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Creative Portfolio Template

30 Free Dreamweaver Templates

Making a custom css template design from scratch may be out of the question for many of us so here we have added some free Dreamweaver templates which includes pre-made CSS templates to play around with. Adobe Dreamweaver lets you easily edit the css templates without much problems.

While HTML5 & CSS3 has become the new web languages for webmasters and we are glad to include   30 Free Dreamweaver Templates 2016, 2017, 2018 just for your design projects. We have added new template to this article as requested by many users, let us know if you like them. New templates can be found with responsive, flat, beautiful sliders so you don’t have to worry about lacking modern elements in your website design.

Get more html template from this below article.

Fantasy Portfolio

A fashion style css template made specially for Dreamweaver with bootstrap is free for you to download. This theme is new and responsive to meet new design standards and with modern design style. A classic portfolio template to showcase image gallery or products clean and nicely. Cotains five pages to use.

Demo|Download Fantasy Template

Sonic Creative Portfolio

With flexslider and bootstrap this theme is powered by many features including responsive and Flat design. THE HTML5, CSS3 Template will be suitable for most modern day designs.

Demo|Download Sonic Template


A bootstrap html5, css3 template with all essential pages to start your website right off without much trouble.Responsive design with portfolio elements, maps and nice display of blog posts with two column layout will interest everyone. Start altering the theme with Dreamweaver as you need.

Demo|Download Urbanic Bootstrap Template


Smoothy – Clean css3 Template

Smoothy is free HTML5 responsive template with scrolling effect featuring a superb one-page layout based on bootstrap framework. Responsive flat design is suitable across all devices and mobiles.

Demo|Download Smoothy HTML5 Template


Concept Dreamweaver css template

A HTML5, CSS3 template with bootstrap framework and totally focus of the template is integrated gallery with responsive lightbox. Contains all pages required to start a website.

Demo|Download Concept HTML5 responsive template

Nature Fullscreen Template

A single fullscreen template with html, css templates will suffice for many users to want to work with Dreamweaver software to create unique designs. The theme is responsive with bootstrap framework making it compatible with all browsers and Dreamweaver.

Demo|Download Nature HTML5 template


Catalog theme is based on Twitter Bootstrap. Make a catalog of categories on homepage with ease to get more pageviews..

Source 379 catalog


A minimal html css template for dreamweaver with a image gallery in sidebar.

Source Dragonfly website template

Blue tech Template

A technology template to showcase new product in style.

Source blue tech

Tech layer

A clean user interface design to show basic html pages in one is awesome.

Source tech layer


A clean homepage which has a neat slider and a blog element to start the design.

Source titanium theme

 Web App

An application product showcase is simple possible with this template.

Source web app

Guadi Free Responsive Css Template

A minimal theme which can changed according to your website need.

Source guadi


A magazine template which is fully XHTML and CSS3 supported.

Source adaria



A cool business template for your corporate visibility online.

Source Acalia

Alexx C

A premium looking template designed for corporate businesses. Using this template as personal portfolio is also possible.

Source Alexx


A free xhtml/css3 template with green color tone for web designers.

Source connect green template

Footwear Store HTML Template

A store template for selling footwear products all of kinds. Category organised and a clean navigation menu make this theme beautiful.

Source ecommerce shoes


Metro is a free website template for everyone and it can be used for any purpose.

Source metro

Red Template

A gift giving website made for Christmas with three column homepage.


red html templateDesign work

A designer portfolio and a contacting blog where you can decide to hire a designer for a design project.

Source design work

Singular Minimal Html Template

A minimal html & css3 template which shows only 5 icon links to different pages.

Source singular

Carousel Photo Template

A photo gallery base theme suitable for portfolio and displaying of images is pretty easy.

Source carousel

Slate Free Dreamweaver Template

Learning css template design will be great with this templates.

Source slate

Work center Free Dreamweaver Template

A slider with cool 3d transition effects and properly arranged elements showcasing web design projects.

Source work center

Station shop

As the name this theme is a one stop station for shopping new equipment’s for the heavy works. The store itself is properly designed throughout with the pricing & add to cart button.

Source shop template


A ocean colored template giving a chilling effect for web design services. The theme is for web designers and tutors alike.

Source aquatic

Softlink Free Dreamweaver Template

A grey and white background to showcase new projects designed by the user. There are some impressive icons which look great overall in the template.

Source soft_link

Fresh zone

A template made for the foodies and chefs alike so make sure to keep up with the new articles.

