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High Quality Asphalt Pack

60 Free High Resolution Asphalt Textures

Textures are core elements of any graphic design project for a easy start with high quality background effects. A tar layer of material which is lay  over the road is usually the asphalt texture which we have included today for free download.

With low opacity these asphalt backgrounds can be integrated to poster, flyer design without a second though as it will blend greatly. Choosing seamless texture will help if you want resolutions higher than 3500 pixels as most texture are of this resolution. With seamless texture you can tile the texture infinite no of times and the image will still appear the same as the first increasing the total resolution of the jpeg image.

Cracked textures with paint oil splattered all over the road is totally unique as i have seen many implementations like in game floor backgrounds, many 3D model designs with need of road texture etc. Dark and grey asphalt are always great to showcase roads. Download these texture at high resolution without much attribution but i recommend linking or crediting the author for his hard work.

Take a look at our related texture content download:

Seamless Asphalt Texture

A useful seamless asphalt texture of a tar road for use in your designs for free.
Source Seamless Asphalt Texture

Black White Road Texture

Source Black White Road Texture

Gravel Asphalt Texture

Source Gravel Asphalt Texture

Asphalt Gravel Texture

Source Asphalt Gravel Texture

Grungy Asphalt Texture

Source Grungy Asphalt Texture

Colored Asphalt Texture

Source Colored Asphalt Texture

Cracked Asphalt Texture

Source Cracked Asphalt Texture

High Quality Asphalt Pack

Source High Quality Asphalt Pack

Rough Asphalt Texture

Source Rough Asphalt Texture

Asphalt Grungy Texture

Source Asphalt Grungy Texture

Cracked Asphalt Texture

A cracked high resolution dark texture with a green leaf. High Resolution of 3456 x 2304.

Source cracked-asphalt-texture_big

Asphalt with concrete

A concrete layer on asphalt texture will add mixed texture effects to the whole medium. High Resolution of 3456 x 2304.


asphalt-texture-with-concreteDark Asphalt

A resolution of 3456 x 2304 is available for download.

Source cracked-asphalt-texture-free-download


14 Colorized asphalt textures

All textures in this download link set is of very high resolution ranging  3456 x 2304. Credit the author for this amazing work who has made it for free download.

Source Color asphalt textures


Fine Pebble Asphalt

A uniform pebble rock texture with resolution holding 2500 × 2500 pixels.


Grey Asphalt Texture

A texture of road with asphalt material background with huge resolution of 5184 x 3456 px will come in handy.

Source grey Asphalt Texture

 Oily Texture

A completely oil soaked texture with 3008 x 2000 pixels.

Source oily


Asphalt and dirt soil

A mixture of soil particles and asphalt on road can be seen here and you can download it for free in 2000 x 1500 px.

Source asphalt_and_dirt_soil

Asphalt with dry leaves

A damages road texture with little areas of asphalt and lots of dead leaves. Download Resolution is 2000 x 1500 px.

Source Asphalt with leaves


Asphalt Top

Usually seen on top of roofs rather than road this is one clean asphalt texture. 2000 x 1500 px.

Source Asphalt floor

Asphalt with Line

A lined asphalt road texture. 3456 x 2304 is available.


Asphalt lineWhite Splatter

An asphalt texture with large area of white paint splattered over it.


Oil Stained Asphalt

A sprinkled oil can be seen clearly in this cool texture with 3888 x 2592 pixel dimension .

Source Oil Stained Asphalt

Asphalt with blue

A blue pant splatter with 3456 x 2304.

Source asphalt-texture-with-some-blue-sign

 Asphalt Dark

A dark tar of asphalt with 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Source Asphalt_by_Yangaroo

Texture Asphalt Pack

A creamy texture pack of asphalt with four extra large size images.



13 Asphalt Textures

A set of 13 Free High Quality Asphalt Textures over 2600 x 1600 pixels in resolution.

Source asphalt-pack


Seamless Asphalt Texture

A totally unique real texture which is seamless on all ends so that you can create an even large image. Resolution 2272 x 1704 px.

Source seamless-asphalt-texture

6 Seamless Asphalt and 18 Lines Patterns

If you use Photoshop then these patterns are no stranger as it is completely seamless and i cant avoid but include these here for you to download. Resolution is infinite.

Source asphalt lines

15 Asphalt 1 Texture Pack 

A set of 15 hi-res stock texture Photographs took from various asphalt surfaces.  3888 by 2592 pixels.

Source asphalt seamless

Cracks on Yellow Asphalt 

A Closeup of cracks on painted asphalt surface. 3504 x 2336 pixels.

Source Yellow Asphalt

Digital Asphalt 

A texture with tire tracks running along a asphalt road is looking great.  2362 x 3340 pixels.

Source digital-Asphalt

Cracked Asphalt Texture 

Resolution of 3872 x 2592 pixels for higher resolution output in your graphic deign works.

Source Cracked Asphalt Texture

Texture 10 asphalt 

A clean non manipulated texture with 3072 x 2304 pixel size.

Source Texture10 asphalt

Dirty Asphalt Texture 

A floor texture with dirt tracks all over it. Resolution is available in 3024 x 2016 pixels.

Source Dirty Asphalt Texture

Seamless H+V Asphalt Texture Rock

A Seamless Horizontal and Vertical Rocky Dark Asphalt Texture. 2048 x 2048 png.

Source h_v_asphalt_texture

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