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50+ Best Free Tumblr Themes 2018 for Clean Portfolio, Gags & more

These beautiful customizable tumblr themes were co-created to improve your tumblr blogging experience. Most themes here are powered by infinite scroll, responsive designs, flat look and have carefully crafted grid designs with exceptional customization features.  The single column theme with infinite scrolling or multi column themes with infinite scrolling all are recommended to deliver premium look for the website. If you are into microblogging then you should already be using tumblr as your favorite. This social networking site swill get you fans in no time as it has a large user community. Integrating your blogs with tumblr is also possible and vice versa. Create, modify these pre defined templates easily and make users follow you with interesting styled contents.

New to microblogging and tumblr ? No worries it is very easy to setup your blog in tumblr. You get the option to post images, videos, audio etc in the blog easily as well. There are no hidden feed to micro-blogging with tumblr or using its free themes which we are introducing today. Grid styled themes are best suited for download websites, photographers. Single page themes will be much better for personal blogging experience. Default tumblr look we will see in tumblr blogs is they are tend to have only single column and that too without any sidebars integrated. Add the new theme today and start making some content to your blog. You can download or install the theme from the preview page i have added in the links. Take a look at our related article on website templates for more options.

Free Customizable tumblr themes

Customize the themes as you go with easy code integration. The tumblr platform is easy to modify for adding any element to the website design pages.


Sugar features one of the best looking navigation and grid layout with ample space used for header which is actually displayed as a sidebar. The responsive design is what you will love as it stacks on smaller devices vertically with nice column layouts. A must have for any professional artist in search for a portfolio style tumblr blog.

Demo More Info / Download sugar portfolio tumblr blog


Collect, show stocks of photos with this free tumblr theme designed recently for you. Share you content to your fans with the minimal design this theme features. The theme is fluid responsive and will adapt well on your mobile, tablet devices.

Demo More Info / Download wallstocker tumblr grid theme

Pop Gallery Lite

Showcase some visually stunning pop art, paintings, photography, portfolio with this smooth pop gallery theme made for tumblr. The free version comes with all necessary features who might need for a startup to build a perfect portfolio website.

Demo More Info / Download pop gallery lite theme for tumblr cms


Either its social sharing, minimal design or responsive layout, Pation has it all. This tumblr theme is unique in design with full width layout for showing your photos, projects in style.

Demo More Info / Download pop gallery lite theme


A very minimal masonry three column tumblr theme for writers, portfolio, photographers. The infinite scrolling is also an interesting feature of this responsive theme.

DemoDownload simple 3 column tumblr theme


A inspiring theme for portfolio showcase with infinite scrolling making this responsive theme versatile for every purpose. This theme also has lightbox support for better image previews.

DemoDownload void - free tumblr theme for creatives


Another brilliant theme for tumblr fans with great features including social icons, infinite scrolling, sharing buttons etc.

DemoDownload wordy tumblr theme for designers


Hipster is a premium looking yet free tumblr theme with a single column layout for blogger who update daily. With a static sidebar this theme suits well for any gag based websites you wish to setup with tumblr.

Demo | Download hipster tumblr theme



A three column layout with infinite scroll makes this free theme suitable for large post updates.  The responsive layout will sort the columns as required with mobile devices showing a single column at a best resolution.

Demo | Download Indy


An elegant tumblr theme for free download with three column layout and a responsive design.

Demo | Source wallstocker tumblr

Candice – Single Column tumble theme

An amazing free tumble theme for enthusiasts who like to display their posts in a unique way. This is a must try tumblr theme with unique single page design and responsive layout.

Demo | Download candice

Pocket Folio

A completely different responsive tumblr theme compared to others featuring multiple column featured image showcase in homepage. The interior post is also great with large image showcase.

Download Pocket Folio


Shade – Grid Style Theme

A modern grid style theme made in 2014 specifically for tumblr fans with responsive feature layout.

Download Shade

Lookbook – Tumblr Photography Theme

An amazing theme for tumblr fans and this shouldn’t be missed. The theme is responsive with grid layout and photography showcase wouldn’t get anything better than this multiple column theme.

Download Lookbook Theme


Optica – CleanTumble Theme

Everything is greatly visible as the typography of this theme is top class with responsive flat design.

Download optica

Brick Theme

A full screen header and responsive layout combined with the power of infinite scroll make this theme stand out for your website.

Download brick

Catching Elephant – Classic Tumblr Theme

A simple tumblr theme which keeps its classic tumblr looks. The highlight light when hover on post is just amusing.

Download Catching Elephant

Juggernaut Tumblr Free Theme

A grid style theme for tumblr fans.

