35 Law Firm Logos for inspiration

Logo in any shape, theme or shape is used to let people know who are you, what you do and why you do. People understand the aims of any business right after they see its logo. This is why people prefer to use such symbolic logo for their business that can help people knowing about them easily. Designers either professional or newbie must use wise strategies in order to design the logos perfectly. For instance, using the appropriate icons or symbols in logo can lead you to accurate direction of making people understand about you. Today, I am bringing some creative logo inspirations that have been designed for law firms. If you are looking for such logo inspirations, you are in right hands for sure. Here, you will explore several categories of designing the law firm logo that could be used when you design your own logo.

You have to follow many basic concepts, such as appropriate symbol, language, text and style in logo in order to get succeed in conveying your business message and recognition to people. When you will check following logos with detailed information about their purposes and advantages, you will realize that you no need to move further as your search ends here. Try any of the following forms and get excellent output in a shape of creative law firm logos. So here we go towards the amazing fun of creating your own logos by using very simple concepts and tricks. Let’s find out how!

Justice scale, or we can call it balance, is a perfect and mostly used symbol in law firms logos. It helps people understanding about firm or company easily and quickly. Also, it supports peace and justice so people feel comfortable, satisfied and secure when dealing or consulting with the subjective firm. Following are the logos having scale as a major theme to inform that we satisfy people’s legal demands and necessities professionally. These logos are using scale in different designs and style; you can follow them or can modify the concept, because it depends on your preference.

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1. CSV Avvocati & Partners

CSV Avvocati & Partners

2. ACE LAW Detail

ACE LAW Detail

3. H&M Law Firm Logo

H&M Law Firm Logo

4. Law Firm Letters Logo

Law Firm Letters Logo

5. Bays Law Firm

Bays Law Firm

6. SPS Lawyers

SPS Lawyers

7. The Law Office of Michael E. Navarro

The Law Office of Michael E. Navarro

8. McKenzie Law Firm Logo

McKenzie Law Firm Logo

Gavel is another best symbol to be used in law firm logos, as it stops injustice. To give people legally secure impression, try gavel as a theme in your logos for law firms and see positive results. You can use it simply as icon, or amend it with text or some other symbols; it will provide you excellent results.

9. Callan Law

Callan Law

10. Law Firm Flat Logo

Law Firm Flat Logo

Corinthian columns are the major symbols of courts. In Europe and America, most of the courts building’ exteriors are constructed in Corinthian column architecture. If used in logo, Corinthian column entrance or column alone gives out the 100% legal impression on people. Check out the following logos and see how this theme has been used in order to create perfect law firm logos. Some of them hold single column, while some of them are using the entire column entrance of court.

11. Gitonga Murang’a Associates & Advocates

Gitonga Murang'a Associates & Advocates

12. Hughes & Ferguson

Hughes & Ferguson

13. Law Firm Logos

Law Firm Logos

14. Adroit Advocates Logo 2

Adroit Advocates Logo 2

15. Lester Law Logo

Lester Law Logo


16. Tarella Law

Tarella Law

As I several times have discussed, animals are the perfect symbols if used as a theme for logo and almost every company can use it randomly. Animals, such as lions, eagles and horses are such animals can be used in logo of any type of company. Check out the following logos having animal theme that gives out the perfect impression.

17. Maksymowicz & Partners

Maksymowicz & Partners

18. Ewen Boyd Main Logo

Ewen Boyd Main Logo

19. Law Corporation

Law Corporation

20. Attorney At Law

Attorney At Law

‘Shield’ is a protective tool used for safety. Legal matters also need security and protection. Hence, using it as a theme in your logos can help people understanding that they are in safer hands. Use it and check out the stunning results.

21. Integrity Tax Relief

Integrity Tax Relief

22. Trehan Law Firm

Trehan Law Firm

Ok, now let’s discuss about some general icons and symbols used for law firm logos. These include pens, homes, books, protection, bridges, quill, and several other such stationary symbols. As legal work is all about documentation so using any type of stationary can portrays the actual message of legal firms if used appropriately. Check out the following logo example that has been created specifically for law firms and see how can you use these symbols of some others like these ones in your logo and have creative outputs.

23. Vicki Gotkin Law

Vicki Gotkin Law

24. United Logo

United Logo

25. The Peck Law Firm Logo

The Peck Law Firm Logo

26. Stone Castle

Stone Castle

27. Peacock Law Logo

Peacock Law Logo

28. Logo for Law Firm

Logo for Law Firm

29. Law Firm Logo

Law Firm Logo

30. Law Firm Logo Design

Law Firm Logo Design

31. Innove Law

Innove Law

32. Davis & Neal

Davis & Neal

33. Clarity Law Firm

Clarity Law Firm

Last, but not the least, simple text can be used as a law firm logo theme. Check out the following logos and see how simple text can give out the perfect look. Go ahead and try any of the categories for your logo and get rid of worries and problems you were facing before reading this.

34. Lowrey Law Firm

Lowrey Law Firm

35. Arkwright


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