6 Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins to show Under Construction

WordPress is an outstanding CMS platform that offers a host of powerful plugins and add-ons that can extend the functionality of a site in seconds. One of those is WordPress maintenance mode plugin that can be really helpful while maintaining a new under construction website.

This is the best and easy way to switch your site to a maintenance mode – no coding, no programming language is required. You can show off a message and restrict the access to your site for everyone, expect yourself (admin).

Showing a maintenance mode page is important when you make some changes to your site, and you don’t want users to see a broken page of your site. If you want to work on your site for some days, you need to display a maintenance mode page, along with the message which flashes on the top of the screen.

So, in this post, I’ve collected the six best and proven maintenance mode plugins that will help you create a professional-looking maintenance mode page, without any heavy lifting. So jump ahead and use the plugins below that will put any WordPress website into maintenance mode.

1. Maintenance

It is an extremely simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that can push your site into the maintenance or under-construction mode. It comes with just a few design options that can help you create a professional looking maintenance page in minutes.

With the use of Maintenance plugin, an admin can close the site or simply put, make a website offline for making changes, enable “503 Service temporarily unavailable”, and set a temporary page with authentication that can be customized through the plugin settings. It is a fully customizable tool that lets you add the logo, desired color scheme, background images, engaging text to make it more appealing and engaging.

But the best thing about this WordPress plugin is that it includes settings for allowing pages to be displayed even when your site is on maintenance mode. It means you still have the potential to run a special promotion for your subscribers to allow visitors to visit old landing pages to keep the traffic coming in.

The only downside of this plugin is that you won’t be able to integrate email functionality into your site. For this you need to upgrade to the pro version and even then, it only works with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

Overall, Maintenance is a pretty awesome plugin for WordPress plugin that allows any users (even a non- tech savvy) to create a decent maintenance mode page.

wp plugin for under construction page

2. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode

Display a static maintenance mode page to all your potential web visitors (non-logged in users) just by installing this highly powerful WP plugin.

This is an incredible plugin that creates a screenshot of your site and displays it as a background image of the message. This type of page will give a glimpse of your site to your visitors.

There is also an option to embed a custom message, and headline according to your tailor-made needs. Plus, it supports almost all WordPress themes and makes it simple for you to transform your site into a well-defined maintenance mode.

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

3. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode is a straightforward plugin for WordPress that lets you create coming soon or maintenance mode pages, without even producing a single piece of coding. The plugin allows you to create responsive pages that you can customize latter by using the inbuilt visual customizer elements.

There some common design options and engaging countdown timers that will help you create visually appealing maintenance mode pages. It also includes a few landing page templates, social sharing icons, and email subscription forms to encourage visitors to keep visiting until they get a fully-fledged website.

Plus, you will get a functionality to collect emails – they will be stored in a CSV file. It means you will have to import the collected emails to your dedicated email marketing provider manually.

 wordpress maintenance mode plugin

4. Slim Maintenance Mode

It is a 5-stars rating plugin for WordPress that lets you create a visually appealing maintenance mode page for your subscribers and non-logged in users.

The slim maintenance mode plugin doesn’t include any complicated settings – all you need to do is to activate the plugin when you want to make changes to your site. It displays the maintenance mode screen to the users while you as an admin will see an actual site so that you can edit it according to your requirement.

You will also get an alert message in the backend when your plugin gets activated. Plus, it supports some of the powerful cache plugins such as Super Cache, Cachify, and W3 Total Cache.

Slim Maintenance Mode Plugin

5. Simple Maintenance

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight yet effective maintenance mode plugin for your site, you should opt for Simple Maintenance plugin.

It offers an easy way to display a maintenance mode page on your site, without any coding. You just need to activate the plugin whenever you want to edit your site.

The plugin is developed with HTML5 technology so it works on both the computer desktop as well as mobile device.

wordpress plugin to put your website in offline mode

6. Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance is an incredible maintenance mode plugin that allows you to beautifully put your site to maintenance mode and fix the issues or edit the site, without even disturbing the potential visitors.

You just need to activate the plugin whenever you want to make changes. Once activated, your visitors and subscribers will be diverted towards the maintenance mode page.

Plus, it is an SEO optimized plugin that can help you boost the ranking your site on the search engines such as Google, or Yahoo.

Site Maintenance plugin for wordpress


The list of WordPress maintenance mode plugins mentioned above in the blog post will definitely help turn your site into maintenance or under construction mode while you can fix the issues.

So, pick out the most suitable one and activate whenever you need a website under construction page in WordPress.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones is a complete web developer associate with HireWPGeeks Ltd, a WordPress plugin development company. Apart from this, she also happens to be a blogger who loves to share her innovative ideas with readers on the web.

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