Top 12 Free Blogging Sites and Platforms for Content Publishing in 2018

Blogging is an interesting way to convey your thoughts to others. Blogging takes your hobbies or passion to a whole new level. One could also use blogs to promote business and connect to the users using your products. If you wish to know which blogging platforms are the best in features and will improve your customer experience then scroll down. After reading your blogs, the pictures and details you get to explain the content in a classic style which the user likes with these blogging platforms.

Both paid and free platforms are in this unique list and packed with wondrous features. There are thousands confused between a blogging platform and CMS, so we here make things clearer for you:

What is a Blogging Platform?

What is a blogging platform? This can be a service or a download that lets you create, manage your blog. is a blogging platform that lets you start a blog for free and they use WordPress CMS which you can get from Each of these blogging websites listed here has a content management system of their own and also let you start a blog without any hassles of hosting.

The blogging platform, in other words, is a subset of CMS and is a service or software with which you can publish the content through a blog.

Why use a Blogging Platform?

A blogging platform allows you to showcase your writing talent for free. There are many platforms which need no knowledge to website designing and easy to manage. There are some that offer drag and drop features so you don’t have to do any coding. Premium platforms offer more freedom in editing the CSS functions and selecting themes and color options. Other features premium plans offer is a free custom domain that lets you have a unique domain name.

Content Management System

It’s as you hear. Content management system in short CMS is a platform for managing your web content online. This online web solution is a boon for those without any coding experience.

Self-Hosted Vs Platform Hosted

Certain open source CMS like, Joomla lets you download their services. You can install these CMS on a web hosting server which you have bought. If you want a blog under your full command then your option is to self-host it. It means you must have a hosting (from Bluehost, GoDaddy) and domain to build your site from scratch. Self-hosting your website can get costly if you are just a startup. The free blog sites we handpicked here provides free hosting, space, huge bandwidth, a platform hosted domain name etc and more.

An example URL of Self-hosted website (Looks nice, ain’t it ?)

An example URL of Platform hosted website (A bit long)

Let’s dive into some of the best free blogging platforms out there to make your blogging experience easy and distraction-free.


WordPress lets blog users to improve typography of daily writing with distraction free editing. The tool runs on top of PHP but you only get the easiest ways to manage content and blog. It began with a handful writers and has now expanded to being the largest self-hosted blogging tool across the globe. All you need is a web host with basic requirements and software script lets you install WordPress if you like to self-host the website. Features of blogging platform are great and they let you customize everything. WordPress has thousands of plugins, themes, and widgets which make it interesting to use. Downloading WordPress is easy and it offers a step by step guide on how to install it.

wordpress cms online blogging platform


Tumblr is one of the blogging sites which is popular mostly with the young demographic. It also happens to be one of the easiest and simplest to use blogging platforms. The best feature of Tumblr is that it emphases on the blogger’s community, so it provides various options to share and reblog the content. The site is completely visual and will enthrall any photo or image blogger. Writers might have to control their writing instincts and use their picture imagination if they intend in using Tumblr. All you need to do is look for posts and follow posts which have been tagged on the wall.

tumblr blog platform


If you are just setting your hand on blogging and are a beginner then Blogger is one of those free platforms which can be used by any novice to start blogging. Blogger is a service which is offered by Google and is reliable too. Google controls the access and provides with very limited tools and also holds the right to access your data. Unlike other free sites which are restricted to certain things, Blogger allows its users to add widgets and edit HTML on the blog. Blogger doesn’t upgrade which is why once the beginners reach a particular point they grow out of it.

free blogger platform


Ghost has been written in JavaScript and is an open source and free platform for online blogging. The platform was intended to abridge the process of online publishing for publications or as an avid blogger. Ghost has done away with features such as plugins, Search Engine Optimization, social sharing which has resulted in less configuration thus allowing its users to concentrate only on crafting and publishing classy content. Managing content on Ghost is visually likable; it uses split screen design which looks like an email box with a post archive on one side and a full post preview which is a bit bigger on the other side. You can easily browse your posts more rapidly and with ease.

ghost blogging platform


This is one of those platforms which has its own built-in audience and is often in the debate about it being a platform or a publisher. Medium users are a mix of businesses and individuals. Every user can add their voice, publish posts and curate posts. A collection of posts which are curated by Medium and its users are termed as publications. You can embed videos or other types of content on Medium from other third party websites such as YouTube, Vine, Twitter, etc. Commenting on posts is fun on Medium as the viewers can highlight parts of content and comment in the margins.