Source food template html css
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  1. Edmond Bukowski

    Great collection for a college student like me. Really loved it.

  2. Rijo

    Glad you like it Edmond.

    • babar

      i love u Rijo

  3. Neil Lach-szyrma

    These are all fantastic! Having a hard time choosing which one to use!

  4. zaxtronix

    this are stunning looking templates, how do one get to design like, this if i might ask

  5. Holgs

    Hi Rijo thanks for the templates they are great, im using the techlayer one, but im having a problem inserting a logo/image, in dreamweaver it displays the image, but in a browser it doesn’t show the logo at all ??? any ideas



  6. Sam

    Hi there,

    I’m looking at using the Nature Fullscreen template as a starting point for a wedding band website. How can I embed YouTube videos onto one of the pages? I have tried inserting the shared YouTube iframe, which seems to work in principle but when I test the page it just has the greyed out box with ‘the file or directory could not be found’ message.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Tori

      Make sure the video is in your website local folder.

  7. jayanta

    hello sir
    have any astrology temple ?

  8. Lily

    These are great templates!

    However I’m having trouble downloading them to Dreamweaver. I couldn’t figure out how to download Sonic, so i settled on Fantasy. However once i got it onto my desktop i couldn’t figure out how to get it onto Dreamweaver.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


    • Saly

      click (source or download) it lead you other page scroll down there is 2 blue buttons one live view and the other is download click download

  9. Ad Blankestein

    Great designs……..but…..the Nature website works great on Chrome but doesn’t work on IE.
    How to address this problem?

    Thanks, Ad

  10. Yutaro

    Hi there, i’m unable to download Sonic still.
    There aren’t the 2 blue buttons you mentioned!

    please advice! :)

  11. Volker Köhn

    what have i to change in the form-control for sending mails? how can i personalize the mailfunction for the “natural” template? how does it work … its fine to work with ready templates, really, but there is no information about making changes in the “contact” area … greetings, Volker

  12. Si

    I’m new to working with templates. Just downloaded ‘Concept’ but only have the index page. Should I be looking anywhere else’s for the contact form page and other HTML pages?

    Some very nice designs on offer but could do with a tutorial or two for the doughnuts among us ;)

  13. leon

    hi thanks for your great templates.
    Can i use (fantasy portfolio) for our website (dose it can be use for commercial website?)

  14. Sonny

    Fantastic templates, if anyone wants a website with one of these templates, simply send me an email and I can make it happen, Sonny@warnerwebdesign.co.uk

  15. opeyemi

    i am opeyemi a web designer
    please if i need a template how can i get it an how much is your host,
    you can also contact me on 08161170795

    • Graphic_abhi

      You can check out with me as i m on the starting phase of making an e commerce website from scratch

  16. fernandez

    its so awesome thank you for sharing this template…….

  17. Jay

    Hi , how do I change the speed of the images on the slider on Smoothy, thanks

  18. Dede Diana

    terimakasih atas tutorialnya.. thank.. :-)

  19. sapi

    terima kasih .. tank you

  20. Alireza

    Hi, How can i download the “Sonic Creative Portfolio” template?

  21. Joe

    I am trying to download the sonic template but it seems to not be working

  22. Skip Warnick


    I might be missing something, but I cannot download the Sonic Creative Portfolio templates. Can you help

  23. Jim

    Hi, love the templates!

    can’t get the submit button to work tho :(
    could you please help ?

  24. Eloise

    Urbanic seems to be missing the style.css in the download. Trying to use the template, and missing this piece!

    • Victor

      Hi Eloise,

      I think the external file, “templatemo_style.css” serves as the style.css file (the stylesheet for the template). I t can be located in the “css” file folder.

      Best Regards.

  25. tophyips

    Nice collection.. Thanks for publish them.

  26. Casey

    Your Sonic Creative Portfolio template does not download.



  27. Wesley

    Hey there,

    Thanks a lot for the free templates.

    Just 1 problem: I’m such a newbie considering making websites that I don’t know how to activate the “send”-button of the contact form on my site.
    I’m using the concept dreamweaver CSS template as above.

    Can someone help me please?


    • Jonathan

      You have to write your own php script for submit to work. Plenty of google searches but you can look on you tube and search php email from a guy called tutvid. READ the comments below the video to see where a couple of changes need to be made. Many free scripts to copy and paste out there.

