19 Free Twitter Widgets, Feed & Shortcode Plugins for WordPress

Social media platforms are taking over the masses and you should too make advantage of it. Twitter being one of the leading social platforms, it is imperative that you embed an icon or have its timeline displayed on your website. This increases your retweets and your Twitter presence. We will help you include attractive social sharing buttons in your website or blog to share your content and pictures to further increase your business and your brand presence.

WordPress is a brilliant CMS that will embed code for twitter tweets, feeds with these powerful plugins automatically. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin of choice. There are several twitter widgets and plugins that are available online that help to make your work easy. We went through a huge range of widgets and plugins and handpicked only the best ones for your WordPress website. Here is a list of free WordPress plugins and widgets that will not only make your work super easy but are also loaded with an array of powerful functions.

All the plugins are manually checked in twentysixteen theme before it is added here. So these free wordpress plugins will work straight away in themes which use default WordPress framework. You can, however, use shortcodes if the plugin is not properly working in your custom WordPress theme. The free twitter plugins we are about to introduce to you will help you add:

  • Follow Buttons for Fan Pages
  • Twitter Feeds with Retweet Reply
  • Login and Content Lock
  • SEO Plugin with Meta card
  • Timeline widgets
  • Text Snippets or Share Articles

1. Sharing, Follow & Retweet Buttons

It is not hard to use a follow or share button on your wordpress blog. WordPress social media plugins play a big role in your content marketing campaign. The free twitter share buttons we here introduced will help you gain potential visitors. We suggest you start trying them.

Better Click to Tweet

Better click to tweet is a text widget plugin that stands out from the many social sharing plugins that are available online. Besides having your content shared through Twitter you can also have a customized text message embedded within the post content. Readers get a click to tweet option where they can add hashtags, text that connects back to your post.

This plugin works with shortcodes accessible from the content editor panel. All you need to do is use the shortcode to place your text in the choice of your place and the viewers get to see an attractive box with your message displayed in it. So bring out the author within and start assembling impressive and powerful quotes for your posts and have your content shared more.

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Tweet This plugin for wordpress with shortcode

Sharify Social Share Buttons

All of us understand how important it is to have the content of a website shared. Content sharing increases your WordPress website credibility and sales thereby increasing your profit and revenue. Having smart social sharing buttons placed on the posts and pages of your website boosts social sharing. Sharify is one such plugin that meets your requirement and gives your website a set of responsive and attractive social sharing icons. Besides Twitter there are social sharing buttons for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. Sharify also shows the share count that has been made. You can change the color of the icons and even choose to hide them if you want.

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sharify plugin for wordpress

Social Media and Share Icons

There are more than 200 social media platforms for which Social Media and Share Icons provide you icons with. This wonderful sharing plugin offers 16 different types of designs for the icons and you could have them floating or sticky. You can also add animation to the social sharing icons such as mouse hovering effect. You can add more than one function in one social icon, for instance besides leading to your Facebook profile a Facebook icon can also be used by the visitors to like your profile. There are many options that you have with this free WordPress plugin such as you could have the set of share buttons after every post or have the social icons pop-up asking your visitors to share your content.

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Ultimate Social Media plugin for wordpress

Twitter Follow Button

As easy as it sounds the plugin is specifically made for having a Twitter follow button on your website. The plugin will help you insert a Twitter icon in the sidebar or desired place of your website so your visitors can follow your Twitter profile. It also displays the number of followers that you have and the option to hide it as well. You can adjust the size of the Twitter Follow icon according to your blog. The plugin has been set to ‘show screen name’ of the user by default which can be opted out if you want. Besides English, the follow button is available in Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian and German.

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Twitter Follow Button

2. Social Feeds and Stream

Rotating Tweets

Rotating Tweets is an amazing plugin that can be depended on. Even if the Twitter website is down your latest Tweets would be visible to your visitors. Simple is smart, and this plugin seems to follow this rule by displaying one tweet at a time instead of displaying all of them together. You can regulate the number of tweets, which tweets to be displayed, the type of animation, the speed of rotation of the tweets and which function to have in the button – follow button or include replies and retweets. The icon is fully responsive and will adjust according to the size of the screen.

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rotating-tweets plugin

oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers

The plugin is extremely easy to set up and use. This is a PHP class plugin that has been designed to suit all the new changes that have been made in Twitter. The plugin offers an easy setting screen through which it can be easily integrated into the WordPress. There are no fancy sidebars, drop-in functions or shortcodes that come with this plugin. The developers have made something that clears the authentication and left the designing part to you. They have a forum where you can discuss your problems and the team gets back to you instantly.

