30+ Simple Business Card Designs with Clean Typography

Typography is defined as the method of arranging the letters of the written language in such a manner that it is readable, legible and attractive to the eye. Point size, typefaces, line-spacing, line length, letter-spacing and adjusting the space between a pair of letters. Typography also implies the arrangement, style and appearance of the numbers, letters and symbols fashioned by the process. Apart from information and communication, typography can also be used as a decorative manoeuvre.

When we talk about Business cards, we all know how important it is that the business card is fashioned in the right manner to portray the business you run. It needs to be eye catching, unique and something different from the common. You are aware that the business you run has many competitors in the market – all businesses have! So you need to do things a little different that will attract attention of probable customers. It is human nature to take an interest in the uncommon, and with this fast changing world full of ideas you need to think out of the box to make your business a successful one. Why not start with making an attractive Business Card for yourself, here are few ideas as to how simply by using clean Typography you can make awesome business cards:

Slim Card

This is a rather slim card, as goes by the name and unlike the regular business cards it is a little longer in breadth. The simple topography is quite evident, and the background has symmetrical drawing barely visible. The sides are painted red like the color of the card on the other side.



The business card is printed in letterpress printing style and the typography looks neat with the company name and contact details all in upper case. The color used is black and seems a perfect contrast to the white background. Small images of the elements of the business have been used to give it an attractive look.


Minimal Business Card

A very simple designed business card. People who are of the sombre nature and like to represent their business in the same way are likely to appreciate this kind of business card. The brand name on one side of the card and the contact details on the other. The printing is done with clean typography of letters with a little play with bolding few letters of the company name.


Black Edition

Isn’t black a favorite color of many? This business card has a design letterpressed in the background while the brand name is solely printed in the middle of the card in a neat typography. The opposite side of the card contains the rest of the information. The look of this card is simply royal.

black clean design card

GAVTH Studio Brand Identity

The business card of the GAVTH Studio looks awesome, the logo of the brand is composed entirely of curved lines and contour which is indeed inspired from the typographic lines. The choice of color also has a deep meaning to it. The blue color of the logo represents depth and the lettering done with grey means quiet or neutral.

card design for Studio Brand

Bodas de Papel

It is a photo and video company and their business card is a unique choice of typography and color. Their brand icon deer has been made with the help of typographic lines and contour. The bird on the other side of the card has been made with the help of the same. The colors used are simple too, white background and black ink for printing and green for border and highlights.

Business card for studio

Super Lucky Boy

The letterpress business cards of the super lucky boy’s studio are 1 mm thick and the company name is done in red color with the help of letter spacing typography. The brand name with the brand icon has been beautifully done by the use of topography. The other side of the card contains the contact information.

Super letterpress business card design

Sake Advocate

The idea used in this business card is amazing. The front and back of the card are printed in a fashion it gives the impression of a single piece of paper which has been folded. Extensive use of the topography has made this business card look so different the pink flowers, the colorful fish and the half folded bottle, all look extremely cool.

Advocate Business Card design


National Old Theatre

They had their business cards made in the most innovative style using typography along with cool and creative card ideas to make their cards to look unique. The purple color and the die cut style of printing has been made good use of. If you are a person who likes to stand out of the crowd, then you will definitely be inspired by these kind of styles.

business card for theatre



This card here was made for an educational related companies and the business card seems to be more like a computer program for you. So if you are in the educational stream then you can definitely get ideas from this kind of business card. Note the use of colors and the letters, lines and contour typography used to perfection.

business card design for educational program

Shape K Die Cut

If you have a brand which is recognizable by the letter alone, then you can try out the die cut shape of business cards. Get a careful typography done with it for your brand icon or brand name with the contact details on the other side. It will surely look pleasing.

Die Cut Design for business card


This freelance product designer has business card perfectly designed, along with the company logo on the front side and contact details on the back of the card. With the help of typography of lines, curves and letters and different use of colors you will be able to get a business card for your business as well.

Simple business card freelance


It is a clothing brand from Italy, their business card is printed in the vertical way rather than the normal cards which are printed horizontally. One side contains the contact information and the brand logo while the other side has miniature logos scatter printed keeping in mind the spacing typography.

Blowhammer card design


It is a clothing and jewellery brand for women. The brand logo is of a cat with a rose in the middle of its head. The business card is plainly pink in color to give it a girly touch and the contact details can be found on the other side of the card. The cat’s face is made with the help of contour and lining space, one with a clothing brand can take some inspiration from this type of business card.



