12 Free Jquery Price Range Sliders

rice range sliders and relative options are hugely used in hosting websites these days as it has become a standard. Sliding through a range of product specification for a certain price is very interesting thing to do as well.

Go through these beautiful price sliders where range selection can be done easily as these are free jQuery plugins. Integrate these sliders on your website to make them more appealing to your visitors to choose product options. Please let us know if you have found any new sliders which are great in functionality. Also take a look at our recent article on responsive jQuery image sliders which we have included.

Draggable Price Scale

This is a brilliant range slider which is free to download and can serve you to add a sliding pricing table with visual features to the existing website.


Draggable Price Scale slider

Cloud Pricing Slider

This filter slider is well built to integrate into your bootstrap based plugins and theme. Already comes with a responsive layout design which will speed up your development projects.


jquery Cloud Pricing Slider with responsive design

Themed Price Slider

This is a minimal price slider but beautifully colored price sliders which shows clear price when the slider is moved.


themed price slider range

Powerange – Price Slider

Powerange is a range slider control, inspired heavily by iOS 7 and the “Power Rangers” TV series. It is easily customizable, both by CSS and JavaScript.


Powerange - iOS 7 style range slider.png

Flat jQuery Price Slider

This jQuery price slider to select range of prices which help you vastly in your bootstrap development and design projects. This price range slider is totally free to download.


3D HTML 5 jQuery Price Range Slider

A 3D CSS HTML 5 range price slider inspired by Erik Deiner’s concept.


3D html5 Range price slider


noUiSlider is a range slider without bloat. Using well structured scripting and styling methods make sure noUiSlider is as small, lightweight and minimal as possible, which is great for mobile use on the many supported devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices & Windows (Phone) 8 desktops, tablets and all-in-ones.



Basic slider

jQRangeSlider is highly dependant on CSS. Be sure to include one of the provided stylesheets.


range slider

Free BootStrap Component Slider


bootstrap jquery slider

Free Minimal jQuery Slider

The basic slider is horizontal and has a single handle that can be moved with the mouse or by using the arrow keys.


jquery ui slider

jQuery UI Range Slider with arrows

jQuery Slider plugin

jQuery Slider is easy to use and multifunctional jQuery plugin that supports any webkit based touch mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android. Below you can find demos and documentation.

| Download

jQuery Slider plugin

jQuery Mobile Price Slider

To add a slider widget to your page, start with an input with a new HTML5 type=”range” attribute. Specify the value (current value), min and max attribute values to configure the slider. The framework will parse these attributes to configure the slider.



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