19 Top Free and Premium WordPress Slider Plugins

Free WordPress slider plugins with responsive design for showing image slideshows in style to amaze everyone is introduced here with some premium solutions. Images can be very attractive in a website and without a perfect slider to showcase fullwidth or fixed images the homepage is completely lost. The sliders has been around for a while and it suits any type of websites as it also enables call to action from the slider itself. Sliders have come a long way since then and now they are fully responsive with minimal configuration option required. Take time to look at all our plugins as they provide a lot of advanced features to keep even advanced users at play. The layer slider included in this topic is my favorite as i can feel the images somehow. All free plugins here can do do basic to advanced transition effects with responsive layout. Premium plugins are packed with a huge arsenal of transitions and features as compared to free WordPress plugins.

SEO optimized sliders can do a better job of getting the images and captions indexed well in the search engine. Fade, slide, rollover, slice anything you think is possible now with these plugins. Popular plugins give high level of support for users and are willing to help you out even for some custom implementations in slider. All plugins below are responsive when i checked. Let me know if there are any WordPress slider plugins i have missed here.

After all these years still of sliders out there seems to be providing lite versions of their products as free.

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is a spontaneous and instinctive WordPress plugin that creates sliders which was not possible before with any free slider plugins. Smart Slider 3 has all the features that you expect from a free slider plugin. Smart Slider also gives you the tool to create Vimeo and YouTube slides, create slides from WordPress posts and it has a complete easy-to-use slide editor with different layers. Smart Slider 3 gives you an experience of next generation plugin!

Main Features:

  • Responsive and touch friendly – Sliders can be enjoyed in any environment irrespective of a laptop, mobile or computer
  • Customizable controls –Thumbnails, Autoplay, Arrows, Bullets, Bar
  • User Friendly Editor – Anyone can build with Smart Slider. The interface comes with drag and drop builder and live preview.
  • Totally integrated with WordPress – post editor, media manager, widget, post permalinks, shortcode.
  • Slide backgrounds – 9 smooth background animations
  • Layers – 6 varied layers: Image, Text, Vimeo, YouTube, Heading, Button.
Demo Download

smart slider 3 - free wp slider

MotoPress Slider Lite

Receptive WordPress Slider Plugin by MotoPress is an easy to use resolution to shape beautiful slides with amazing visual effects. It has a spontaneous drag and drop interface, swipe navigation and responsive layout which help you create slides without disturbing the code. You can easily build SEO-optimized slideshows within minutes and enjoy them from any screen size, a mobile or a computer device. There are 3 main types of slider in the plugin : posts slider, woocommerce slider and custom slider.

Main Features:

  • Can set link to each slide and image layer
  • You can use slider in both pages and posts
  • Option to export and import slider content
  • Animation is layer based
  • You have the options to preview a group of animation effects
  • Unlimited layers with video, custom content, image or text
  • Simple configuration options for custom animation effects and duration control
  • You can add video backgrounds
  • You can access slider settings directly from frontend
  • Vimeo, YouTube and other Self-hosted videos support the Drag and Drop functionality
  • You can build unlimited sliders.
Demo Download

free wordpress motopress slider

Sangar Slider – WordPress Responsive Slider

Sangar Slider is wonderful slider plugin for WordPress. It has a smooth animation, touch and swipe support, layered slid and easy to use by anyone. You can easily create a customized template. It is packed with exclusive features yet is simple to use. This Slider is a splendid layer slider as well; it has the ability to add any HTML contents like texts or images in layers. You can also make your own template and theme using its extensive API system without any coding. Where as the premium version of this plugin is armed with a cutting-edge, potent yet instinctive and simple to use layer editor. With the layer editor, you can make your layer content using the drag and drop. Every element in the layer can be edited, including content transition. There are some amazing animations also in Sangar Slider.

Main Features:

  • The animations are fast and suave
  • It supports a wide range of slide content
  • Extremely responsive
  • It has API system and is developer friendly
  • It consists of touch and swipe gestures
  • Ads free.
Demo Download

sangar free wordpress slider

Master Slider – Responsive Touch Slider

This is a free responsive content and image slider with smooth hardware augmented transitions. Mater Slider has touch navigation with pure swipe gesture that gives you a delightful experience. It is a receptive and device friendly slider that works flawlessly in all the major devices. It is built using WordPress best practices both on the front and the back end which has resulted in a proficient, dynamic and a spontaneous plugin.

