

They are into worm farming so their business card needs to be something relating to nature. Which is why they chose a die cut design of a green leaf which is their logo as well with a drop of water on it to give it a real look. The idea is of being eco-friendly.

Generation Green Die-Cut Business Card

Twenty 8 picks

Little TV with antennae die cut design business cards look pretty cute. The idea is to get a business card that matches your business profile perfectly, and twenty 8 picks have nailed it.

 letterpressed and die-cut card

Catering Die-Cut Design

For a catering service you can get yourselves a die cut design of an oven or a microwave with a little creativity to it. People are always on the lookout for something new.

Catering Die-Cut Design

Yellow Duck

This PR Company has done pretty well in showcasing their brand icon the Duck on their business card and the die cut design work on the beak is outstanding.

Yellow Business Card


This is a marketing company and has done beautifully to keep the sophisticated yet simple look on the business card. Die cut design card with simply the logo of the brand on one side and contact details on the other.

Dies cut business card with foil


If you are a cookie shop owner can go for this kind of business card. The die cut design business card is an interesting style to make your business be noticed by potential customers. This unique style is going to get your business soaring in no time.

custom die cut card design


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