There is so much detailing to the cover of this book. A ship, an anchor, the sea, fishes, hourglass, the story has been portrayed though the cover of the book it can be said. The typography is beautifully done and it is an encouragement to people who wish to advertise their entire business through a business card. It is very much possible, all you need to do is to think creatively.

brilliant card design


They have prepared their business cards in a manner that people will find hilarious. If you intend to make a business card which would bring a smile on people’s faces, then you can take a few ideas from the AirGym business cards. They have animated characters on their card saying “we can do it”. Funky colors have been used which makes it look lively.

airgym business card design


The brand logo is the major show of this business card. The geometrical shapes of different colors of the logo have been printed on one side of the card which has been obviously made possible by the typography, looks brilliant. While the other side is a plain white with a small logo and brand name on the top and contact information below.

tracktion branding card

Cluny McCullagh

The graphic designer, has chosen for himself a rather simple letterpress printed business card. The typography of the letters are small and neatly spaced. The background is of a pearl white color and gives an ancient look. Many of the history lovers can opt for something like this.

Business card design for fashion designer and writer


A & M Fashion Embossed

A fashion brand who has cleverly chosen its brand logo to be a sewing machine. As they sell hand crafted goods the sewing machine is a fair logo to have been chosen by them. Their business cards are classy black with the typography and logo done in golden.

am fashion embossed card design

Mighty Clever

While many like to keep their business cards uncongested, some like to see that all the space is utilized. The business cards of mighty clever have been made with a lot of work on the typography of letters and numbers, nice play of colors too.

Mighty Clever ID-card design


As the name says, the business cards have been made in the shape of cubes. One side of the card has the name of the company with the logo beside it and the other side has a message that says “Nice to Meet You” on a green background. The edges of the card have been colored green as is the color of the logo.

Incubix business card design


Interior Edge

This is a business card of an interior designer, and you will simply be awestruck by the effortlessness attractiveness of it. The color of the business card is in the shades of pink, mauve and grey. The basic elements of interior designing a paint brush, a pencil and a lamp are put on one side of the card while the other side contains the contact information. The brand logo is chosen well, and people in this profession can definitely take inspiration on the venture or creating their own business cards.

interior design business card



Another impressive business card style which is the outcome of careful typography of letters, shapes, lines and contours. One side of the card consists of the company name, logo and contact detail while the other side is a simple green with a motivating phrase “ Be Who You Want to Be” with you in a different color for more impact. It is an amazing way to get at your possible customers.

Lifecoach business card




With one side of the business card styled with the band name and the other side containing the logo and contact information, this is a nice and simple style of business card.

Identity work for local business

Matière Noire

A clothing fashion company, they have their business cards, custom made in a die cut design. The lower section of the card is rolled by black thread which gives it a handmade feel. It is a unique idea which can be taken inspiration from. Another thing about this business card is that both the sides are printed same, the brand logo with the brand name in the above section, then comes the thread and the lower section displays the contact information.

handmade tailor business card

The Kettle Black Cafe

The die cut design of the business card, shaped in the letter K and B looks great. The front of the card is colored in black with white dusted on it to give it a sparkly look. The back of the card holds the information. The typography of the card is noticeable the bold lettering style shape in which the card has been die cut into.

Black-Cafe card

Square Foiled

If you intend to create for yourself a luxurious business card, then you can take down a few ideas from this one. This foil stamped business card has been die cut into the shape of a rounded square and on it you will see the intricate work on three foil colors. To give a finishing touch the edging has been done in copper. Just think of the impression such a card would make when handed out to a probable client.

Stylish Square Foiled Business Card

Pop Grub

The Pop Grub a dining place have recently come up with their business cards which is die cut in the fashion of a wine glass without the stem. One side of the card flaunts the red logo on the white background while the other side is entirely red in color and shares the contact information. The thing to be noted is the use of typography in the making of the card.

die cut Card design


New Thread

The die cut business card of the New Thread films is a simple one with a lot of typography effects on it. The front of the card has the company logo and the rest of the contact details while the flip side has the company name written on it. Any of the business cards be it simple or flashy needs to have the topography set first, the letter spacing or the lines and contour of the images should be set right with the help of typographic arrangements.

new thread letterpress card

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