Main features:

  • Cross Browser IE8+ and Other Modern Browsers
  • HTML5 Valid and SEO Friendly Markup
  • Extremely user friendly admin panel
  • CSS3 Transitions with jQueryFallback
  • Hardware Accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms
  • 6+ Interactive Slide Transitions
  • 8 Starter Samples and Smart auto crop
  • Loop and Linear sliding
  • Shuffle Ordering Slides Option
  • Auto height Slider and Vertical and Horizontal Direction Navigation
  • Fully Customizable Thumbnail and Tabs
  • Mouse Wheel Navigation
  • 6 Modern and Unique Skins
  • 5 Image Positioning Options
  • Advanced Import And Export Tool.
Demo Download

Master Slider Free Version

Avartan Slider Lite

Avartan is an amazing WordPress slider to deliver your message to website visitors in an imaginative way by using images, text and video elements using different types of layers. It also supports YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, css3, and numerous transition effects, elements animations, drag and drop builder and many others. Even if you do not have the slightest idea about what a css and js are you will be able to create stunning sliders in minutes. You can entrench Avartan anywhere in a website with its php function, slider shortcode and widget.

Main Features:

  • Supports cross browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, etc.
  • 5+ Customizable Slider Preloader
  • 8+ Customizable Next/Previous Arrows
  • 8+ Customizable Navigation Bullets
  • 3+ Navigation Bullets position
  • 3 Elements Support – Text/HTML, Image and Video
  • Unlimited text, image and video elements into single slide
  • Image scaling and alter text for better SEO with images
  • Third Party Integration Video Support like YouTube, Vimeo.
Demo Download

avartan slider lite - free wp slider

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

It is truly a responsive slider plugin for all the WordPress blog users. It gives the option to add unlimited image slides in one single slider with the use of multiple image uploader. One can easily publish unlimited slider on their blog. Ultimate slider has many settings like you can customize height and width, slide thumbnails, auto play slides, navigation buttons and many other features. You can configure the settings of every slider individually, according to you. You can display slider in the Page or Post content.

Main Features:

  • Customized Thumbnail Position
  • CustomizedThumbnail Width And Height
  • Auto Height Option
  • Label And Description Colour Settings
  • Added Font Style
  • Customize Slider Distance
  • Slider Order – Ascending , Descending and random
  • Compatible with mostly all latest browsers like Firefox Chrome, etc.
  • All Major Device Support
  • Multilingual Translation Ready
  • You can add unlimited image slides into a single slider.
Demo Download

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Slider WD – Free Lite Version

Slider WD is an operative tool for adding receptive sliders to your website. This WordPress slider plugin can be added both as a plugin and a widget. It can be incorporated in the theme to display the slider within the theme by means of PHP function. Slider WD permits adding both images and videos (for now it supports YouTube and Vimeo to be shown as slider slides). The many transition effects and layer support improve the functioning of the WordPress slider plugin.There are three types of layers designed for the slides: for sharing images, textual content, and sharing buttons.

Main Features:

  • Custom CSS support to add additional styling features to the slider
  • Possible to use Slider WD Media Upload to upload multiple images
  • Image and text watermarking
  • Option to open the slider-related link within the same page
  • Slide duplication
  • There are 3 options to add images: from Media Library, by using image URL or by Slider WD Media Upload option).
Demo| Source free wordpress slider plugin - slider wd

Meta Slider – Free WordPress slider

It is one of the most extensively used WordPress slider plugin and is very simple to create a slide show with it. You simply need to select images from your WordPress Media Library, drag and drop them into its place, set the slide captions, links and SEO fields everything from one single page. You can select from 4 different slideshow types –Nivo Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides and use the shortcode or template to embed in the slideshow of the blog easily.

