17 Best Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing

In this post, I will discuss some of the best tutorials and techniques related to traditional drawing. It is a topic of deep interest for many artists, who are associated with different genres of traditional drawing. Examples attached here are based on beautiful, creative and inspiring manuals for you, to learn the basics of techniques related to traditional drawing. I am hopeful that this article will motivate you and help you out, to try something fresh and exciting. Before you begin, it is important to understand that each tutorial (examples listed below) and technique has its own principles and regulations. It is all about learning, how to go with the flow and expressing your creative side in the best possible manner.

Drawing can be described, as one of the oldest and most popular channels of expression. You can includespecial visual elements, in order to give life to your ideas and expressions.The amount of color and effects used in traditional drawing varies from one sketching/drawing theme to another. It is important to say that modern drawing has taken a broader meaning. There are several disciplines of art, which also come under drawing and sketching.    Coming back to the traditional drawing, I must say that an artist needs to have a keen sense of observation and sheer level of composition. As you know, the basic step of traditional drawing is to create an outline or a sketch.

If we describe drawing in the modern context most of the circuitry, machinery, buildings and other technical sketches also fall under the category of drawings. But, we cannot refer to these types of sketches as traditional form of drawing. Being an artist, you need to learn fast and have a keen observation. While drawing it is important to remain patient and explore different techniques that will produce clear results. For you, I have selected only those links that will motivate you and help in becoming a better artist or learn something new. Now let’s, have a look at interesting examples of traditional drawing.

1. Animation Course – Andrew Mynarski

Animation Course - Andrew Mynarski

Apart from the basic of animation, you will learn how to draw various interesting sketches. The step-by-step guide provides detailed information, which is very easy to follow. Give it a try and you will be impressed with your skills.

2. Car Drawing Techniques

Car Drawing Techniques

Want to learn how to draw cars? There are many artists especially boys, who want to sketch some sort of interesting car models. I personally like this website very much. It is all about analyzing the basic frame of a car and then developing a sketch accordingly. Concept and basic features of one car vary from another and this website will help you, in addressing the minute details of diverse car models.

3. Sketch Process

Sketch ProcessWant to learn the basics of sketching? Then this is the best website for you! I am impressed how the developer has shared the important information with all those, who want to develop their drawing skills. By acquiring these skills, you can easily draw sketches according to the traditional concept of drawing.

4. One Per Day

One Per Day

Want to see how the modern artists are doing? By visiting this website, I have realized that it is very important to learn the fundamentals of traditional drawing.  Without developing a strong base, you won’t be successful enough in the contemporary field of designing and drawing.

5. One Image Per Day

One Image Per Day

Wow! I found an interesting source for you. You can learn how to sketch an apple or even a galactic princess! Explore the work provided by the designer and you will learn something new.

6. One Image Per Day

One Image Per Day1

Have a look! I am sure you are going to find some interesting drawing stuff here.

7. Hand Drawn Type Artworks

Hand-drawn Type Artworks 2015

For all the fans of traditional art!

8. Drawing a Greek Taverna Menu Main Image

Drawing a Greek Taverna Menu Main Image

A simple guide for drawing a perfect traditional Greek taverna food! I like how the artist has managed to bring all the details out in a seamless manner. And now I wonder that why I feel hungry all of a sudden. Credit goes to the amazing artist.

9. Postcards Hand-Drawn

Postcards hand-drawn

Love hand drawn post cards? Learn how to impress your friends and family. I am going to learn this stuff for holiday cards. You can make loads of decent cards with the help of techniques provided.

10. Rob – Large Format Carbon Dust Drawing

Rob - Large Format Carbon Dust Drawing

Not for the beginners though, but traditional drawing experts will love this tutorial. It involves expertise of traditional drawing.

11. Rules of Success

Rules of success

Some brilliant sketches to learn! Notice the specifics of traditional drawing put forward by the artist.

12. Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing

Just notice the depth of detail this artist has managed to come up with. I wonder how much practice it would take to come up with such incredible pieces of traditional drawing. Drawing done with the help of pencils is awe-inspiring.

13. Tutorials: How to draw lips

How to draw lips

Get the perfect lips and yes by drawing! Details are all present. Never thought of all these instructions required just for drawing lips? It’s going to be something adventurous.

14. Marilyn Portrait Tutorial

Marilyn Portrait Tutorial

Just tell me who won’t want to sketch Marilyn Monroe!! It is a detailed guide and you need some patience and experience to get the best results. It might take few hours or even days, depends on your interest and speed.

15. A Process

A Process

Who doesn’t love drawing pets? Without any doubt I am going to learn a lot from this designer. A prime example of traditional drawing!

16. Dessiner une Rose

Dessiner une rose

That’s called drawing a rose in a perfect manner! Follow the guide carefully and you are done!

17. How to Draw Marlon Brando


It’s basically a type of traditional portrait drawing. I am sure you will want to learn how to draw Marlon Brando. This portrait is related to the actors’ iconic role in the movie Godfather. Inspired much?

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