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Free Logo PSD Mock-Ups

50+ Free Logo PSD Mock-Ups for Presentations

Logo Design is one of the biggest graphic design area focused by designers from all over the world. Inspiring ideas from other logos can lead to new logo designs but making a new logo is always hard work. Here find commercial logo mockups for free download which are introduced in this topic containing more than 50 logo mockups. It is traditional in logo design to showcase multiple logo designs you have created before the client decides on single appropriate one he likes. Flat logo on a white background will look completely weird even though it is the real object we have designed. To avoid flat looks and give clients a better idea of how the real thing looks after it is used in posters, flyers or in a company branding, use these mockups as the perfect option to accomplish this.

The logo templates for daily logo design we added earlier can be useful for building your customized version of logos. Check our collection of mockup templates from the links below for other presentation template designs.

Street Store Fronts, Sing Boards, Walls

It only takes three steps to make your new logo design standout.

Open the PSD, Double click on smart objects, replace the image.

Hanging Wall Sign

Are you looking for a logo for your logo signage of a shop or branding? Then look no further, Use this high-quality PSD mockup for your logo. You can replace your shop’s name in that smart objects and you are all set in a minute. You can use the file and the artwork both for commercial and personal use.

Download Hanging Wall Sign MockUp in psd

Shop Facade

Brand your business with this high-quality PSD, ready for editing and to be used in a jiffy. As the name suggests this mockup might add luster to your shop, online and real life logos with its unique presentation. All you have to do is download the free PSD right from here.

Download Logo signage MockUp for shops

Hip Sign Mockups

Another on of that wall mounted mockup template that shows how your website or shop logo signage looks on streets. You can download the high-resolution PSD mockup for free and use it in less than a minute. All you have to do is to edit the smart objects and replace it with text or logo name of your business.

Download free psd logo sign mockup on a brick wall

Public Signage Mockup

Gear up your business logo with the professional looking wall mounted placement with this completely free mockup PSD. This cute logo signage may work well for bakeries, tea shops or even your boutiques. What are you waiting for just download and use it now?

Download free logo mockup on a brick wall

Sign & Facade UK

This signage can hang on your doorstep at absolutely free cost. Once you create your brand logo, you can continue to use it across the platform like presentations or website. This street signage could add value to your business as an identity for people to recognize you. If you would like to use this, all you have to do is to download it right here. Add the name of your brand and there you will get a custom logo signage ready for public showcase.

Download Sign and Facade mockup psd for free

Sign and Facade Version 2

Download the set of five signage mockup psd for your logo brand presentation. You wouldn’t need a designer to edit the PSD files to suit your need, as these mockups are easily customizable even with Photoshop. Choose the smart object and change the image with yours, the logo will place itself into the signage. Let us know which one suit you the best.

Download free sign mockup psd on streets



Badges and Logo

Are you looking for a logo psd mockup to go for your bar or pub? You are at the right place. Download high resolution logo and the funky fonts right here and customize your own logo that you can use uniformly on your signage, stationary and even your coaster. And all this well within your budget, how much ever minimal it maybe.

Download Coaster Logo Mockup for badges

Weathered Logo Mockup

If you like the weathered look of the adjacent logo, download it right away for your business. The weathered logo gives a cool and hip look, which would suit business like arts and entertainment. So if that is the look you are looking for your business you have made the right choice. The Photoshop PSD format makes it easy for editing by using smart objects as its layers.

Download Weathered Logo Mockup in free psd templates


Letterpress MockUp

Are you in the business of legal consulting or writing? Then you will find the next logo design mockup very apt to your business. The style reflects an embossed paper with letterpress logo design and we just love the way it feels. Download this high-resolution logo in free PSD version right away and use it on your stationary, presentation and branding.

Download letterpress mockup for logo designs


When it comes to choosing a logo, you are choosing your identity. That is why you cannot go wrong with the following PSD mockup if you are in the consulting or a management firm, where looks are the key. This logo file placed on a business card or flyer template can grab much attention. Feel free to use this PSD file and edit it your needs.

Download logo mockup in letterpress business card

Free realistic logo mock-up

An elegant mockup template to display elegant logos on a paper background. This professional looking and no frill logo display would suit for any business logo design. It would be easy on the eyes when you use it on your stationery to your banners or signage. The text and its colors are highly customizable and easy to edit as well. Grab it right now for free and edit as much as you want.

Download Free realistic logo mockup

Letterpress Logo Mockup Design

The professional looking letterpress would be a welcome addition to any stationary or logo of a business. It has smart objects which you can edit easily to add your name to it. The contrast colors and embossed finish adds beauty to the professional theme. The embossed paper style adds to the metallic foil effect making the whole logo placed in realistic situations. 


