54 Best Free Professional Fonts

54 Best Free Professional Fonts 1

With Over 1 million fonts to choose from, it will get hard to find that perfect font for your business. We took our time to put a list of trending modern fonts which give you full control on using them for any purpose.

So here you get a curated list of the best free professional fonts that you can get to work within your business software, print designs and more. Installing a font is easy and it will appear on your favorite applications like say Microsoft Word, Photoshop, illustrator etc. For installing any font onto a website, we put up a custom fontface styles that go into your CSS stylesheet. Find it by scrolling down below.

Since it is impossible for us to pick the right font for you, the decision is completely yours depending on the requirements. We have included professional fonts for business letters and even script fonts which can give you more advanced placements in email signatures, invitations etc.

The things that may matter the most will be font size, letter spacing and line height. These components can make or break your font structure. I did a little research myself to make font composition and structure successful. And also found pairing fonts is a crucial part of any design. The good thing is US government has put together a list of font pairing styles for their own websites which we can use for our website designs as well. The typography section of US web Standards will give you more depth for these fields.

Typesetting for headings in titles and the description are essential as it gives the viewers to take in legible information. So have a balance in line height, letter spacing, and right font size. You will be all set to make designs pop out of the box.

There are 3 types in this font collection you might need to know.

  1. Opentype Font, OTF (Supports mac and windows) – This is new and it can hold large no of characters, letters, digits & glyph.
  2. Truetype Font, TTF (Supports mac and windows) – Old, but still used widely.
  3. WOFF  (Supported by all modern browsers) – Compressed Opentype or Truetype font for web use.
  1. Cursive, Script, Calligraphy (handwriting fonts) – Create artistic business invitations, email signatures etc.
  2. Stencil, Geometric, Lines – Time & Date looks great with these typefaces.
  3. Serif and Sans Serif – Preferred for pairing, when one of them serves the heading, the other serves legible paragraphs.

Are there compatibility issues by using just one font format for your business ? What I think about modern day browsers is that, every one of them supports OTF, TTF, WOFF now.

Support On Office and Design Software

OpenType and TrueType fonts are fully Supported on all major applications related to business and design.

Support for TTF/OTF Fonts on Major Browsers

There is nothing to be worried about compatibility issues on modern web browsers. The cross-browser compatibility of these font types makes them very popular among web designers.

ttf oft support for major browsers
Truetype and OpenType support on Major Browsers

How to Install Font on a Website ?

Download the fonts into a folder “fonts” either on your hosting server or local environment. The next thing you should do is add this below css style format in style.css file so that the fonts get registered and can be called.

/* Registering your font is this easy */
@font-face {
    font-family: 'Diaria Light Pro';
    src:        url('fonts/diariapro-light-webfont.woff') format("woff"),
		url('fonts/diariapro-light-webfont.ttf') format("truetype"),
		url('fonts/diariapro-light-webfont.otf') format("opentype");
    font-weight: 400;
    font-style: normal;
/* This will apply your new font to all the body elements of the website */
body { 
      font-family: 'Diaria Light Pro', serif; 
       font-size: 48px; 

Its time to go hunting! Build a font collection and start pairing them. :)


The design as you may see is based on curved geometric shapes. It is a modern sans serif font with slightly historical feel. The rounded corners and condensed proportions reduce the overall opinion and increase the symmetrical aesthetics of the family. There are more than 500 glyphs and also this OpenType font contains over a wide range of languages in Cyrillic design as well. This font style is available for both commercial and personal use.


Phenomena best font

Marske – Stencil Font

This font style has all the letters in caps in a stencil display format. The design was introduced by Kash Singh and later Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian Cyrillic styles were created by Sergiy Tkachenko. This font looks perfect on the covers of the books, brochures and serves any business or personal use.


marske free business font with stencil letters


This font displays modern sans serif with condensed proportions. It has slight characteristics of neo-grotesque and geometric aesthetics. It is a perfect font for logos, headlines, short paragraph texts and typographic compositions. Acrobat contains a wide range of 500 glyphs and more even supports Cyrillic and Latin characters. Use it for both personal and commercial purposes.


akrobat free sans serif font

Gatsby Inline

This is an Art Decoretro style font or serif font. The vintage feel and look of this font style will suit on the titles, slogans or captions. Make your work look more eye catching and aesthetic by the use of this font in your day to day work or business.


