30+ Well Crafted Photography Logos Used in Studios, Websites

Photography is a vibrant field that needs a glamorous and stylish promotion. Therefore, designers keep trying to introduce the perfectly designed and creative logos that best suit to the photography industry. However, some people are bit more mindful about their photography company’s promotion and they need best design to fulfill their expectations. If you are dealing with such clients or you have your own photography shop, agency or a big company, you need a perfect logo design as a business identity.

Several logo designers used different techniques and ideas to design creative photography logos. You can also give it a try in order to be more creative in designing photography logos for you and your clients. Today, I am bringing some awesome, creative and well-crafted photography logos inspiration for you to get excellent ideas. All these logos are designed by highly skilled logo designers of the times. May be you’re feeling hesitation while designing a logo for your photography firm, but this is not a solution. You have to give it a try and see how it works when you follow any of these given ideas. I hope this article will help all of those searching for such platform to get help regarding their logos designing.

Check out each logo example and see how designers are using different techniques and themes for logo. Try not to completely follow same design, but try to amend it with your own creativity skill. This may enhance the look and charm of your logo designs. . I’m going to start with some general and simple photography logos, but they are also crafted perfectly.

Check out the following logos, they hold simple icons and some text formatting, but look awesome as photography logos. The icons all these logos hold are circles, wind wheels, flowers, trees, hands, girl, etc. Revolving around these icons; some text has been added to give it a complete look.

Shutter Bug Logo

2. PhotoBeard

PhotoBeard logo

3. Asfora Photography

Asfora Photography

4. Pineapple Studio

Pineapple studio Logo

award winning photography and film studio

6. K C III Photography

K C III Photography

7. Zanotti Photo

Zanotti Photo

Framestree Logo

Guardalume Final Logo

10. La Belle Vie Photography

La Belle Vie Photography

11. Logos


Now look at the following logos, you’ll see they all contains nothing but simple text. There is no icon used in these logos and still they are looking perfect as photography logo. It demonstrates that with simple formatting of text you can create excellent logos that will look more stunning than other ones. You can try this idea for your logos and impress the potential customers in a different yet unique way.

12. AnviFoto


13. Dmitry Tarasevich

Dmitry Tarasevich

14. Diana Gordon Photography

Diana Gordon Photography

Last, but not the least, photography logo without camera looks incomplete and odd. Therefore, adding camera as a main theme in each logo will make it absolutely perfect. In following logos, you’ll see how the designers are using cameras differently in their logos. Some are giving it a colorful touch, while others are using simple black cameras as an icon. Some others have perfectly expanded the concept of using camera in logos. Camera with stand, camera eye, camera in hands and several other such themes have been used in all the following logos. You’ll notice that most of the logos contain colorful cameras instead of black or white ones.

15. Ahmad Ahmad Photography

Ahmad Ahmad Photography

16. Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

17. Cool Vibrant

Cool Vibrant

18. Dream Production

Dream Production

19. Fausto Vargas (Photography)

Fausto Vargas (Photography)

20. 10 Photography Logo Templates

10 Photography Logo Templates

21. Sniper Photography

Sniper Photography

22. Photography


23. Mr. & Mrs. Photographer

Mr. & Mrs. Photographer

24. DNA Studio

DNA Studio

25. Framed Elegance

Framed Elegance

26. Coldcrisps

Logo design for a local Photographer

27. Tait Photography

Tait Photography

28. DreamPix Studios

DreamPix Studios

29. Aperture Pinwheel

Aperture Pinwheel

30. Nefèr Photography

Nefèr Photography

31. Dirty Bird Photography

Dirty Bird Photography
I’m sure you have got a wonderful chance of getting absolutely perfect platform to know more about designing the logos. This time, you won’t get upset if you are trying to design logo but couldn’t, because you are on a perfect podium here.


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