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catering project letterpress card

25 Letterpress Business Card Designs with Cool Creativity

Ever had some letterpress business card in your collection ? This unique design of printing can bring retro vintage style to your business. A business card may be a standard sized rectangular 2×3 inch piece of cardboard, which bears printed information of one individual. With a unique material and letterpress style of printing a business card can be much more than just a identification. For years now, business cards have become like a traditional way of presenting contact information to other businessmen and probable customers.

Out of the many styles of printing, letterpress is one of the oldest methods of printing. Before the 15th century, when movable printing was introduced, for 500 years, letterpress was the predominant technique of printing. With the rolling years new ideas and techniques came into existence, digital printing is now used as the standard form of printing for many. However, there are people who prize the ancient and authentic quality of the handmade letterpress print. Therefore, it is still being used or few specific commercial presentations. It can be proudly said that the old printing method is relishing the renaissance as a new style in the modern world. A lot of people use the letterpress style of printing for their business cards. You will be amazed to find out how people have used letterpress in different ways to make their business cards look attractive and unique.


The simple elements of the nature of the person’s work have been chosen to be illustrated on the small card. The letterpress print looks neat on the pearl white background with the miniature designs in black ink and yellow ink, and the edges have been also done in yellow ink.


Nicholas Moegly

The business card has been boldly printed with the brand name alone. Only black color has been used on the white pearl background. It is a nice way of advertising your business along with the brand icon on the business card itself. It is an easy way to make a person remember you.

New letterpress business cards

LetterPress Tearable

This is an amazing idea of having a business card which could be tear-able with dotted lines across the card from where you can tear it. If divorce lawyers were to have this kind of letterpress printed business cards, it would give a hilarious as well as a unique look to it.

tearable letterpress business card

Type Together

This is another way of styling your business cards where one letter overlaps or supports the next and it gives successive look. Having this style in the letterpress printing can make your business card look outstanding. It is preferred if you have the same initials to your first name and surname, for example AA.

Type Together card

Zange Photography

This photography company has cleverly used the camera’s lens on the business card and the name Zange Photography around the lens. The letterpress printing gives it a 3D look. The simple use of colors, white and black makes it look real and authentic.

Letterpress photography business card design

Happy Letters

They are an art and calligraphy company and if you take a look at the simplicity yet exclusivity of their business card you might definitely be inspired. The background of the business card is covered in letterpress print in the self color of the card and happy letters calligraphically in simple black ink on top of it.

happy letters card design

Alberto Ojeda

If you have a business in which people recognise your business by your name then you should go for a business card in the style of Alberto Ojenda. He has simply printed his business card in the letterpress printing style with his brand icon, a triangle and an O with a red line right through the middle of the O.

Alberto Ojeda card design


Gramona has an exclusive letterpress printed business card with only the name printed beautifully in black on the pearl white card. This style is more liked by the people who have an inclination towards the ancient. As it is too ethnic and simple to be of the modern world, yet trendy enough to be loved by many.

gramona personal business card

Solid Design

A graphic studio design owner’s business card. You can definitely inspire from this style to make your own business card in its fashion. It is not in the shape of the regular business cards to be precise, it is more like a chocolate bar with letterpress printed beautiful designs along with contact information and brand name.

letterpress print design

La Fábrica

The base color used to make this business card is black with letterpress design printed on it. The company name is printed on the card in letterpress printing style and it is a simple card, nothing fancy about it and yet looks royal. Many businessmen are simple and would like to go for a business card like such.

La Fábrica card for letterpress


Kails have a pretty fashionable letterpress printed hand-tag business card with a hole drilled in it. It comes really handy when you wish to tag it along with the product you are selling. It is unique in its own way, and with this world full of ideas, businesses have to keep coming up with new ideas as such to keep them in the run.

die cut letterpress business card


Bandito design and Illustration Company came up with their new business card. It is a letterpress printed card and the black and white color combination looks cool, and one from the 90’s. The company name and contact details cover the entire area on the card.

bandito card


The business card of Grouper looks stunning with their brand icon the small blue fish above the company name. There is a beautiful play of colors with the different locations of the company. The best part is the painted orange edges which matches the panel color.

Letterpressed on duplexed Muscletone French Paper

Personal Wood

Now this is a real piece of art, wood finish business card which has letterpress printing with metallic ink done on paper with laser engraving on either side. If you are in a wood business, what better can you get than one of your own personalised wood letterpress printed business card.

duplexed wood with letterpress metallic ink

Catering Project

A brilliant Letterpress card designed for manager of a catering company. The embedded style of printing is certainly the best part of this business card design.

catering project letterpress card

Espresso Republic Card

The coffee place has got themselves a modest looking business card with the red flag in the cup to represent the republic and the rest of the printing is in black. The edges are painted red like the color of the flag which looks amazing.

Espresso Republic Card

The Nelsons

The Photographers got themselves new business cards which they decided to get done in the letterpress print style. One side of the card is covered with the love the Nelsons brand icon and the other side has the name and contact details. It’s a decent choice of design for a business card.

Nelsons photography - Letterpress Business Cards

Martial Codex pressed

The martial codex letterpress cards are one of its kind, they are basically meant for marketing purpose and has the website name on it that’s all. The work on it is pretty neat too, one side is red in color with a letterpress design while the other side is plain white with the website detail on it.

Martial Codex pressed

Patrick Carter

You will see many guys have something about numbers like 007, this special edition business cards have numerical series on it. Other details remain the same in the letterpress printing style only an added hand stamped number on it. It makes the business card look like a lottery ticket, everyone would like to have.

Letterpress Cards


This one is a very basic design of business card. Just the name of the company letterpressed on one side of the card, which looks like an ancient parchment with engravings on it. The other side looks the same, but with contact details of the company.

santz personal ui designer card

Peric Marketing

If you take a look at the Peric marketing business card you will find it quite different, instead of black or white background it has a navy blue one with its brand icon white in color in the middle of the card in letterpress printing style. You are free to choose any color for your business card, suiting your business profile.

Peric Marketing letterpress card


The brand logo of the workstyle along with its vision which says “personality matters” seems to be a cool way of portraying your business along with your business aim. The letterpress printing looks nice on the card and the colors are well chosen too, black on one side and white on the other.



A restaurant in London Source have had themselves made beautiful letterpress print design business cards. The brand logo S is decorated with creepers and tendrils, looks amazing. The rest of the card has information in simple hand and that is what makes the card so special. The logo takes it all.



The cocktail company has its new business card in the letterpress printing style with the brand logo letterpressed in golden color in the background of glitter black, stunning combination.

Brandwasser card

Three Monkey

The well-established design company had their business card made in the letterpress printing style. It seems that the letterpress printing style has become the latest trend. In spite of hundreds of business card styles the design company chooses the letterpress printing for their business cards. The centuries old printing style has become latest the fashion of late.

letterpress Business Card

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