15 Brilliant Swiper Slider Examples

swiper slider examples 2023

Here I will show you brilliant examples of Swiper Slider for your web projects. Whether you want to display images, videos, testimonials, or products, Swiper Slider can help you create engaging and interactive sliders that suit your needs.

Swiper Slider is a popular JavaScript library for creating responsive and touch-friendly sliders and carousels. It offers a variety of options and features to customize the appearance and behavior of your sliders. Take a look at our topic on CSS sliders to find more slider solutions and also slick slider examples which we made recently.

Examples of Swiper Slider

Product Showcase UI

Responsive Blog Card Slider

Creative & simple slider (swiper)

Travel slider (swiper)

Sample Slider (Fullscreen)

Image Accordions 

Swiper custom slides transform effect

Horizontal to vertical Slider

Swiper-3D slider

Swiper – Vertical Thumbnails

Swiper Cards

Simple animated slider with GSAP TweenMax

Swiper – Mousewheel Control

Blog Swiper slider