30 Best Photoshop Logo Design Tutorials

Logo designing was a difficult task before and only professional designers and agencies could do that. However, the time has been changed dramatically and now almost everyone can create his logo easily by following very simple steps. First of all you should have little Photoshop skills, if you do not know how to use Photoshop, do not get panic you can still create awesome logos and I will tell you how to make this true. Let’s proceed with some mind blowing logo design tutorials that can make you a professional designer without any prior experience and practice. Check out each link to get best step-wise Photoshop logo design tutorials to create quality logos in less time with 100% accuracy and proficiency. Also find our topic on free logo in psd  format provided by designers.

Check out the step by step tutorial of designing an awesome metallic band logo that will give your band a professional look. Check out its glamorous blackish background and excellent metallic text that make it unique and tempting. This tutorial will help you know how to create similar logos for games, movies, and musical bands by using Photoshop.

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Metallic Band Logo

2. Metal Car Logo Effect

Creating chrome effects in logo is not a hard task if you get a chance to learn through a good tutorial. However, such processes may take time to complete, but apart from this, they are very much interesting and beneficial to learn useful techniques.

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Metal Car Logo Effect

Do you love colors? If yes, check out how you can mix your passion in something creative yet useful design. Certainly, with the help of this logo design tutorial, you can learn how to create a watercolor logo in Photoshop.

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Watercolor Logo

It is very simple logo design, but still need little effort to give it a complete look. Read tutorial to see how you can create this logo by using Photoshop.

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Origami Swan Logo

For those who are completely unfamiliar with the process of creating logos, this tutorial will be proved as a perfect assistant. Check out how simply one can create his own 3D box logo in very easy steps.

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3D Glossy Box Logo

6. Try Football Logo in Photoshop

Sports lover always find something athletic to give their passion an additional motivation. Check out how you can motivate you and your sports lover clients by designing a football logo in Photoshop.

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Football logo

However, Apple logo seems very simple to be created; still you need to know it’s basic. Check out how you can create Apple logo in different colors that you need.

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Apple logo

Ok, so you have gotten a project of designing a business logo or you want to design your own logo for your business site. In both cases, check out this tutorial to learn how can you sort out this need.

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Business Logo

Youth love adventurous effects; therefore, if you are launching your game you must be looking for a perfect logo design tutorials through which you can learn how to create a dynamic logo such as the following one.

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Easy Hulk Logo

If you like adventure in style, this is best tutorial for your passion. Check out how you can create an ultimate metallic logo.

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Transformer Style Logo

Car lover can get several excited ideas about designing a Mercedes logo with the help of this tutorial.

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Mercedes Logo

12. Give Your Logo a Chalk Effect

For those who love simplicity and want to create simple yet attractive logos, this tutorial is best.

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Chalk Logo

An awesome logo design, you must want to try it. Check out the tutorial to see how this amazing logo was prepared.

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Vector Crest Logo

14. Slop Scroll Effect

Check out fun to create slip scroll effects in your logos either existing ones or try this out on new ones.

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Slip Scroll Effect

it is perfect tutorial for those who are looking for a help to deign some logos for media companies, you can get awesome ideas with it. check it out!

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Blue Laguna

Check out the tutorial in order to design the metallic logos. You can get several best ideas with it. check out how.

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Clone Wars Logo

Ice-cream lovers will find it awesome to see if you would follow this tutorial to get excellent ice-cream logo for your pub. Yummy and creamy color used in this logo make it delicious for ice-cream fans. Check the uniqueness of logo and yes it is very easy to design it in Photoshop, let’s try.

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 18. How to Design a Logo in Photoshop CC

It is awesome idea if you are planning to design a logo in Photoshop CC, check out this tutorial video and get some fantastic ideas of design an ultimate logo design. Here you go!

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logo in blood

 19. Designing a Typographic Logo in both Illustrator and Photoshop

This is another vital idea of designing a logo in both the illustrator and Photoshop. Check out the background of logo used and banner below the logo text. If you are having complications in designing a logo in illustrator, you can try the same in Photoshop and vice versa.

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typographic logo

20. Superman 3D Logo Design

Yes, the man of steel and style – the superman holds a special logo of his name’s initial. So let’s have fun by creating such inspirational logos designs.

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Superman 3D Logo Design

21. Creating a Hand Lettered Logotype

If you want to give your logo an original look like you made it handwritten, this tutorial will help you out in a dynamic way. Check the A-Z of how to creating this logo in few minutes.

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22. Designing a Vector Skull Logo in Photoshop

Very simple yet stylish skull logo creation is not a difficult task when you are using a Photoshop. See how Photoshop helps you in designing this skull logo and gives you more ideas to design other such logos easily.

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Vector Skull Logo

Hipster style logos are very popular in dress and clothing industry. If you are having such contract or trying to run your own small store, try this tutorial to design a perfect logo for your business and clients.

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hipster logo

24. Designing a Save Child Logo in Photoshop

For NGOs and welfare organizations, which are involved in save child and child abuse social and welfare activities, this type of logos give them a complete motive.  So try this logo and get idea of designing such more logos in an easier way than before.

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save child logo tutorial

25. Design A Hipster logo In Photoshop

Another best example of creating a hipster logo in Photoshop, see how they give it an awesome look by designing it step by step. So you can see it is much easy to design such logos for more projects.

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hipster illustration tutorial

26. Create an Awesome 3D Starfish Icon

3D designs are getting popular specifically when designing the logos. This excellent starfish 3D logo creation tutorial will give you a wonderful chance to design more and more such logos easily in Photoshop.

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If you want to create a stony video game logo, try this helpful logo design tutorial to get fabulous ideas. The color contrast used in this logo as well as the texture of text is absolutely perfect for the gaming industry logos. I am sure you would give it a try!

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video game logo

28. Design a Clean Professional Logo Design

If you do not want a logo full of texts and icons etc, or want to have clean and clear or simple logo design, this tutorial will direct you in getting one. See how you can create simple logos in less time than you expect.

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professional logo

29. Designing an ATI logo in Photoshop

ATI logo is very common, still if you want it to redesign, here you will find some advanced ideas. Go through this tutorial and see how can you give it a new look with creativity.

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ATI Logo

MAC OS X logo has been created and redesigned several times. If you still think you can give it a new touch, let’s try this tutorial and see how you can make an innovative styled MAC logo. Not only this, you can idea to design several other logos with the help of this tutorial.

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