Gatsby Inline font for business


If you are looking forward to creating a new project with an artistic and signature font style then Bureno is a good choice for you. The regular version of the vintage decorative style font would look great as headers. Make an impression with your signature in professional documents. You can use it either way for personal or commercial use.


Bureno Deeezy free font

Majestic Inline

The Grunge font style displays a perfect play with the baseline of the letters, making them look unique and creative. With the dreamy look it gives, this font style will suit best for the headers of your new projects of business as well as personal.


majestic best professional font


This font style is beautiful which seems to be playing with the idea of gravitational pull. The font is very commonly used in the crossbars, and the designer Pedro Azedo has made it available in both thin and bold typeface to allow you to experiment with the font more freely for your business or personal projects.


azedo free font for print designs


The font style from the family of the vintage designs which serves the demand of logo designers. It is an all caps, sans serif font available for both commercial and personal use. It has been released recently and free to download, the headers will look totally cool in this font style.


southbank free professional font

Smoothie Shoppe – Free Script Font

This font style is only for personal use. The artistic design is a modern retro mix font and is in cursive. The curves and line of the font style look very beautiful and one can make great use of it in personal projects. The typeface can add that extra effect on your email signatures, business invitations and more.


smoothie free script font for logos

Alcubierre Font

This font style is a geometric sans serif typeface. The font is a clean one and works for many uses may it be personal or commercial. It is available in both lowercase and uppercase for the users to experiment with in their projects. This type of clean format looks good on the headers of business letters, resume.


geometric font for professional


The big round, bold font of the Fredoka makes the header or large text contexts look cool. This typeface is free to download, it is mostly preferred for commercial use.


fredoka - professional fonts for logos

Zero Typeface

This font has been created using the geometric and grid based style. It is a sans serif typographic display system. The letter spacing has been cleverly used in this font style. The zero typeface font will look awesome on the logos, posters, and headings. Use for both personal and commercial projects.


free logo font for sci fi headings


The creativity put into the making of this font is awesome, the slanting upper line of the alphabets makes it stand out from the other font styles. Commercial license will give you more room for people working on new projects.


Cassius backletter logo font

King Basil – Brush Font

This font style is entirely cursive. The connecting alphabets bring out the beauty of the writing amazingly well. This font has been created from pen and paper and is free for commercial and personal use. It was formerly called Spiffy McGee it was renamed to this.


king basil good logo font


This sans serif font style is unique in its own way. The letters have been given an elongated look and have been made bold to give it a classy look. This font has been made available for both personal and commercial use. This font will look perfectly cool on the headings and makes a great logo font for any company.


free hand written font for web titles


This font style was inspired by the poster of the animated movie Brave. It was created by the professional font designer Pollux for use in websites and logo designs. You can use this font for commercial as well as personal use to make your project designs look even better.


bravery business font for websites


Rajesh Rajput has done an amazing job in creating the Break typeface. It is a sans serif modern style and belongs to the Break Font family and lets you use it for personal as well as commercial projects. The style varies from bold to extra light and it has Uppercase, Lowercase, Symbols and Numeric all in it for the user to use it in a variety of projects.



break free logo font for flyer design

Lemon Bird

This one is a funky style of sans serif font. It is a digital hand drawn font style full of eccentricity. People who want to put a little fun to their content are most welcome to use this font style for their business or personal project.


free professional hand drawn font


The creator of the font style Sergey Karas, has taken the help of geometric shapes to design the unique hovel style. It is from the family of wild free typeface and has a pretty unusual look to it as well. It is available for both personal and commercial projects, so people who like unusual should definitely give it a try.


hovel modern business font

Moon – Free Font

The simple and plain rounded font designed by Jack Harvatt. It is from the family of free fonts and the thin and bold variations of the typeface is made available for both commercial and personal application. Build a creative cover letter for your next resume to make it more elegant.  It will also look good on the headings, slogans and even logos of the companies.


font for business card or print flyers

Peace Sans

This font also belongs to the free font family. The bold font typography makes it look more peaceful and serene. The designer has used pixel perfect curves and regular shapes to make this font. It is available for commercial as well as personal use.


peace sans best web font


The cornerstone is an all caps, regular true type font. This is a free font, clean modern style, a custom font designed by Zac Freeland. It can be used for commercial and personal projects, with the custom benefit you can experiment with the font too.