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No screenshot

AI Twitter Feeds

This plugin allows you to show tweets on your website using the version Twitter 1.1API with authentication. There is an admin panel through which you can manage everything related to your Twitter account such as retweet link, favorite link, limit of tweets, username, profile picture, etc. There is no Javascript integrated. There is a simple six step procedure required to install the plugin.  If you think you need support, you can discuss it in their online forum. With AI Twitter Feeds plugin you can be sure that your Twitter account is well controlled.

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Custom Twitter Feeds

A highly customizable plugin – Custom Twitter Feeds has been mobile optimized and fully responsive so your visitors can have unobstructed view. The plugin is available in multiple languages. It features a top header for your feed. You could select to display tweets from your account, from a specific user, a hashtag or from those you follow. There is a load more button which on clicking would display more of your tweets. You also have the option to display videos, gifs and pictures in a popup lightbox on your website. It features a multi-column masonry layout and permits filtering of user timelines – keywords, include, exclude all and hashtags.

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Custom Twitter Feeds widget

Feed Them Social

Besides easy to setup this plugin there is an array of features that are useful for your website. You are free to create as many social feeds as you want, have them displayed on any page, sidebar or post and add follow or like buttons on them placed below or above according to your will. There is a shortcode generator that will help you generate any shortcode for your feed. The plugin is fully responsive and you also have the option to use ‘Load More Button’ and ‘Infinite Scroll’ on Facebook and Instagram feeds. Have your desired colour in the font and beautify your feed as you want.

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 Social Feeds widget

Twitter Auto Publish

Whether it is a simple text or an image with the text message Twitter Auto Publish helps you in publishing your blog posts to Twitter automatically. It features filtering of posts depending on categories and custom post-types. There are many elements covered that can be published such as –title of the post, post description, post excerpt, permalink, title of the blog and user nickname. Twitter auto publish is a plugin that can be used hassle-free but in case of problem you can connect with them by filling simple details and they get back to you immediately.

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Publish posts automatically to Twitter

3. Login & Content Locker

By following this twitter apps page you can generate an API key and API secret. These access tokens are needed for having a twitter login system. Social Sign-in improves WordPress security to the next level as well as makes registered users access the admin panel with ease.

Super Socializer

There are about 100 social networks in the list of super socializer and it supports share counts from the top social networks like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. The shape, colour and size of the icons can be decided by you. It also lets your users link their social accounts to the account they have in your website. It features social login from nine social networks. You also have the option to shorten the URL to be used in sharing. Sharing can be enabled even for the WooCoomerce products of your website. For more interaction social comments from Facebook or Google + can be enabled.

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unique Social Plugin

Social Connect

Adding links could not be something difficult but with good plugins your work can be simplified. Adding links are made easy if you install Social Connect in your website. Social network platforms are a way to boost sales, increase your range of customers and add to the SEO points of any website. Social Connect lets you display attractive links to your website. You can links to popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Email, Vimeo, Pinterest and YouTube with this plugin. You have the option to select from two sets of icons. The plugin is easy to install and manage.

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Social Connect to login wordpress

OnePress Social Locker

Social lockers help in increasing your likes or tweets. Locking your content with a social button will help you drive more traffic. Curiosity to know what is there behind the locked content helps you get more likes or tweets. They can see a picture or a video, download the song or get a discount by paying for it with a like, share or tweet. This is a give and take offer – the viewer gets access to what they are looking and you get to increase your popularity. In the free version, you have access to three social site buttons Twitter Tweet, Facebook Like and Google +1.

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OnePress Social Locker for wordpress

4. SEO Card

Twitter Cards Meta

Twitter Cards Meta is a free plugin for all WordPress users. This is a 100% validate meta as per Twitter and gets approved in no time. Twitter cards are a way to strengthen your brand ability and increase your Twitter presence. Twitter Cards Meta offers automatic set up for all posts. You can be carefree once this plugin has been installed. Having a track of your analytics is something very crucial and if you wish to lay your hands on Twitter analytics then Twitter Cards Meta is something that is needed for the approval. The plugin is enabled to attach images automatically.

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Best Twitter Card Plugin in WordPress

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is available in 24 languages and is the best WordPress seo plugin that has multiple functionalities that makes your WordPress blog rank well in search engines. You will be able to review your post in the snippet review so you have an idea about what your content will look in the search results. The plugin makes a thorough check before you can post your content such as whether you have an image, keyword focused tag, length of the post, keyword focused meta description, option to write descriptions and meta titles for every tag and taxonomy archive and much more. Yoast SEO plugin has an advanced XML Sitemaps functionality.

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yoast - WordPress SEO plugin

5. Timeline Widget

My Twitter Timelines is a single widget which can handle all Twitter feeds with ease. There are several tools which when integrated with Twitter displays your tweets on your website or blog. You can get the opportunity to show many timelines at the same time such as – list timeline, user timelines, collection timeline, search timeline and user favorite timeline. There are several settings for Twitter that can be controlled by you. The widget is well documented and can be easily used by any individual.

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Twitter Timeline plugin


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