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Valentine Day Icons - vector files

90+ Free High Quality Vector Web Icon Sets

Here we are again with a new post with lots of must have vector based free web icon sets. If you have checked out our yesterday post on free glyph icons then you are here for more web related icons. All provided icons here can be scaled to suit your website theme without compromising on quality. There are actually lot of glyph icons in this post too since they make the website design complete. Since it has become very important to get attention of visitors to certain part of a webpage with icons, we cant ignore the use of them in websites.

Visitors will understand what the icon means when they see one. The social media icons at the side of the website will be used to get fans attention and make them to join the fan page of the website. At the same time social media icons placed in a post will become or will be used to share the post to the social networks. Icons mean a lot once you start using them properly in the right places. Even the tiniest detail like adding Favicon can make your website much more appealing to a visitor.

There comes a time when icons quality is not up to the mark as the icons will be sometimes jpg. Lose-less formats like png is a must for the icons and you must give much care on taking output to lose-less formats instead of jpg. For higher quality vector based psds or illustrator ai, eps will be much preferable.

Start downloading these amazing set of web icons for designers which contain almost every category of icons like social media, application, web etc. We will keep adding newly released icon sets and will let you know of it too. Good day.

Free Vector Web Icons

Dashboard Icon Set

Build a dashboard for your setting pages with these set of free icons as your first choice.
Download Dashboard Icon Set

Free E-commerce Icons

Shopping and cart elements are very popular these days and everyone wants a good looking interface to get sales. These set of free eCommerce icons are just here to do that. Download for free and use in any project you may like.
Download Free E-commerce Icons

Flat Free Web Icons

Download Flat Free Web Icons

Free Valentine Icons

For the Feb 14 as the valentines day you may be thinking of creating some useful web designs or app to get more interest. This is the best time to download and use this free icons set we have introduced today.
Download Free Valentine Icons

Valentine Icons

Download Valentine Icons

Free Icon Set

Download free-icons-set

Studio Icons

Download Studio Icons

Valentine Day Icons

Download Valentine Day Icons

Free Line Icons

Download Free Line Icons

Mini Material Icons

Download Mini Material Icons

Free Icons Pack

Download Free Icons Pack

Wireframing Icons

Download Wireframing Icons

Ceres Icon Set

Download Ceres Icon Set

System Icons

Download System Icons

Gesture Icons

Download Gesture Icons

SEO Icons

Download SEO Icons

Free iOS7 Phone/Call Vector Icons

All ios brand icons for phone icons with all numeric and alphabetical characters.
Download ios vector icons

Hex Icons Pack

170 icons + 45 games icons.

Download hex-icons-pack

 EPS vector cooking icons

Set of AI (Adobe Illustrator) and EPS vector cooking icons. Really simple but very very nice.

Download Cooking-Icons-Pack-ai-eps

Quality design icons PSD

Small set of quality design icons. A PSD freebie created by see. Simply beautiful, we love them!

Download quality-design-icons-psd

Ultimate Free Icon Set: 1000 Free Icons

This design resource freebie — containing 1,000 free vector icons — is the biggest free icon set that Six Revisions has ever released. Contains png, ai, eps formats.

Download ultimate free icon set


Stylish Social Icon Set

This set of stylish and modern social icons was created for use as you wish. You can use it any way you like, the set will pretty fit to the business website or personal blog! The set consists of 21 high quality icons in transparency PNG format (32px, 48px, 64px, 128px sizes).

Download stylish-social-icons-1

Round Transparent Social Media Icons (Psd)

100% vector shaped social media icons. Enjoy!

Download SONY DSC

70 Sweet Social Icons

This package includes 70 sweet social icons in four different formats. You get the .PNG files in 64x64px size if you download the free version.

Download sweet_social

 Wifi Signal Icons

Download signal-icon-set

Freecns 1.1 – Printed Version

Download IMG_0173

Free Weather Icons

In this collection you’ll find nine different weather icons in various file types.

Download Free-Weather-Icons


In trend of making something inspired by MAC OS X and iPhone, the icon set of this month, called “iCandies”, is designed on a sole purpose of giving your social media projects a sleek and geeky style that most of Apple fans out there adore.

Download icandies


Construction is a free icon set with a total of 25 icons, designed uniformly with any of our current premium icon sets. As illustrated for building and construction tools and equipments, this icon set is aimed for use in your projects related to construction or infrastructure.

Download construction

Overdue for iPhone

My entry for the Macthemes iPhone Theme contest. 39 icons, badge, wallpaper, dock, and statusbar.

Download Overdue

BacktoPixel: free icons

We present 2 free web development icon sets.

Download backtopixel_full

Android: Favicons

Favicons for Google Reader (Android) Replacement icons for your favorite subscriptions.

Download android_favicons

Android Application Icons Set

All Icons created from scratch.(PSD files for the icons will be uploaded soon along with templates of android GUI).

Download Android_Application_Icons


36 useful web icons

36 useful icons for web designers.Currently it has white color but color can me easily change through color overlay option.