Main Features:

  • It is compatible with translation plugins like WPML, qTranslate, etc.
  • Admin preview
  • Fast as it includes only the minimum JavaScript or CSS on your page
  • Free basic support like covering installation issues and theme or plugin conflicts
  • Lightbox support with the Meta Slider Lightbox addon
  • Many slideshow configuration options like speed, transition effects, etc.
Demo Source

Easy to use WordPress slider plugin

WP Responsive Thumbnail slider – Free post slider

This is an amazing receptive image slider for WordPress websites and blogs. The admin can manage any number of pictures into the responsive slider. The slider images can be added, edited and deleted and before the slide can be added to the blog you can have a preview of your final work. There are various settings that are possible with this slider like heights, width, speed or if the images will be displayed on circular slider etc. You can also the navigation arrows by using up and down arrows or by automatic slider.

Main Features:

  • Image name is used as alt tag for Seo.
  • Slider installation into theme is simple you just need to add shortcode to theme or pages/posts.
  • Changes can be made to the images height and width
  • You can set slider speed
  • You can set slider to slide with left and right arrows.
  • You can set slider to circular slider.
  • Responsive admin layout.
Demo | Source

free thumbnail showcase plugin

Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2 is an easy to use and customizable slideshow plugin for WordPress. It is effectively used by both expert developers and casual users while creating a website or blog. This plugin is preferably used because of its simplified workflow, it supports five slide types, it comes along with 4 core template, has advance template system, selective loading and more over it comes along with a built-in import/export in it.

Main Features:

  • Gives you the option of unlimited sliders
  • Enables you to add transition effects per-slide
  • It has unique settings for each and every slider
  • Also supports random slide order
  • It gives you the option to title and alt each slide image
  • It comes along with the widget that will display your slider easily in the widget area.
Demo Source

free customizable slideshow plugin

Cloud Slider

Cloud Slider is a fully responsive WordPress slider plugin; it has eighteen highly customizable skins that you can use for your website. Be it a simple image gallery or a product showcase page you can make any kind of slider with this plugin. You can create a fully featured 2D and 3D Carousel to entice users to a certain section. For a paid plugin Cloud Slider is worth all the money that you spend buying it.

Main Features:

  • It has Video embedding
  • 2D & 3D transitions
  • Fully responsive
  • It is touch enabled
  • Has a smooth layer animation
  • Unlimited Carousal
  • Ken Burns Effect
  • A detailed documentation.
Demo Download

Cloud Slider - premium Responsive WordPress Slider

Master Slider Premium

The premium version of Master Slider is a high quality image and content slider for WordPress and has smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It has touch navigation with pure swipe gesture that you have never experienced before. Everything that you ever sought in an animated content and image slider, all embalmed into one remarkable plugin!

It has been built touch friendly and can work across cross browsers.

Main Features:

  • Full-screen, Full-width, and Boxed Layout
  • Post Slider – with Advanced Filtering Tool (Any Post-type)
  • Flickr Slider – Make Slider Dynamically From Flickr Photosets or User Latest Photos
  • Facebook Slider – Makes Image Gallery Dynamically From Facebook Public Images
  • HD Video Backgrounds for Slides
  • Using over 600 Google Fonts.
Demo Download

master slider pro - wp slider

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is an inventive, receptive WordPress Slider Plugin which displays your content in a stunning way. Whether it’s a Carousel, Slider, Hero Scenethe visual or even a whole Front Page, drag & drop editor will let you tell your own stories in a snap. You just need to paste the revolution shortcode and paste it in the WordPress content, it is that simple.

Main Features:

  • Add-Ons for Slider Revolution
  • Get the “Whiteboard” Add-on Free
  • Change History with Undo & Redo
  • Slide Backups
  • SVG Object Library
  • Improved Template Library.
Demo Source

best Responsive WordPress Plugin

RoyalSlider – Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Royal Slider is focuses on performance, convenience, constancy and providing the best experience for user with any type of device. It does not have a dozen of elaborate transition effects, but works recklessly and smoothly just like a current day technology allows. Its script modular architecture lets you eliminate the parts that you don’t need from the main JS file to enhance it even more.