medium blogging


An inventive dashboard which helps in curating thoughts, developing them and then publishing it for the world to see. Svbtle can be compared to brain, the designers of the platform have crafted the online blogging platform in a way that it inspires you to collect thoughts, connections, and views into a course of draft posts, and then makes it easy to gradually carve those concepts into articles which can be published. Developers have cleared the platform of any distractions and have retained just a few basic options necessary for writing. Svbtle promises its users to safeguard their written content online, always.

svbtle online blog platform


LiveJournal is all about expressing yourself. What began as a way to keep friends updated about activities has now expanded and opened up for the millions to share their thoughts amongst themselves. There are thousands of pictures and videos which are shared by its users every day. You can discuss just anything on this platform. There is an information page which the user uses to upload details and also has a list of interests, communities, friends and schools or colleges which the user has attended. Live journal permits its users to embed videos from other websites. There are some paid features like voice post, sending text messages, to-do list, express lane and extra storage space.

livejournal - diary online


If you are running a business and need a blogging platform then Weebly is where you need to have your account. Weebly features some amazing options such as drag and drop for those who are not quite inclined towards learning to code. Weebly is also featured to generate a mobile version of every website created on it. Unlike other platforms that create a website and blog separately Weebly offers both the services together; build and blog. The blog has been made for simple minds which are why if you wish to make or customize CSS and HTML on the blog it would not be quite possible.

weebly blogging and website builder has always been a part of Evernote Trunk. Blogging with is easy and fun, all you need to do is take certain notes in the Evernote and make these notes into blog posts in no time. Evernote is nothing but a new notebook which carries the same name of your blog carrying instructions on how to use If you wish to publish some content from Evernote then you would have to make a copy of the content to your so that the original content is kept safe. You also cannot see a preview of your post you wish to publish on

Postach online blog platform

If you are among the few bloggers who is not quite interested in opening an account or giving your details to any websites then is where you want to publish all your content. was a simple weekend project for three people which now has become the fastest way to make your content go live. No account,; this may not sound exciting in the beginning but if you give it a thought you have set up a new blog without registering or signing up completely hassle-free. Another feature of which is like by 300,000 visitors everyday is that you could post anonymously.

pen blogging platform

Earlier known as Freewebs; Webs was founded in 2001. They offer both premium and free services. Webs have their own set of templates which they use to build websites and premium plans are mostly for self-hosted website. Some liked features of Webs include drag and drop, easy integration with social media and many customizable themes. If you are a professional blogger and want your page to show up in the searches then Webs has facilitated Search Engine Optimization which will help you know the exact phrases or keywords which are being looked up for. You can also embed links to social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

webs builder

Wix is ideally used to build websites but blog works just as fine as websites. It is free to use and all the pages that are created in this platform are supported by portable devices so you all your viewers can see your blogs on all types of devices. Wix is one of the few platforms which has an active customer support. You could contact them on their phone or send them an email about your queries and they send you answers immediately.

wix- blog platform

Postagon is a premium account but they have good offers for customers. It is a minimalistic blogging platform which provides special features like cover images and a good editor. There are thousands of customers across the globe using Postagon to read and publish their content. The interface is user-friendly and you have a lot of white space to write down all that you want. The blogging platform also comes with features such as Search Engine Optimization, RSS feeds, and private posts. You are also allowed to bring content from other websites on Postagon and take their content outside to different websites.

postagon online blogging cms


Silvrback is a premium blogging platform which lets you have a 14-day trial. There are two UI schemes which are available to make your content look beautiful; Classic Silvrback and Alpha Gorilla. This is a great platform for businesses to establish their brand and build more customers. Silvrback offers full page cover image and features such as selection of colors, enhancing the text readability, assigning author credits and much more. You can have one of the many solid colors for your homepage and the administration circle dashboard. Packed with features Silvrback is an amazing blogging platform which takes you to a completely different level of smart blogging.

Silvrback distraction free blogging


No Websites Platform Hosted Free Themes Premium Custom domain ?
 1 WordPress Yes > 3000 5.99$ Yes
 2 Tumblr Yes > 1500 NA
 3 Blogger Yes > 2000 NA
 4 Ghost Yes > 1000 29$ Yes
 5 Medium Yes NA NA NA
 6 Svbtle No 6$ Yes
 7 LiveJournal Yes > 500 NA
 8 Weebly Yes 23 9$ Yes
 9 Yes NA 5$ for 5 sites No
 10 Yes NA NA NA
 11 Yes > 200 5.99$ Yes
 12 Tinypress Discontinued
 13 Yes 6.90$ Yes
 14 Postagon No 4.99$ NA
 15  Silvrback No 3.99$ NA

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