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3+ Premium WordPress Themes for Free Download (Limited Time)

They are premium and they are free. Best responsive and free premium WordPress themes to get you started for 2019. Find all kinds of themes ranging from portfolio, magazine, personal blog WordPress theme, music, video, business, one page and many more.

Kickstart your website with premium WordPress themes I have collected for you.

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Why are they free?

Sometimes new themes need a push; developers make themes free to get more attention. Also, ThemeForest features Theme of the month every now and then.

Is there a catch?

Yes. The themes are free for a limited time.

Grab them for later use. :) If you find the theme useful, make sure to leave a review since it will help them a lot with future sales.

1. Hill

wordpress theme

Go to Live Demo

Hill is an eCommerce theme that has good reviews on ThemeForest. If you are looking to create a shop online then this premium theme is a great choice.

There are nine homepage Layouts and the powerful Visual composer(for free), that will help you build unique page layouts.

(Free until January 01, 2019)

Download Hill

2. FlyFood

food theme

Go to Live Demo

An elegant WordPress theme for food blogs, restaurants and catering services. Creating a fully functional food blog theme with recipe index is possible with this theme layout. Grab it while you can.

(Free until January 01, 2019)

Download Flyfood

3. Elevation

Non Profit Organization theme

Go to Live Demo

A charity WordPress theme for creating non-profit and NGO websites with eye-catching design. It also comes with the Visual composer for easy drag & drop page builder options as well as Paypal donation system to accept donations.

(Free until December 31, 2018)

Download Elevation

4. Axen

Personal Portfolio theme

Go to Live Demo

Like to build a personal website or perhaps show a resume online? This theme does just that. It lets you show off your CV with style with a fullscreen background, portfolio items, and a traditional contact form.

(Free until January 01, 2019)

Download Axen

Over to you then:

Which theme do you like the most? Or maybe you still have doubts regarding these premium themes.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment.

Past Contributors: Allie Kingsley

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that result in us receiving a commission, at no additional cost to you. The opinions are personal and strictly based on our understanding of the product.

About Rijo Abraham

Rijo is the Heart & Soul of DesignSeer. Writes honest reviews based on facts, that are easy to digest, that are not personally biased. Loves to interview those in the realm of WordPress. Hobbies; Takes Amazon Polly way too seriously.


  1. Moses

    great compilation indeed….thanx Rijo

  2. dalgup

    I like a clean responsive design,
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Matt

    Thank you, Rijo! You have done a whole work day here gathering and screenshotting these ones :)

    I would like to recommend also Minion by DesignWall too. It’s an ultimately cool creative blog style free wordpress theme.

  4. James

    This is a great collection of themes, I appreciate the fact that they have the responsive functionality going on.

  5. Simona

    Hi, Rijo, and thank you very much for the themes you proposed :D
    My question is: do all these themes adapt automatically to tablets and mobile devices?
    In particular, does Hueman automatically adapt?
    Thank you for your answer.

    • Rijo

      Yes, these themes are responsive and will work on any device you use.

  6. Thoks

    Rijo you’ve made my day. These themes are awesome. Power to you!!!!

  7. Tim Moss

    Fantastic list, Rijo. Thank you. Just so you know, the ‘Demo’ link for Intuition is missing an ‘s’ and so comes up broken.

    • Rijo Abraham

      Thank you for the heads-up.

  8. Muhammad Nabeel Afzal

    Hi, Are these themes are 100% free or later we have to pay?Thanks

    • Rijo Abraham

      It is free for limited period.

  9. Warren

    Great themes Rijo! Thanks so much for sharing. Just a quick question…I’m looking to create an author page (working on my completing my first novel and new to all this stuff) any recommendations on which ones would work best, I seem to be having a hard time finding a good one. Thanks so much!

    • Rijo Abraham

      Try Axen as it is free now. Let me know if it is the kind of theme you are looking for.

  10. June Paige

    Nice Collection. Thankyou for sharing :)
    Try AccessPress Lite, a Free WordPress Theme. They also provide 24/7 Support service to the customer using the free theme as well.
    Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/accesspress-lite

  11. Dustin

    These are NOT Free…. Why are you claiming they are??

    TopBest, Pytheas

    • Rijo Abraham

      They used to be free not anymore. This list is updated with new themes that are premium and free. :)

  12. Cryscryb

    Great list, thanks for compiling it. Some interesting themes here! :)

    I feel compelled to mention that if right-click functionality is going to be disabled on a site with multiple external links, it would be nice if the buttons to demo and download these items opened in a new tab rather than navigating the user away from this site (repeatedly). It’s a bit counter-intuitive for someone who very likely wants to return to this list to view and demo other themes. I certainly had to work for it to try and compare: click, copy, new tab, paste, back to first tab, back button, rinse, repeat (repeatedly).

    • Rijo

      Thank you for your concern. We have enabled the right click now. It was for testing purposes.

  13. Linda Cratchit

    A very useful article for those, who want to build a nice personal page and get more followers without wasting time and money for creating an attractive website from scratch.

  14. Chris

    Time and again, I’ve been impressed with what these themes include, via the demos. Only to download and find that the free version does very little and they want up to $65 for what the demo showed. Misleading and downright annoying. They don’t deserve to be on your page. Unless this is an affiliate situation?

    • Rijo Abraham

      Hi Chris,

      I understand that it is annoying to get a popup with upselling right after installing a theme.

      But theme developers have no benefit in giving themes for free; free themes are for the marketing of premium versions. WordPress.org is filled with freemium themes and only a handful of theme developers produce free themes with no upsell.

      I have updated the list with premium WordPress themes that are free to download for a limited period. Hope you love these themes.


  15. Jayne

    Anew is NOT free – please go back and review this page so we don’t waste our time. Thanks.

    • Rijo Abraham

      Anew was a free theme for many years, they made it paid when they started getting traffic to that page.

      Here is a cached version of their page.


      What a waste. 0_o

  16. SketchThemes


    First, take my greetings for this awesome collection post. I like to inform you that, we have recently published a new free theme named Connexions Lite. please add this into your list. check this out :

    Thanks You In Advance :)

  17. A Zee

    Best list Rijo..which one you recommend?

  18. Brad

    Thanks for sharing an amazing collection of WordPress themes. They look fresh and all of them have a different feel about them. I hate it when I see several themes that I fancy. It’s hard making the choice!

  19. Christos

    Great List!!! Thx!!!

  20. Rijo Abraham

    new themes added.

  21. Mark Henry

    Nice listing of WordPress themes.
    You can try one more beautiful WordPress theme “Bloggers Lite”. It’s fully responsive and user friendly WordPress theme free for personal bloggers. It comes with fully responsive design, live customizer, left-right side bar, unlimited color options and a lot more.

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