  28. Wolfgang

    Hi! The download button for “Sonic Creative Portfolio” is the same link as on the “Demo” button. You can manually copy the download link to a new tab and then modify it to “www.templatemo.com/download/templatemo_394_sonic/”

  29. Neo

    We are an sme (small medium enterprise) and we love your templates and would like to utilize one of them to bass our web site on, we are based is South Africa and would like to find out how do we go about doing this.

    Kind regards….


      Download the template. Open the template in Adobe Dreamweaver. Modify with care.

  30. Bob

    Hi for the nature template i cannot seem to find the source code? please help!


      The code is broken up into several sections. Find the Source Code tab in the upper left of DW. Notice all the _css.js tabs next to it. You’ll see jquery. files along that top edge of DW as well as many others. That is where you will find the rest of your code. Click through them and watch your code change. Modify with care.

  31. Shane

    Hi, I downloaded the Work Center template. I attempted to change the images on the slider to no avail. The slider completely disappears when I try to swap images. Although I am newer at Dreamweaver, other sliders I have work with were not as advanced or complex as this one. Can you please help on how I can replace the images on this slider? Thanks!

  32. David

    I am new with Dreamweaver and am learning by playing with these templates. I downloaded the “Sonic Creative Portfolio” and would like to put an image underneath the left sidebar instead of the dark gray color. This code is more complex than I anticipated, but a really great learning tool. Any tips?

  33. Mr.Slim

    I love your templates. Easy to dowload, easy to navigate. Keep it up babe.

  34. Melissa Mathys

    I love the Smoothly template. I have it working correctly in Dreamweaver, but the slider does not work when I ftp to my server. Any ideas?

  35. Phil Clarke


    I love these templates.
    I’m wanting to download the Sonic Creative Portfolio but the download tab sends me to the demo version.

  36. les

    Hello Rijo,
    I like a site I found that a fellow songwriter uses: http://www.Helenaustin.com. She told me she used dreamweaver to create her site. Can you take a look at her site and let me know which of these templates most resembles hers?

    Secondly, does designcrazed create websites for clients? If not can you recommend someone who could create for me a similar site as helen’s?
    Thank you,

  37. Phil Clarke

    I have tried to download the Sonic Creative Portfolio but when i hit the download button it takes me to the demo version. I have tried to report this earlier but to no avail.

    I would appreciate comment or solution.

    Thanks for your time


  38. evans

    much thanks to you guyz for these great collections

  39. fred

    Hi, Love you Sonic design, but it seems that the download button does not work.
    Could you please check?

    Kind regards


  40. L. James

    I tried to download Sonic Creative Portfolio but it just goes to the demo. Please advise. Thanks.

    • L. James

      Oops… just saw Karl C’s comment above… thank you, Karl!

  41. Alex

    It is best collection of free themes, I’ve ever come across. Thank you Rijo, for putting these all together.

  42. PF

    can you please tell me how can I download the Sonic Creative Portfolio template?
    Thank you.

    • Linda Clark

      Oops… I also just saw Karl C’s comment above… thank you, Karl!

  43. blue angle

    I would like to make a faucet list website. I need your help to create a good looking faucet list website. I am ready to pay some.

  44. Nishikawa

    I would like to use a template for my biology website. My work would be published in a scientific journal in near future and the website would be publicly accessible. I saw some licensed css and js files. Someone please suggest is it ok for to use these templates and files for my website framework??

  45. Koen Van Ruyssevelt


    I really love these designs!
    I’m trying to adjust the Urbanic design as a learning process, but I can’t figure out where i need to place the e-mail address for the mail form.

    Can you please tell me where to place it?

    Kind regards,

  46. Amanda Ayers

    Thank you for this nice list! You can also check out prepbootstrap.com, they have really good themes that work well when edited with Dreamweaver.

  47. Anjali Dwivedi

    lovely designs thanks for sharing with us

  48. Linda Clark

    i am having an impossible time downloading Sonic Creative Portfolio for Dreamweaver

  49. luigi

    Good morning, I hve this problem: in template Sonic, when I click on Portfolio on desktop the image enlarge, but don’t works on the site
    Thank’s Luigi

  50. shakira

    I love these templates.

  51. mary

    Dreamviewer templates are really amazing and worthy thanks for your list buddy.

  52. shalaka


    I am new with Dreamweaver … just checked your free templates and guyzz ur collection is awesome and thanks for such good work.

  53. bilgibank

    Very nice templates but how do I find the wikipedia template I am looking for

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