10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022

free wordpress poll plugins

In this topic you will find the best free WordPress poll plugins that have solid features and good visual design.

Polls help you to understand your audience and thus guide you to bring something new into your business model. Poll plugins in WordPress are well designed to get public opinion and measure public views. These handpicked plugins offer an easy way to integrate polls to your website posts, pages, and sidebars.

Do all websites need a poll? Many high-traffic websites and shopping websites incorporate a simple poll to get feedback directly to know why users are abandoning carts and websites. The feedback we get on these poll results can be an eye opener. Here in this compiled list of poll plugins you will find plugins that offer custom answer as feedback option.

How do you choose the best WordPress poll plugin for your website? There are numerous poll plugins that offer the solution. Choosing free and premium plugins might be a hassle for you so I have done all the work for you.

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Review of Free WordPress Poll Plugins in 2022

Poll Maker (Winner)

10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 2

This is a modern WordPress plugin that supports multiple poll types and holds results on your native server. Get your audience’s thoughts with the simple multiple choice poll and rating poll.

Creating polls is a straightforward process. It has shortcodes support, customizable styles, and insights for detailed customer habit research. The results look great on mobile devices as well. The free version is more than enough to satisfy advanced WordPress users.

poll maker plugin

Types of Polls: Simple poll with custom answer, rating poll, voting poll, and text poll.

About Design: Pre-designed styles let you switch between minimal, light, and dark color schemes. The plugin lets you customize individual poll with custom styles.

Features List: Neat interface, shortcodes, multivotes, solid options, color choices, social sharing of vote results, limit user votes, and email notifications.


TS Poll (Runner up)

10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 3

Adding and editing polls doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do. TS Poll provides you with a unique user interface that assists you in every step of adding a poll. This free WordPress poll plugin is feature rich and fast to work with.

ts poll - wordpress plugin

Types of Polls: Simple polls, image polls, video polls, and polls for interactive contests.

About Design: Pre-designed styles are basic. However, custom options are available to edit the overall color scheme and design layout of any poll.

Features List: Wizard interface, shortcodes for Gutenberg & page builders, solid options, multivotes, color options.


YOP Poll

10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 4

YOP Poll is one of the oldest plugins you will find on WordPress.org. This plugin offers a wizard interface to set up polls and change color schemes. New WordPress users will find the interface of this plugin a bit intimidating. Overall, it provides good features like invisible ReCaptcha and user banning options.

10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 5

Types of Polls: Simple poll.

About Design: It has 26 pre-designed styles to pick from but very old-school designs. Custom styling options for a poll will help you make a unique poll in minutes.

Features List: Wizard interface, shortcodes, multivotes, color schemes, Google captcha, GPDR compliance.



10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 6

WP-Polls is a simple poll plugin and offers swift solution to let you create and manage a poll. Customising the looks of poll results page requires a bit of CSS knowledge as the plugin has very limited styling options.

10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 7

Types of Polls: Simple poll.

About Design: Nothing much to say.

Features List: Basic interface, multivotes, shortcodes.


Democracy Poll

10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 8

Don’t let the name change your decision of trying this poll plugin. This plugin has nothing to do with politics. This WordPress plugin is the same as any other poll plugin on this list. Democracy poll plugin lets you add/edit polls with ease. It offers swift solution to create and show polls on your website pages and widget areas.

democracy poll plugin

Types of Polls: Simple poll.

About Design: It has 5 basic styles and options to customize the results page.

Features List: Simple interface, multivotes, shortcodes, color schemes, Ajax loaders & spinners.


Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker Plugin by Opinion Stage

10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 9

This WordPress plugin lets you create polls, surveys, and quiz from. If you want interactive polls on your website then this plugin is worth a try.

To start using this plugin, you first need to create an account on the opinion stage website. Polls are managed from this third-party website and you will get the option to add polls using shortcodes.

10 Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins 2022 10

Types of Polls: Simple poll, Image poll, Video poll.

About Design: Pre-designed styles are managed from a third-party website. There are lots of templates to pick your favorite design.

Features List: Wizard interface, quiz, survey, shortcodes, multi votes, social sharing.


Modern Polls (Personal favourite)

Modern Polls

If you love to have a simple poll plugin that is easy to manage, then modern polls is for you. It has cool options to show final results with bar charts and pie charts. The interface is very neat and it is easy to add/ edit polls.

You also get the option to choose active time period for the poll. This plugin is responsive on mobile devices.

Types of Polls: Simple poll

About Design: You get two pre-designed styles with this plugin. However, it doesn’t have an option to edit CSS styles. The design is responsive, neat, and clean.

Features List: Wizard interface, shortcodes, multi votes.



So you want to know the short answer?

I would suggest Poll Maker, TS Poll, and Modern Polls at any time.

Modern polls plugin has only limited features. This plugin doesn’t have an option to control user votes, IP control, and so on. But if you want to put a simple poll on your website then I would rather choose modern polls over others for its simplicity and output.

TS Poll offers more styling features than Modern polls if you want a custom design option.

Poll maker gives you an all-round package. It also has a premium version if you are looking for punchy features. The free version, however, is enough for most of us.

Now, let me know how did it go. Which poll plugin did you choose? Do share this topic with your colleagues.

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