Download icon-set1

18 Colorful Windows 8 Metro Icons Set

A big set of different Windows 8 style icons, representing different applications, media types, and software. They’re bold, colourful, and perfectly fit the “metro” style of the latest Windows releases.

Download 18-windows-8-icons

31 Free Vector Photoshop School Icons

You can easily resize them to your desired size. You may use these icons for both commercial and non-commercial projects and customize them any way you like.

Download school-icons

Free Executive Business Icons

Aptly named Executive, this week’s freebie is a set of beautifully detailed business icons. Each icon is 128px and has been handcrafted especially for you.

Download Free_Business_Icons

Mono Icons

This set has a focus on basic actions and file/document management. Free members will get 24 32px icons in transparent PNG format. And as usual, Premium members will get the added bonus of the Fireworks source file.

Download Mono_Icons


1030+ Vectory mini free

Vectory mini is a free version of Vectory icons and includes 40×40 sized PNGs. Icons that included in the set are very common ones that any UI Design can require .

Download vectory_basic

Retro icons Set

Retro Icons are a collection 4 incredibly detailed icons that can be used to replace your default OS icons. Every one of them have been carefully crafted to perfection and you can use these icons both for computer & mobile device.

Download retroicons_top

Free hand pointer icons

Free icon set that includes 36 hand pointer icons of 6 diferent types with 6 color variants. Icon set also includes .psd source file.

Download pointers

Blueberry Basic icon sets

Blueberry Basic icon set for free.

Download blueberry_preview

3 free Minicons icon sets

Minicons Coloria, Minicons Numbers and Minicons Graphite free icon sets for web developers.

Download minicons_coloria


16×16 web development icon sets

A beautiful tiny set of four icon pack for web development.

Download webdev_04


Flip Letters and Numbers

This is an interesting one, with different graphical elements for every letter and number. Each comes in two states — flat, and “folded”.

Download flip-letters

24 Circle Social Media Icons

Download the 24 free social media icons and let me know if you use them. This free download includes the most popular icons used on websites.

Download social-icons1

Badges Bundle

Re-did the colors and styles on the colored badges; matte and glossy versions. They’re lighter now.

Download badges-bundle

36 Circle Icon Set

They are completely vectorized and can easily be made to any size without losing quality.

Download circle_icon_set


Application Icon Set

Every application needs icons. Developers have a growing need for a standardized set of application icons. Here we have 10 blue icons designed specially for web applications.

Download full-application-icons

Mobile Icon Set

This is a free icon set for mobile application development websites. They can also be used for the iPhone and Android applications. The shiny and glossy feel of icons make them professional and also distinctive enough to be unique.

Download full-mobile-icons

Cute Blogging Icon Set

One of our cutest blogging icons are here to make navigation on your blog look great. Make your blog look and feel professional and creative. All of these beautiful icons are specially designed for bloggers.

Download full-blogging-icons

160+ Koloria: Free Icons Set

The real advantage here is that, instead of creating an icon in vector based applications and then scale it down. Koloria contains more than 160 pixel perfect icons (32×32 pixels) and is suitable for various types of commercial or open source projects.

Download koloria-icon-set-preview

90 Quartz Icon Pack

Quartz is an icon set that contains 90 simple and stylish icons. Dedicated to the blogoshpere, Quartz Icon Pack has numerous types of icons: files, folders, charts, books etc.

Download Quartz-icon


SweetiePlus is currently made up of 120 icons, perfect for use in websites or apps. Contains 24 x 24 and 16 x 16 sizes.

Download sweetieplus

Yellow icon (15×15) PSD

A quite understanding yellow set of free icons.

Download yellow_icon

Web Icon Set

Cartoon style mixed icons including weather icons – clock, calculator, mail, calendar, volume, chat – PSD set.

Download style-icons

Colorful Rounded Adobe Icons Set PSD

Most of these are adobe icons which you are looking for.

Download acutal-pixels

Free Mega Pack Vector Icons Set

A neat collection of vector icons that you can easily integrate in your design and the cool thing is, that there are so many of them, you will definitely find something you need in here.

Download Icons-Mega-Pack

150+ Beautiful Web UI PSD Icons

The download package includes all 150+ high quality, fully layered PhotoShop PSD file.

Download web-ui-psd-icons

310 Best Free Icons For Web

We have set out to create the most beautiful, elegant and complete icon font on the web…for free! We have been struggling to find the best icon font to use in our own projects, so we decided to create our own instead.

Download icon_font

36 Free Business Icons

We have created a set of 12 free business icons, each of which come in 3 different styles and 3 different pixel perfect sizes—256px, 128px, and 64px.

Download business-icons

300+ Metrize Icons

A massive collection of 300 Metro-style icons, available in multiple file formats.

Download metrize-icons


Mush Icons

Mush Icons is a set of 10 beautiful icons designed by Pranav Pramod.

Download mush-icons

Elegant Themes Icon Pack

I sat down all day yesterday and drew a set of basic web icon to be used here at ElegantThemes. The pack includes 74 48x48px PNG icons.