Letterpress Logo Mockup for photoshop psd

Matte Finish Logo Mock-up

The most common feature among most of the popular logos are the matte finish look to it. Avoiding the necessary frills from designs, a matte finish comes with the clean and professional feel to the entire business card or for any corporate branding. What do you think ? Matte or 3D spot uv effect ?


Matte Logo Mock-up psd

Old Paint Logo Mock-up

Use this logo with old tattered paints and a nail driven into it, if you feel your business has a vintage logo design. It is highly customizable and free to download from this link. Spruce up your presentation and websites with the best of PSDs offered in this link.


vintage paint effect for logo mock-up

Close-Up Logo Mock-ups

Grab this unique highly customizable PSD mockup to use in presentations, logos or any other suitable place. The logo placed on a metal wall with scratch effect creates rugged style for the whole. The smart objects feature helps in editing the name and other texts without a hassle. Feel free to use it for commercial and personal use.


Close-Up meta Logo Mockup in psd

Free Logo Mock-up PSD

Get this sleek and light design mockup to use as your logo display. Use it for your presentations, websites and even stationary or anywhere you think it is suitable to display your brand. Just edit the name and the tag line to suit your needs and you are ready to go. Smart objects help to make the editing process very simple and easy.


Free Steel Logo Mockup PSD

Realistic Logo Mock-Up (Free Download)

Sometimes the simplest ones are the best. The same logic will apply to logos as well. You can use this high resolution simple logo that has two different fonts and two contrast colors in the logo, will appeal to the professional and fun side of any business.


Realistic Logo Mock-Up

Free Logo MockUp Template

Looking for a perfect logo closeup for your salon or spa, here is your perfect find. Click to download this beautiful free psd for your business in high res PSD that perfectly suit your need. With its dual tone and image of a woman it will charm women and men alike.


Free Logo MockUp Template

Wood Textured Mockup PSD

If you are in search to place your logo on a wood engraved wall then this presentation is just for your business. Download this editable PSD logo for free and edit yourself with an image editor easily and without spending too much time on it. The vintage wood engraved style can have a real impact on your clients.


wood engraved logo mockup with free psd

Logo Mockups Denim Textures

The following logo has a denim background and can make a creative logo design presentation. This psd is absolutely free for your commercial or personal use. Utilize this free PSD mockup for your business and see the magic. You can edit the smart objects without much hassle or spending excess time.


Denim embroidered mockup template for logos

Embossed Paper Logo MockUp

Like most paper logos are, logo on Embossed Paper looks very professional and realistically simple. Businesses like consultancy, writing or legal firms will love to use this mockup as their logo presentations to clients. The free psd is available for commercial use.


Embossed Paper Logo MockUp in psd format

Embroidered Logo MockUp

Adapt this Embroidered logo for your commercial business use without much ado. The single click download and simple edit feature make it more than easy to turn this mockup logo into a beautiful closeup. You can download it in PSD format, which will be easy to edit without compromising the quality of the image.


Embroidered Logo MockUp with free psd

Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

The leather stamping method is done using complicated tools as engraved letters looks great when it is done. Leather material has always been associated with professionalism and the ‘We mean business’ attitude. If you feel that is what your business is trying to convey, then go ahead and download this high resolution PSD mockup for free, and edit it to suit your need of the business. Imagine your logo in this place.


Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

Gold Stamping Logo MockUp

Get your name out there with this beautiful golden stamping with a dark background. You can use a free logo or custom logo in this presentation. Using smart objects in this psd file you can get a metallic foil stamp effect that is grand to look at. The psd mockup is for both commercial and personal use.


uv spot foil effect for logos with psd

Pearl White Logo Mockup

Who wouldn’t love to add a bit of fun to your mundane business life? The embossed logo adds a bit of cuteness to the leather background, just like your business and your presentation. Grab this high resolution PSD file and edit it to customize the image to your business.


fluid white metal logo mockup

Pressed Cardboard Logo MockUp

Feel free to download the unique white cardboard logo as mockup for giving a fresh look to your presentations, documents or even website. They also suit as your business’s logo and signage. Please note that the high resolution PSD can be used both for commercial and personal use without any restrictions.


pressed cardboard logo mock-up for photoshop

Logo Mockup V.1

This cool PSD mockup has a wooden background and a cool sleek font for your business name. It also has a logo that is engraved on the wooden board. If you think this will suit your business style, get the high resolution PSD file and have fun customizing it to suit your own business.


