35 App and Website Wireframe examples

Wireframing a website or mobile application, any development projects before production is key to success in big projects without messing up the final product. Having an idea of where the whole development is going is essential and sometimes a necessity before doing anything. Mostly companies request a prototype or wireframe of the whole work before starting the project. Take a look below for examples of website, app wireframe sketches made in modern day softwares and sometimes totally hand drawn.

Paper sketches are old fashioned but very good for simple projects. Once the work gets bigger paper is not the way to go, you can find many free wireframe tools where the design prototype can be done through online web app or through free software which you can work offline with. Usually free wireframe kits are downloadable in psd, ai format which have a layers of elements required to build a full website or mobile application prototype. Stay tuned for future updates on free kits for speeding up your wireframe designs.

Wireframe close web

A social web application or something related before hitting to development phase. The web layout is detailed neatly on a paper.


Logic ‘n Flow

Logic 'n Flow

Lifeonit – Mobile on-Board Wireframes

Lifeonit - Mobile on-Board Wireframes

Welcome Wireframe

Welcome Wireframe

Work Flow Wireframe

Work Flow Wireframe

Let it Flow – Wireframe

Let it Flow - Wireframe

Coolest – Wireframe

Coolest - Wireframe

Wireframe on Paper

Wireframe on Paper

UX Wireframe Coffee – Machine Remote App

UX Wireframe Coffee-machine remote App

Cute Wireframe

Cute Wireframe

Mustango Wireframe

Mustango Wireframe

Colored Wireframe for Web

Colored Wireframe for Web

Cash Flow Finance App Wireframe

Cash Flow Finance App Wireframe

UX Wireframes for Online Grocery Shopping Mobile App

UX Wireframes for Online Grocery Shopping Mobile App

Hold It – Wireframe Annotation

Hold It - Wireframe Annotation

Softhouse – Wireframe

Softhouse - Wireframe

Wireframe Company Profile Website

Company Profile Web Application Wire frames.

wireframe paper

iPhone Wireframes for Car Care App

This includes both the Spotlight on a Wireframe and the iPhone Wireframe Family, which gives an insight into the navigation and information architecture of the app.

spotlight wireframe

UX Design Wireframing

UX design, Wireframing and Prototyping of corporate intranet. Goal is gamification, interaction and social media in appearance and usability. Built with Photoshop CS and Lucidcharts. WOuld normally have used Visio 2013, but was Lo-fi wireframe.


Win8 Sports App Wireframe

These wireframes describe an app that provides news, results, schedules, photos and videos for players and teams taking part in a league or tournament for a single sport.

sports design

Restaurant App

These are the Wireframes created to resolve the features that should contain the app like In App Purchase, location, purchase etc.

Restaurant App

Weather App

Wireframes and design for desktop and iPhone weather application.


Trendlinks – Social Network

A social network ux part and layout study.


Wireframe for an iphone app with restaurant, hotel app in mind.

iphone app wireframe

UX architecture for an upcoming cloud printing app.

cloud printing app.

GUI design with sketches

GUI design

Sitemap Wireframe

A wireframe design project for social marketing website.

wireframe design

Game App

A wireframe prototype design for game application. You can see a game design document and a paper prototype of a game before coding begins.

game design

Wireframe Studies / UI/UX

Some preliminary hand sketches that put together before designing a website.

Artboard 1_o

Site Hierarchies for websites

The purpose is to show the organization a flow of menu tabs, paths and making sure the site is easy to navigate through and user friendly overall.


UI Wireframes for a Todo List Mobile App

A wireframes for a Todo list app for smartphones (based on the concept of First Things First).

todo app

Teacher’s app wireframing

A wireframe design for application which is meant to track student work patterns as they complete assignments.

Teachers app wireframing

Youtube Wireframes

Quick wireframe for Acura’s Subscriber page on Youtube.

Quick wireframe

Responsive Wireframe Design

A simple design concept for websites.