40 Brilliant and Creative Logo Designs

If your business logo holds some interesting and creative aspects, it would be an advantage for you to convey your business message to the potential customers in a way it should be. We believe that creativeness can increase your business’s repute and reliability among customers because people always prefer advanced and up to dated business information.

Creative logo can thus, provides customers with complete up to dated related information in one simple yet alluring design. When you think you are running short of ideas about designing your creative logos, do not give up! We are going to reveal some creative logo design inspirations that will give you a boosting idea of designing your logo creatively. Check out the following creative logos:

1. Tribus Point

This is an exciting logo designed by ‘Mcs’ for a web services. The specific element of following logos is their dark or black background that makes these logos stunning.

Tribus Point

2. Creative Cloud

Look at this creative logo design having cloud that symbolizes the creativity of minds the concerned company possesses. You can also use it to get more ideas.

Creative Cloud


3. Boracay

This is another most creative logo designed by ‘Mcs’ for a beach club that provides the entertainment services.


4. Connecta

This is most creative logo designed by ‘Vichique’ for a micro-finance company. This is quite simple yet creative logo that gives a complete professional glance.


As mentioned above, creativeness can do anything with your business you actually want it to do; logo designing is not a difficult task if you use your creativity skills. First of all, you should realize the nature of your business.

5. Vanity Lounge

Check out this creative logo designed for a nightclub/lounge.

Vanity Lounge

6. Hidden Energy

Gold shine logo design looks awesome at very first glance, why don’t you give it a try? Let’s have some fun with some creativity with the ideas taken from this logo design.

Hidden Energy

7. Planet Fashion

Check this inspired logo designed by ‘Cpuentes23’ for a fashion clothing company.

Planet Fashion


8. Bubbly

This is something like fabulous logo for kids designed by ‘Cpuentes23’ for a milkshake store.


Initially, you should realize the nature of your business. For instance, if you are going to establish a clothing company, you should keep in mind that only a creatively designed logo can attract the anticipated traffic in a perfect way as compared to professional yet dull and boring logo. Check out this!

9. Ace Industries

Check this amazingly designed logo for the construction services and consulting.

Ace Industries

10. Reign

A stunning and appealing logo designed for a Lounge/restaurant.


11. Those Event Guys

Two boys organizes parties and events so isn’t it a perfect logo design to promote both of them in such a professional way.

Those Event Guys

12. Flower Bazar

See this attractive logo designed by ‘Baluev’ for a flower stores

 Flower Bazar


13. Vegan

Designed by ‘Aleksandar’ for a Vegan green food restaurant.



14. Code School

Designed by ‘Riley Cran’ for new code school identity

Code School

15. Video Sparks

This is one of the most creative logo designs you may ever have seen. Check out how it covers all aspects of business and its services in it.

Video Sparks

16. Stack

Stack lighting identity designed by ‘Nick Botner’ for a lighting company.



The above type of logos apparently highlights the company’s messages in an attractive way. Now check out the Following logo designs, which contain white or light color backgrounds.

17. Monster Burger

This is an interesting logo design by nuri for an amazing restaurant that deals in fast food services.

monster burger

18. H & M

This is a creative logo design for a Swedish clothing company that deals in men and women clothing.



19. Terra Cotta

This is mainly an excellent & creative logo designed by ‘Cpuentes23’ for a café.

Terra Cotta

20. Jetigen

Check out this artistic logo designed by ‘Dasmus’ for a children camp. This is specifically designed to motivate kids.


21. Cardinal Company

Designed by ‘Roden design’ for a Cardinal company.

Cardinal Company

22. Pollaro

An inspired logo that is creatively designed for a Film and Media Company.


23. CASA 2013

Check out the colorfulness of this creative logo. This is perfect logo design for sports companies and events. Let’s give it a try.

CASA 2013

24. Party Star

Look at this stunning logo designed for an event planning company.

Party Star

See the logos of Puma, Levi’s, Guess, etc. they all have added text in logo. Check out the following logo design to better understand how should be your creative logo for a company.

25. Mask

This is quite alluring logo designed by SMiteva for a fashion industry.


26. CTaf

This is another most inspirational logo designed for a medical company.


27. Flagged

Check out this creatively designed logo by ‘Christian Cervantes’.


28. Goddess Garden

Logo redesigned by ‘Lee Xian’ for natural sun and skin care line.

Goddess Garden

29. Crystal Build

Designed by ‘Ingus Eisaks’ for Construction Company.

Crystal Build

30. Zentur

Another best logo designed by ‘Ingus Eisaks’.


31. Imagin Arte

Imagin Arte

32. CinemaTor


33. Animalia


34. Straw Fairy

Straw Fairy

35. Electric King

Electric King

36. President


37. Propeka


38. TeeSpoons


39. Hustler


40. ParkFindr


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