30 Innovative ideas of Logo design for Sports

Logo is either being created for a company or an individual; it must be designed in a way that can show the actual picture of business or personal purposes. Companies either they are small or large scaled, logos is a must thing, which should be creative yet effective to convey your message to potential customers and partners. Apart from this, logo is basically used to tell people what we are, what we do, and why we do.

Sports companies and agencies are recognized worldwide and therefore they need such efficient and impressive logo that can present them to public effectively. Anything that can indicate something courageous, motivated, and passionate should go with sports purposes, for example, power, light, strength, determination, and bravery. For sports lovers and for those who need to see some excellent inspirational ideas for designing the logos, I am bringing some best examples. Check out this mind blowing collection and see how you can design such sports logos buy using your own creativity skills by giving these logos some modifications.

First of all, I would prefer you to know how you can create awesome sports logos by using general themes. Using some symbols, such as shields, arrows, swords, or some motivational and determined human faces (specifically the players) you can create excellent logos. Do you want to know how? Check out the following best examples of such general yet efficient logo designs.

1. Sports Environment Alliance Logo

Sports Environment Alliance Logo

2. Athletes Movers

Athletes Movers

3. Seminoles

Human faces, as mentioned above can add some courageous inspiration in logos. Human power is what actually presents the power, skill, and passion for sports. Therefore, it will make logos superb if you are going to add some human powerful expressions.


4. ATH Sports

Symbolization is another effectual idea to make creative sports logos. Check out the following symbolic logos designed for sports companies.

ATH Sports

5. Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

6. Rockwood Motorsports

Rockwood Motorsports

7. Snapshot Sports

Check out the following shield sports logo.

Snapshot Sports



9. Pelicans

Color selection is also an important factor to be considered while designing the sports logos. Check out the following colorful logos that can present the sports companies in a delightful way.


10. GAMYO Epinal Hockey

GAMYO Epinal Hockey

Animals including lion, tiger, eagle, buffalo, foxes, and rhinos are mostly used symbols for sports agencies. Designers prefer to add such animals in logo to give it some strong and powerful glance. Buffalo holds some specific attitude and strength that make it different from other animals. Adding buffalo as a symbol of power and passion in logo can make your sports company different from others. Check out how it works.

11. California Bear

Bear always looks stunning when walk slowly towards its prey/goal. Try to use it in your sports logo and enjoy the magnetism.

California Bear

12. Buffalo Logo

Buffalo Logo

13. Athletic Logos

Fox symbolizes fearless attitude and cleverness; this is why if used in logo, it gives it an excellent look and impression.

Athletic Logos

14. Milwaukee Bucks Sports Logo Re Design

Here is another good example of sports logo that has stag in it as a main icon.

Milwaukee Bucks Sports Logo Re Design

15. Rhino Logo

As mentioned above, rhinos are also considered as the powerful symbolic animal so you can use it in your sports logos. Check out how.

Rhino Logo

16. Rhino 2

Rhino 2

17. Rhinos


18. BC Lions

Check out the unique lion icon sports logo.

BC Lions

19. Southeastern Homeschool Sports

Sparrows give logo an innocent, but clear and obvious impression. You can have some inspiration to create your logos for sports purposes.

Southeastern Homeschool Sports

20. Eagle Logos

Eagle is another symbol of style, passion, strength and power. However, you can add eagle in different ways, but check this following example to see how you can use it for your logos.

Eagle Logos

21. Phoenix


22. San Diego Seals SC Soccer

Seal is also known as an innocent and honest animal, using it in logos indicates the honesty and clearness of sports team.

San Diego Seals SC Soccer

Using sports items for sports company’s logos is a real charm if you want to represent yourself as a sports agency in an effective manner. Any sports item such as hockey, bat, ball, football, yacht, tennis ball, or any other such items used for sports should be added in a logo in order to create some original impression on clients and partners. Let me explain it in more details with each sports item symbolizing the spirit or associated company.

World is full of football lovers and fans, to show them we are interested in football events and programs, we use football as a symbol in our logo; it wouldn’t be a wrong decision.

23. Houston Rockets Conceptual Logos

Houston Rockets Conceptual Logos

24. Pittsburgh Battle NBA

Pittsburgh Battle NBA

25. Gladesville Ravens

Gladesville Ravens

26. Tide Sports Logo

Tide Sports Logo

Baseball is another most favorite sport of people all around the world. Baseball event agencies should use the following inspiration to design their logos. Either use baseball bats solely or a player is making a shot using it as a symbol in logo can make an ultimate impression for fans and partners.

27. FOX Sports

FOX Sports

28. Champion


Tennis ball is though round, but what if we give it a new shape to create its awesome logo for tennis sports companies. Check out the following example of tennis ball icon to use in logos of associated companies.

29. Tennis Ball Icon

Tennis ball icon

Aquatic sports and games are another best source of entertainment for people across the world. If you are looking for creating a logo of water sports companies, then go with the following inspiration. However, you can make some modification and amendments to create something new.

30. Schooners


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