Download icons-large



Autre planete Free icons

444 png black and white web icons + 72 color and vector Social Media icons for free ! Easy to integrate in your website or your mobile apps by using CSS sprite and/or webfont.

Download autre-icons



Freshy Icons

Icon set, I’ve created in my free time.
It contains 99 handcrafted icons with same styling.

Download Freshy-Icons

50 Crisp Minimal Vector Icons

A beautiful collection from secretpixels is free for download with a tweet.

Download secretpixels


80 Mini Icons

Yet another fantastic contribution from Swedish designer Victor Erixon and as usual, he has smashed it. 80 pixel perfect mini icons in both PSD and Icon Font format.

Download 80-Mini-Icons

Premium Pixels Icon Set

The icon set contains 58 pixel-perfect icons which you are free to use in personal and commercial projects.

Download premium-pixels-icon

Simple Social Icons

This very useful set is comprised of 22 social icons in vector mask layers on one practical psd. The vector icons are crafted in perfect pixel from 12×12 to 32×32 px.
Those are ideal to use as a base to create custom icons to your liking using effect layers such as drop shadow, gradient overlay, inner shadow

Download simple-social

12 Mini Icons

Today’s freebie is a set of 12 16px mini icons (photoshop vector shapes). There are available in 2 different layer styles in the PSD file.

Download lovicons-12-mini-icons


Circle icons

Free icon pack in circle design. Simple and very clean 24 pixel perfect icons for any use.

Download circle-icons


Enjoy this free sample web font to try for free. You may use this in your personal and commercial projects but attribution is required.

Download picto

Android Icons – PNG, PSD, SHAPE

A set of free android icons for daily use.

Download androidicons

Simple vector icon set

Download webportio_218

Clear Icon Set (PSD)

The Clear Icon Set in PNG & PSD format, our Clear Icon Set contains 20 action icons.

Download clear-icon-set

Open Source Icons

Over the past few months I’ve developed some icons for use on our marketing sites and newsletters. A few of these icons have made it into production.

Download signals_icons

iPhone Icon Roundup

Its time to get this thing started! Here are the first 25 of 100 of the coolest iPhone icons you will ever see in your life! They really look great, and best of all, they are 100% free to use.

Download iphone_1

200 Icons Pixelistica Blue Icon Set

All vector icons from Pixelistica Blue Set come in  png format fore free version. A vector editing program is required to open these files (i.e. Adobe Illustrator).

Download Pixelistica

Adobe Creative Clean Icons

I recently upgraded from CS5 to Creative Cloud and while I love the updates to the programs themselves,
the dock icons for the entire suite are, well, less than satisfactory for me. I think they’re a step backward.

Download adobe_creative_clean_icons


Free Set of Photography Icons

Our friends at Iconshock have designed a beautiful set of photography icons for you.

Download photography-icons

Free Outline Icons

They are minimal icons designed with an outline style, and are highly useful for a wide variety of web and app design projects. The set includes almost 200 icons.

Download free-outline-icons

Web Icon Set

A free set of 16 stylish web icons! The icons come in vector format (.ai and .eps files) so you can resize them as needed without losing quality.

Download web-icons-preview

Trainee iconset 226 icons

trainee iconset: includes a total ammount of 226 icons related to websites, design, e-commerce… 

Download trainee_iconset

Monochromatic Iconset

PSD available
include layer style and shape layer

Download monochromatic_iconset

Free Real Estate Iconset

This sweet little iconset consists of 18 Icons (48×48) in Black and White, aswell as the PSD file.

Download real_estate_iconset

 Pictype Free Vector Icons

25 select free icons (PSD format) from pictype vectors.

Download pictype

64 Vector Arrow Icons

Over there! Sometimes you need an arrow. So we’ve put together a set of arrows of all shapes, all sizes and of varying shades available in vector format.

Download icon_set_arrows_01

165 Lovely Vector Icons

One of our first and most popular icon sets, we are proud to present 165 beautiful vector icons. They are vector (obviously), high-quality, hand drawn icons that you can use for whatever you like.

Download Icon_Set_1


Provided in flat PNG format, they’re perfect for showing off browser support, a list of your favourite browsers, a dartboard (for the IE icon, anyway); anything that you’d need to use browser icons for.

Download Browsercons

Small Calendar Icons (PSD & PNG)

The icons are for: export calendar, add calendar, remove calendar and a calendar template. And, just for your quick use, I have saved the icons in transparent PNG format!

Download calendar-icons

Weather Icons

Found these icons that I’ve done few months ago today and decided to re-share it with you.

Download weather_icons1

24 Free Clothes Icons

After long time, I bring you a set of nice clothes icons!

Fully in vector .ai file, but it is super easy to import icons to photoshop as vector shape! Usable for eshops, infograhpics, print stuff and lot of other stuff.

Download 24_clothes_icons-detail-01

IC Minimal Icon Set

Created by us the good folks at design deck for its loyal readers to use as they wish, IC Minimal Icon Set with original PSD file included!
IC Minimal Icon Set includes 28 Icons in total all PNG & JPG format and a size of 64px – 64px.

Download ic_minimal-screen

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