30 App and Website Wireframe examples

Wireframes as you know are a great way to show your clients how the end product resembles. It also makes it easy to collaborate with your team by collecting brainstormed ideas.

In this topic, I will show you some great wireframe examples used by designers, website agencies, and even developers. A wireframe doesn’t need to be perfect but it can still closely resemblance the final product. Here I will also show sketch and rough wireframes which are a great way to commence design works.

Wireframing a website or mobile application in any big development project before production can deliver a smooth workflow. So let’s dive into some examples and see how we can implement smart wireframes in our next projects.

Mobile App Wireframes

Gamefeed 2.0

mobile login wireframe

This wireframe is straight to the point and almost resembles the final mobile user interface. It shows the login process for users and the clear navigation path the user needs to take.


moqups wireframe tool

This is the workflow of Moqups wireframe tool in action. Building an interactive prototype makes it easy to find missing links and dead ends in a project. Although it’s time taking to build something close to the final product just for testing but that’s how successful projects are built.

Travel Planning App Wireframe

This is a wireframe of trip planner app developed from a solid user flow diagram. Starting with the onboarding process to booking a trip, all is well researched into this wireframe.

travel app wireframe

Lifeonit – Mobile on-Board Wireframes

Mobile Onboard Wireframes

Money Transfer

bank transfer wireframe

Mobile Flowchart

flowchart for mobile app

Low Fidelity Wireframe

low fidelity Wireframe

Yoga App Userflow and Wireframes

user flow and wireframe

Presence App

mobile app wireframe example

Carpool App

low fidelity wireframe for mobile app

Health Care App

app wireframe design

Website Wireframes

Meet Wearly


This high-fidelity wireframe shows the final prototype of a shopping website in all its glory. Here the designer completed the UI design of the website. All that is left is UX testing and adding rich content to the template.

Designers are moving away from traditional rough wireframes to high-fidelity designs that closely resemble the project. Creative software like Adobe XD, InVisionApp are encouraging designers to do interactive wireframe designs. Interactive prototypes allow everyone to preview their work on mobile and web applications.

User Flow Template

 User Flow for login

Developers love user flow diagrams as these wireframes are easy to build in modern applications. Softwares including Adobe XD, Sketch, Moqups lets you create user flow paths with a clean arrangement of website content. Here in this wireframe example, you can see cool arrow styles and annotations that show the navigation path a user takes between pages.

Wireframe close web

A social web application or something related before hitting to development phase. The web layout is detailed neatly on a paper.

web wireframe example


Work Flow Wireframe

workflow wireframe


Coolest – Wireframe

example wireframe sketch

TedX App Wireframe

TEDx wireframe design

UX Wireframe Coffee

ux wireframe

Cute Wireframe

Cute Wireframe

Mustango Wireframe

Colored Wireframe for Web

sketch wireframes

Finance App Wireframe

UX Wireframes for Grocery App

Shopping Mobile App

Hi-Fidelity Wireframe — Product Page


iPhone Wireframes for Car Care App

This includes both the Spotlight on a Wireframe and the iPhone Wireframe Family, which gives an insight into the navigation and information architecture of the app.

car app wireframe

Sports App Wireframe

These wireframes describe an app that provides news, results, schedules, photos and videos for players and teams taking part in a league or tournament for a single sport.

wireframe design for sports app

Weather App

Wireframes and design for desktop and iPhone weather application.

quick mockup for weather app design

Sitemap Wireframe

A wireframe design project for social marketing website.

sitemap design

Wireframe Studies / UI/UX

Some preliminary hand sketches that put together before designing a website.

UI Wireframes for a Todo List Mobile App

A wireframes for a Todo list app for smartphones (based on the concept of First Things First).

todo list app wireframe


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