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21 Best Google Map Plugins for WordPress

Google Maps for WordPress are very useful these days usually in wordpress contact forms which showcase the correct location of the business or a place of interest. Modern plugins here require only location input to mark the point accurately as it will auto fetch the live map details from Google. Marking different locations on the map can be done easily with the marker options the plugin provides and that too with colorful icons for interaction. Route your journey across multiple travel location with these plugins and you will start loving them. Add titles, description and much more details on your travel details on the map with the help of pointers.

List your business location in style with these advanced Google map plugins developed for WordPress platforms as these come in free versions as well. Premium WordPress plugins are complete customization ready and as said before they only need your location to point the place accurately. Make the Google map plugin blend perfectly with your website theme and also structure with correct width and height by inputting them in the plugin options. Responsive map plugins will add a extra feature set to scale across multiple platforms whenever needed. Find hand picked 20 best Google Map Plugins for WordPress in this topic made to simplify your location marking in WordPress.

WP Google Maps

This free version of wp google maps will let you ad markers, create and use shortcodes to display maps in any page content. The options to resize the maps , setting the default zoom level is also available in this lite version.

Demo|Source Google maps plugin

Basic Google Maps Placemarks – Free Plugin

Embeds a Google Map into your site and lets you add map markers with custom icons and information windows. BGMP creates a custom post type for placemarks (markers) on a Google Map. The map is embedded into pages or posts using a shortcode, and there are settings to affect how it’s displayed. You can create markers that will show up on the map, and set their icons using the Featured Image meta box. When a marker is clicked on, a box will appear and show the marker’s title and description.

Demo|Download Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Leaflet Maps Marker – Free plugin

Maps Marker allows you to pin, organize and share your favorite places & tracks through your WordPress powered site easily. Pin, organize & show your favorite places & tracks through OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, KML, Bing Maps, APIs or Augmented-Reality browsers.

Demo|Download Leaflet Maps Marker plugin

Free Google Maps Travel Route

With the Google Maps Travel Route plugin you can easily show a static route on Google Maps. Google Maps Travel Route enables you to easily insert Google Maps along with a travel route, tour, etc in your WordPress website. Via dashboard you can add,edit or delete locations or edit the options for the map itself. The map can be inserted in pages, post or sidebars via shortcode. A widget is also available.

Demo|Download Google Maps Travel Route

Free Google Maps Widget

Displays a single-image super-fast loading Google map in a widget. A larger map with all the usual features is available on click in a lightbox. This free plugin displays a configurable single-image super-fast loading Google map in a widget. A larger map with all the usual features such as zoom and pan is available on click in a lightbox. Both maps can be fully adjusted in size and appearance to fit any site and design. It takes less than 10 seconds to create a new map and configure it.

Demo|Download  Google Maps widget plugin

Free CP Google Maps Plugin

CP Google Maps allows to associate geolocation information to your posts and to integrate your blog with Google Maps in an easy and natural way. The Google Maps inserted in a single post displays a marker at the position indicated by the geolocation information pertaining to the post, but also shows markers of the last posts published in related categories. The number of markers to display on the Google Maps can be set in the plugin’s settings. The Google Maps inserted into a template displaying multiple posts will contain as many markers as posts making up the page with the associated geolocation info. When the mouse is hovered over the marker, the post to which it belongs gets highlighted.

Demo|Download CP Google Maps plugin for wordpress


Now begins the premium plugins for wordpress.

 5sec Google Maps Plugin

  • Just put: [gmap]my address[/gmap] and you’re done!
  • no API keys, no setup, no code editing, no bulls**t
  • works in sidebars, posts, pages and custom post types
  • supports fullscreen and custom location icons/pins
Demo|Download 5sec Google Maps WP plugin

Responsive Styled Google Maps – WordPress Plugin

Google Maps, easy, simple, responsive and styled! This is the only WordPress plugin on the market that generates responsive and styled Google Maps! Please check the live demo to see a lot of shortcode examples and samples of maps you can create. It allows multiple markers per map and multiple maps per page. No API key required. The shortcode is very easy to generate and the map is so easy to use!

Demo|Download Responsive Styled Google Maps - WordPress Plugin

WiLD WordPress Google Maps

WiLD Googlemap is a WordPress Plugin which allows the creation and management of Google Maps on your site! Check the examples below and how it works to see what it can do for you! You can also manage the map type, its size and which commands enable or disable! You can have multiple maps on your pages and each map can have infinite markers!

Demo|Download google-maps-wild

Ultimate Google Maps

Ultimate Google Maps by Inceptive Design Labs provides an easy way to create and display Google Maps. This plugin lets you create Google map easily with various map types, driving directions, pointers etc.

Demo|Download Ultimate Google Map plugin

Google Maps Generator for WordPress

How it works? The generator allows you to create google maps without the needing of any code. All visual! This plugin includes seven different skins, to give your maps an unique view, also you can tint your map with the one color option.

Demo|Download colorful_google_maps

Google Maps Editor for WordPress

Google Maps Editor for WordPress let you create beautiful maps within the WordPress text editor. You have the choice between classical Google Maps style and five exclusive color themes made for Google Maps API .

Demo|Download Google Maps Editor for WordPress

Cartogram Map plugin

This plugin allows you to create unlimited Google Maps that you can place in your posts, pages or theme template files using a shortcode. You can then customise a map by adding unlimited locations to the map. Complete control of the map position by using an address, adding a marker or entering a latitude and longitude manually.