Logo Mockup on wooden wall

Letterpress Logo Mockup (PSD)

Here is one more white based letterpress logo that you can add up to your cool presentation and even your other stationary like letterheads. The High quality PSD file is highly customizable and ready for use. All you have to do is download it for free right here.


logo mockup psd on letterpress flyers, business card

Mockup 1 – Logo

Minimalism is all the rage in the market now. Make your presentation eye catchy, yet productive by reducing the clutter around it. Feel free to change the logo on the editable smart objects as it suits to you and your business. One might love the matte finish and sleek font, which are attached to the PSD files for your use.



Silver Stamping Logo MockUp

Use this royal looking silver color stamping design identical to metallic foil stamping would suit almost all kinds of business and non business entities alike. Just edit out the high resolution PSD and key in the required text and tag line and you are ready to use it in your presentation.


Silver Stamping Logo MockUp

3D Mockup

The popularity of the 3D logo designs are again on the rise, at least in presentation. Download away the high resolution PSD mockup immediately and proceed to customize according to your needs and whims to stand out from the crowd.

Password: thankyou


free 3D mockup psd

3D text/Logo Effect PSD

What could go wrong with a fun and vibrant looking logo when your business caters such customers? Spread away the cheers and smile with the free PSD mockup, with easy customization capability. PSD files are ready for you to download here, just go ahead and get editing right now.


a free psd 3d logo mockup

3D Steel Logo Mockup

A 3D logo with its metallic sheen looks very professional and is suitable for any business. Though there is very less scope to customize, there would not be any need to change anything that is as perfect as this steel logo. Download it here to customize which suit the need of your business.


steel logo mock-up in 3D

Elegant Metallic Logo Mockup (PSD)

Just insert your preferred text and claim the logo to be as yours. You can even add a by-line describing your business or your mission statement. The high quality PSD image with smart objects is absolutely free for both commercial and personal use.


metal logo mockup

3D Wooden Logo MockUp

Nothing screams a big business than its name carved on a wooden board. It might be the dreams of many new entrepreneurs and here is your chance to make it true. Download and carve your name right on this wood engraved wall with the smart objects and use it for your presentation.


3D Wooden engraved Logo MockUp with psd files

Cutout Logo MockUp

Nothing beats a simple and elegant logo on a white background in creating the minimalistic and professional look. Any business big or small, would benefit by having a neat and uniform identity, make this logo as the start of that branding presentation. Download the file for high resolution PSD files and fonts ready to edit and use for commercial and personal purposes alike without any restrictions.


Cutout Logo MockUp for closeups

3D Wall Logo MockUp

Here is another 3D logo signage that looks mounted on your office wall. You can use it on all your business presentations, website and other communication. Don’t wait up, download in high resolution PSD format that is easy to edit and reuse.


3D Wal Logo MockUp in psd file

Realistic 3D Logo Mockup

Add some vibrance and zing to your project and presentations with blue brick wall and your logo. This logo mockup can be added to even website logos to make it more colorful and realistic. Get the high res PSD files here, and go ahead to customize to meet your need.




4 in One Mockup Pack

Download this pack of 4 photoshop PSD mockup to use it for commercial or personal use. The images are high quality and easily customizable with Photoshop. Try each of it and choose one of your liking to make it as your business’ identity by using it for your presentation, website, and even your stationary.

Download branding mockup psd for logos

7 Free Photorealistic Logo Mockups

If you are looking for a free psd mockup with touch of professionalism as well as creative streak then look no further but download the 7 in one Photorealistic Logo Mockups pack. Suited for various business alike, yet it offers something unique to every business. You get many styles in this free psd pack – metallic foil effect, granite, leather stamp, business card design etc.


realistic 3d logo mockups for download

17 Logo Mockup (Psd)

Download 17 free psd logos for presentation with a single click from this link using Photoshop smart layers. Use them as such or edit as your whims and fancy wants. Professionally designed do not cost you even a cent and you can have full commercial and personal usage rights. What are you waiting for?


free Logo Mockup Psd templates

3 Photorealistic Logo MockUps

Choose the image-based logo for your presentation from this 3 in 1 collection that is just a click away. It is available for downloading in high quality PSD formats that is editable in most image editor software available in the market like ADOBE’s Photoshop. The coating effect used on the first mockup will give a spot uv effect that is seen in modern flyers, business cards.  Metal and wood engraved logo styles looks great as well, try them on security logo designs. Feel free to use to spruce up your presentation, website or even your printed documents with an edited image by downloading it right here. 


spot uv effects for logo design

We hope you like all the logo concepts and their presentation in realistic situations. You have complete control over the number of mockups you can show. Keep working on it easily until the client is satisfied. Have you designed something that you like to share with our community? Go ahead add a comment below with the link and you will let others know.

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