modular and best fonts for logos


This font was designed by R. Hunter Middleton in the year 1935 and is a sans serif typeface. It is designed dimensionally which makes it readable even in very small sizes. It can be used personally and commercially for a variety of projects.


umbra best web font

Modern Sans

It is a clean sans serif design typeface the designer Marius Kempken was inspired by the typography of 1920 to create this. This typeface is based on the uppercase alphabets but lowercase letters have been created as well, along with numeric and symbols. Use it for any projects depending on the choice of the user.


an alternate sans serif font


Woodshop Font

This is a design created by Nick Slater. This regular free font has been designed with a woody look to it which is unusual, people who want to use it for personal or commercial purpose are free to do so and try the unusual and make your project look catchy and different form the common.


Woodshop Font


This font really goes by its name and is one of its kinds. The sans serif design typeface of this font is cool, it has a retro style to it with a modern touch. You are free to use this in your personal or commercial projects to make your work stand out.


one truetype font

Slim Font

This is an extraordinarily thin font style, there are times when finding a right font can be a challenge. The slim fonts are font style you can rely upon. The typography of this font is serious aspect of graphic and web design. This font style is free to be used for commercial and personal projects.


slim font

Free Waterlily Font

This free font is a handwritten font which has been inspired by the watercolor painting. This creative font style is from the family of brush font, and the painting effect of this font style looks amazing. It is free to be used for personal and commercial projects to give them a lively effect.


waterlilly font


Jimmy Kalman has introduced this free bold font was inspired by camp life and nature. This is a custom font for both personal and commercial users to design their projects. This cool font style will be liked by one and all as it has a reflection of camp life and nature to it. Face it! All of us enjoyed camp life.


aventura font

Intro – Free hipster  font

The hipster font looks great and is free for personal and commercial projects. The geometric shapes used to design this font looks cool. This font style will suit well on slogans, brochures, and headings. You should definitely experiment with this font style in your next project.


intro smooth font

Back to Black

Back to Black is a custom and true type script font. This new stylish font is ready to be used in your personal and commercial projects. The use of this free font will be great for your new project. It was introduced in 2016 by Misti’s font. The cursive styles on the front of business cards create a bold effect and is very pleasing to look at.


back to black font for business cards

Serendipity Free Font

It is a hand written cursive typeface introduced in 2015. The connecting letters give it a very attractive look, this font is free for use for personal and commercial projects. It is a great font style to create headings, slogans, also short paragraphs.


Serendipity Free script font

Cranberry Blues – Stencil font

This is a decorative retro style font. The stencil font makes the letters look arranged and professional. It is free to be used for personal or commercial project purposes. Display time, a date on your coming soon pages with this cut style font to grab attention.


Cranberry Blues stencil font

Gabo – Free Elegant Font

The letters in this are nicely bold along with the sans serif typeface, this font style has a touch of elegance to it. It is free to be used for both business and personal projects. People who like bold lettering will find this font very attractive and useful.


gabo drive - elegant free font

League Ghotic Extended Italic

This is a regular sans serif font style. The bold font of this style and the shapes give a little historic look. The League Gothic Extended Italic has 300 and more glyphs, and it is free to be used for personal and commercial projects. This font style would suit best on the headings and captions.


league font

Simplifica Typeface

This free font style is as its name states clean and simple. Both in uppercase and lowercase it has been designed with a slightly condensed sans serif typeface. The designer Kaiwa has featured by a thin line width and has made it available for both commercial and personal use. It comes with 100 and more glyphs.


simplifica flyer font


This regular sans serif font is from the free font family. The designer has made it in an informal grunge format. The look of this font is very different and creative, and it is free for personal and commercial use. For those on the lookout of unique fonts to experiment with in their new projects will enjoy this font style. It comes with around 100 glyphs.


eordeoghlakat font

Rounded Font

This ultimate font style is from the free font family. The rounded font style with the letters rounded in the shape of leaves gives a feeling of an art deco. This attractive font style is available for both personal and commercial use. Experimenting with this font style can give a totally awesome look to your projects.


rounded hexagonal style font

Gaspipe Font – Makhina

This retro style font has been quite famous in the 1940s. It was used by the sign painters and poster artists. The bold font style with geometric lines is free for personal and commercial use for those looking for new font styles for their new projects.


makhina gaspipe font

Baron Font

This is an all caps display typeface, and it is inspired by the classic sans serif font family. It has more than 100 glyphs, and the bold font with unique decorative creativity looks cool. The baron font is free for personal use only. This font style will look good on the headers and titles.