Main Features:

  • Full-screen feature with innate HTML5 full screen support. Perfect for photo gallery where you want to show high-resolution photography.
  • Allows multiple sliders per page with different skins.
  • 4 unique skins that can easily be edited using CSS. Photoshop files included.
  • Slider files are included only to posts where slider is used.
  • Smart autoplay which pauses on hover and stops at first user action.
  • Permalinks that allows to link to any slide from URL
  • Physics-based touch thumbnails image scroller which can be placed anywhere on page.
  • Does not block vertical scrolling, default browser zoom, works if JavaScript is disabled, allows navigation as fast as the user wants and has options to disable mouse/touch drag for and thumbnails and slides.
Demo Source

royal slider premium slideshows, gallery

LayerSlider – Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

It uses provides a smooth experience to the users, and comes with more than 200 pre-set 2D and 3D slide transitions. It has a striking and easy-to-use admin interface with supportive features like drag and drop slider builder, actual previews, Google Fonts, transition builder and timeline view for custom animations.
It is device friendly and supports responsive mode, touch gestures, multiple layouts, on mobile devices and uses techniques like conditional script loading  and lazy load for optimum performance.

Main Features:

  • There are advanced filters to look for posts or mix them with static content
  • You can review your layer timings like in a movie editor
  • It comes with network-wide activation support
  • You can receive update notifications and upgrade to new versions with one click
  • There is a support system available and you can receive instant help for a specific problem whenever you need it.
Demo Source

best wp slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Slider PRO – WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

Slider Pro was built keeping in mind user experience, determined to provide a clean and instinctive user interface in the admin area and a smooth navigation experience for all the users. Slider Pro avoids excessive elaborate features that many at times be an obstacle for users in getting the information they want and alternatively focuses on uncomplicatedness and performance, while still giving a wide range of possibilities to customize.

Main Features:

  • The slider has the two popular transition effects for sliders: fade and slide.
  • You can change configuration of the slider according to the screen size.
  • You can load the images only when they become visible, thus increasing the loading speed and saving bandwidth.
  • You can load separate images for different slider sizes, so if the slider is loaded on a mobile device, the smaller version of the image is loaded.
  • Slider Pro can enter the full-screen mode in browsers that support the HMTL5 Full Screen API.
Demo Source

best Elegant and Professional Sliders

All Around – WordPress Content Slider / Carousel Plugin

All Around is a simple and effective solution for your websites related to shops as you can display all your products in a very stimulating and eye catching manner. The All Around WordPress carousel is flawless and works on almost all type of websites and perfectlyfits into all business areas. You can exhibit yourcompany services, sport products,personal portfolio, health services, cooking recipes, real-estate properties, holiday and vacation offers, and manymore things.

Main Features:

  • There are four new social icons set available in the latest version
  • There are social buttons for Deviant, Google+, Envato and LinkedIn
  • You can select custom fonts, font colours and font styles for every text block
  • You can pick between standard or Google fonts
  • You can change a zoom icon to whichever icon that you want
  • The colour of the buttons can be changed
  • A whole main circle can be linked to whichever link you want
  • Possible to put a small text label under or above the small circles.
Demo Source

Wordpress Content Slider Carousel

Accordion Slider – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Accordion is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress plugin that cartels the functions of slider with that of an accordion. This Slider brings together the best of both the worlds. It offers a contemporary, engaging and intuitive experience to the users. One of its features allows it to specify high resolution images for Retina screens. It supports both animated and static layers.

Main Features:

  • It loads images and content from galleries, posts and Flickr.
  • You can add any number of panels without having to worry about screen space.
  • You can set layers to display when the panel is closed, or when it’s open, or all the time.
  • The accordions are cache automatically to improve the load time
  • You load it anywhere you want in, template PHP code, posts/pages, or widgets.
  • It is friendly with MultiSite environments.
Demo Download

Responsive and Touch-enabled accordion for WordPress and jQuery

Mega Slider – Simple Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

This is a responsive plugin with touch-swipe navigation. You can add images, videos or text to the slider. It is enabled with a power timeline manager and a responsive admin user interface. MegaSlider has many features and is an extremely customizable slider for WordPress.

Main Features:

  • It is touch navigation enabled for mobile and desktop
  • The slide is responsive and shows best on all desktop and mobile browser
  • You can add Vimeo and YouTube videos in the slide
  • The images are preloaded
  • There are two types of transition : move or fade
  • It is SEO optimized
  • There are custom effects for every object: video, image or text
  • Cross browser friendly the slider has already been tested on IE8+, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
Demo Source

Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

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