Demo|Download unlimited Google Maps

Interactive World Maps Plugin for wordpress

This is a WordPress plugin to create as many maps as you want, with interactive and colored markers, continents, countries or regions. You can add active colored regions to the map, and display them in 2 different ways:

  • As Regions – It will color the whole region, for example a continent, subcontinent, a country, a country province, or a US state.
  • As Markers -It will display a colored bubble in the chosen regions, that can be a city, a state or a country.
Demo|Download Interactive World Maps

Progress Map WordPress Plugin

Progress Map is a wordpress plugin for location based listings. The goal is to help users having websites like hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings & more… to list their locations on Google map and easily move through it using a carousel.

With Progress Map, your locations will be listed on both Google map (as markers) and a carousel (as locations details), this last will be related to the map, which means that the selected item in the carousel will target its location in the map and vice versa. To add your locations, Progress Map has provided a form area in the add content post page allowing you to quickly add your locations.

Demo|Download Progress Map WordPress Plugin

WordPress Map List Pro Plugin

Map List Pro is the easiest way to add a searchable, sortable, filterable list of locations to your site. Map List Pro is perfect for creating Store locators, Office lists, Location overviews, and Contact lists. It’s easy to use, and your staff and customers will love it!

Demo|Download Map List Pro

Advanced Google Map WordPress Plugin

This plugin is capable to create basic to advance google maps easily ex: marker cluster, overlays, multiple info windows , multi language supported which makes it unique among currently existing other google map plugins. We included those all functions which needs usually based on our +6 years experience in Google Map Integration.

Demo|Download Advanced Google Map

Simplified Google Maps WordPress Plugin

Simplified Google Maps is a very unique plugin, it will allow you to easily create, administrate and customize maps at the WordPress site. Most Google Maps WordPress plugins require that you should master some advanced web development skills. But not anymore! I have created a plugin that handles all the hard work for you, so that you can focus on the end result.

Demo|Download Simplified Google Maps

Responsive WordPress Google Maps Plugin

A responsive Google map that allows multiple markers per map and multiple maps per page. Includes fullscreen view and marker clustering. No API key required. Easy simple setup. No long complex shortcodes to generate by hand. As simple as creating a map, quick add a location, copy the simple shortcode to the page you want the map on, and you’re done.

Demo|Download Responsive Google Maps

WordPress Google Maps Contact Route

With the WordPress Google Maps Contact Route plugin it becomes very easy to add contact routes to your destinations.

Demo|Download WordPress Google Maps Contact Route

Mapped contact form pro WordPress

A ajax contact form inside a google maps marker info window. Works for one or multiple locations. A different email address for every location can be configured. If only on location is on the map, the info window with the contact form opens when the map is loaded.

Demo|Download Ajax contact form in google maps marker
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  1. Jason Shepherd

    I am wanting to add a real simple version of google maps that displays both the company, location and a nice image of the service that I am promoting – any ideas please.

    I am needing this as a new page within my WPress theme – with the map displayed once the person click on the link

  2. Steve

    Does anyone know if there any Google Maps plugins for WordPress that allows for any person to add a location to the map from the front end without having to login?

  3. Bili

    Hey! Thats a great article! I have an unaswered question until today. Could you help me? I want to create a live map page for live earthquakes in a wordpress site. Which of these maps is suitable? And how can i connect an xml autoupdate file with the map. Do you see any other way? Thank you!

    • sprashid

      I’ve tried something similar with Store locator plugin, no luck though – it has limited number of fields…

  4. sushmita routh

    hey I just want a google map where I can put my own marker, like my company logo as marker….Which google map is proving this option….

  5. Jay khetia

    Sir thank you for your information. I am about to make a WP site and need a place where i can find information of such plugins and this site is really wonderful. While i was searching about WP map plugins i came across a plugin called ‘WordPress US Map Plugin’. It helps to navigate regional sections of site, it even works on iphone as it does not have flash and when you hover your cursor over the map it shows information in a small popup window, you can even adjust colors of map and can even customize click behavior.
    Include this plugin too in your blog, it will make it really perfect to starters like me and i would say Fla-shop, the best Premium WordPress Map Plugin Provider. I found this plugin over here
    Again thank you for your information, it will really help me sir !

  6. Parthiban

    Great collection of Google map plugin’s. Thanks for listing out this awesome plugin’s for us.

  7. shiva

    Hello. Thank you very much for sharing all this information.
    Nice looking plugins! Good collection of wordpress google map plugins. Thanks a lot! You may also like this collection mentioned below :

    1. WP Google Maps
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    3. Interactive World Maps
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  8. Veronica

    Useful article you have shared with us. I also would like to share some more plugins that you can add to your list http://bit.ly/1W2YBIs
    MapPress Easy Google Maps
    Google Maps Widget
    Leaflet Maps Marker
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  9. Stephan

    Thank you for this detailed overview. I have a specific question though: Is there a Map-Plugin that has the feature to insert a proper map into single posts and at the same time provide the sum of all these marked locations in on single map?
    I’ve a website of german kindergarten: in each post of a kindergarten i’d like to put a map. Additionally i’d like to have a complete global map of all kindergartens, which automatically updates with changes in the single posts.
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  10. Piet

    Great list, but two plugins are missing I think:
    GeoMashup – wordpress.org/plugins/geo-mashup/
    SO Mobile Map Widget – wordpress.org/plugins/so-mobile-map-widget/ (full disclosure: I’m the author of this one)

    • Josh

      Just a heads up that we also have a free version live. MapifyPro is one of the fastest growing mapping WordPress plugins that adds a ton of extra features on top of Google Maps. They have the ability to allow others to submit locations, add details to map locations, galleries, per-location video, and so on. Check it out: http://www.mapifypro.com

  11. rakesh

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  12. cayres

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    Keep updating.

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    Katina Lee

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