baron font

Aqua Typeface

This font style is a creative art style featuring geometric shapes. It is an all lowercase font created by Laura Pol inspired by the 1940s typeface. It contains a uniqueness to it as unlike other fonts this one is featured in bold lowercase, it is free for personal as well as commercial use.


aqua font

Farray Font

This free typography good looking display font was created by a French designer Adrian Coquet. The nice bold strokes of this unique font style are free for download for personal and commercial projects.


farray flyer font

ADAM – Free Typeface

Create a professional heading for your design project with this all caps sans serif, free font typeface. The sharp, clean typeface is most suited as headlines on posters, slogans, and captions. The design is inspired by Futura and is available for personal use only.


adam font for business

Streetwear (Free Font)

Streetwear is a script typeface with a beautiful bold cursive font letters. The stylish retro inspired font will be suited best for the logos, posters and t-shirt designs. This font was designed by Artimasa who has done her best to make the font style look different with the curvy typography used. It is available for both commercial and personal use.


streetwear free font

Blenda Script Font

This is a retro style custom font, inspired by the lobster font. The bold cursive script font looks beautiful with its letters connecting with each other. It comes with 250 and more glyphs and looks pretty good on badges, logos, and headers. You are free to use this font style for business purposes as well as personal projects.


blenda script font

Odin Rounded font

Frank Hemmekan the designer of this font style has used a clean and linear look for this sans serif typeface. It comes in both uppercase and lowercase and belongs to the geometric free font family. The edges of the letters are rounded off and the letters are in bold to give it a clean appearance. The sans serif typeface lets you use it as a business font in your professional Office solutions. It is used for both personal and commercial projects.


odin rounded

Canter font

Caner is an all caps condensed typeface and belongs to the contemporary free font family. The creator of this font style Christopher J. Lee has done a good job in creating this bold typeface is sans-serif style. Headlines, posters and titles would look good in this font style so people can make use of this free font in their commercial or personal projects to give them an awesome look.


canter professional font


The designer Eduardo Araya has created this sans serif typeface. He has taken the inspiration to create this font from the 3D graphics, wallpapers, and fine arts. The free font is available for personal and commercial use. The caps bold font will look good on the headings and captions.


manteka font


Designed by Anthony James,Kaiju is a sans serif typeface. This decorative font style looks beautiful on headings and captions and the simplicity of this font makes it easy to read as well. It is available for personal and commercial use, you can definitely experiment this free editorial type font in your new projects.


Kaiju font

Tesla Font + Free Font

This is a unique font style inspired by the circuit of a light bulb and its filament and intricate crossing paths wiring. The designer of this font is Roman Shchyukin and he has put in a lot of creativity in creating it. This is an all caps wide font which will look good on the titles and captions. It is free for commercial as well as personal use.


tesla new font


A clean sans serif typeface which comes in bold and thin appearance. The clean font makes it easy to read and looks nice on slogans, small paragraphs or headings. It can be put to use for both personal and commercial projects.


nexa font


Salava Krivonosov is the designer of the hitchhiker font whose inspiration was taken from the 20th century’s road traveling. This free font with its beautiful style will look good on the novel covers and headings. You are free to use this typeface for your new personal and commercial projects.


hitchhiker cursive font


The typography of this font style is cheerful and vibrant. This adoring sans serif custom font was created by Adria Gomez. The bold lowercase legible font will look perfect on posters and headings and is free for use in your new projects for personal or business purpose.


margot font


Inspired by the cats this typeface is unique in its own way. The sans serif typeface of this font style and the sharp edgy letters will look good on the headers, posters, and captions. You are free to use it for your personal or commercial projects to give them a different look.


claws cursive font

These fonts should have now become essential to your collection along with psd and vector files. A custom made font is useful to create unique design projects either its for poster or any graphic design. Free font may have some attribution required like sometimes you may to link back or credit the author. Here you will find commercial fonts as well as personal ones and try not to sell these fonts under any circumstances. Building a custom font takes huge effort and we must take time to thank designers effort for providing them for free download.

Yes, today you found over 50 free professional fonts to use in your business projects.  So make haste, handcraft professional resume templates like these with these amazing fonts. Good font collection can prove to be essential. Stay tuned for more future updates on free fonts in this topic as well. Enjoy the downloads. Share your works.


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