Demo & Download  Best Free Tumblr Themes

 Sidebar Theme

Introducing the revamped, beautiful new Sidebar Theme. Posts shine with high resolution imagery and light-weight text, with custom designs for each Tumblr post type.

Download Free Tumblr Theme

Deluge Tumblr Theme

The luxurious grid theme for Tumblr.

Download deluge

Effector Theme

Effector v1.3.2 improves the overall customization and includes some additional features that I think you’re gonna like.

Download Effector Theme

Vacant Tumblr Theme v1.2

Vacant is a minimal 2 column Tumblr theme designed to show content at a large scale.

Download vacant


A two column tumblr theme with sidebar for personal blogging experience with minimal flat design looks.

Download Cassadaga

Rubric Tumblr Theme

Rubric is a tantalizingly theme with hands-down beauty. Full-screen background images, and glossy magazine-style design are in vogue with Rubric.

Download Rubric

Inform One column Theme

Inform is a clean theme with bold borders and large text, perfect for sharing the things you love.

Download Inform

Footnote One column Tumblr Theme

Footnote is the perfect theme for writers and publishing. Its premium design includes page-like separation of posts, soft rounded images and customizable bold colors.

Download Footnote

Editorist Infinite scroll Theme

A striking theme that lets your content shine without compromises, including Tumblr integration (like and reblog buttons) and optional infinite scroll.

Download Editorist

Modern Grid Infinite scroll Theme

Modern Grid is a gorgeous grid theme with large color highlights, and an impressive expandable modern masthead that holds information about your Tumblr blog.

Download Modern Grid

Retrospective Grid layout Theme

Retrospective’s design is a natural fit for photo blogs. Post permalinks and sharing features are pushed away until the post is hovered over, your content takes center stage.

Download Retrospective Theme

Luci One column Tumblr Theme

Luci is a refreshing theme built for high-resolution content, with a unique lightweight design.

Download Luci

Magazine Grid based Infinite Scroll Theme

Magazine is a free, modern, full-featured theme for Tumblr with cover-to-cover beauty and sweeping large headers. A must for publishers and Tumblr bloggers alike.

Download Magazine Theme

Telpher Tumblr Theme

Telpher combines a beautiful fixed sidebar and grid layout with the bold use of customizable color and infinite scroll technology.

Download Telpher

One Theme

A full width gallery theme for photographer with responsive layout for overall scalability on any device.

Download ONE

Sky – Tumblr Theme

The best of the free tumblr gallery themes to choose from with minimal design for maximum gallery showcase of your images.

Download sky

Grid Well Theme

Grid Well is a modern grid-based theme with infinite scroll and sidebar support. Designed with an attention to detail, this theme includes large header image support, custom backgrounds and hand-crafted social network icons.

Download Grid Well

Los Angeles Theme

Beautiful sidebar theme with rounded edges.

Download tumblr theme


A grid-based tumblr theme for the creative type that puts the content first.

Download OhMyGrid


Yuki is a responsive masonry style tumblr theme.

Download yuki

Tidy Tumblr Theme

Tidy is a neat & clean minimalist free tumblr theme from runrunrobot.
Download tidy

Simplify Tumblr Theme

Navigate from anywhere to anywhere on the blog. The sticky navigation follows you as you scroll the page and allows you to open the menu at anytime or simply click the blog title to return home.

Download Simplify Theme

Bright Day – One Column Tumblr Theme

Get the free Bright Day tumblr theme and make it your own. Click to install from the preview page  and turn it into something unique. Be bold!

Download Bright Day

Linkr Bootstrap Tumblr Theme

Linkr is based on Black Tie’s Link theme for Bootstrap 3.0.2. Like ‘Link’, Linkr is a complete agency theme to show your work with style and in a beautiful way. Includes Font Awesome 4, CSS Animation & more.

Download linkr

Maqfee Minimal Theme

Maqfee is Minimal Theme with lot of customizations options.

Download marque

Magnify Tumblr Theme

Magnify is a theme that support all post type, responsive design, infinite scrolling, unique ribbon, adjustable fonts, adjustable colors and much more.

Download Magnify

AppBlog Theme

AppBlog theme was designed for a developer in mind. Setup your AppBlog and have your first post up within minutes. If you have developed a script or app and you want to easily keep your users up to date without all the hassle, then AppBlog will bring the simplicity to your blogging.

Download AppBlog Theme

VHX – Fullscreen Video Theme

A video showcase  theme completely made for single promotion video that you like to show to the public.

Download vhx



A fluid responsive tumblr theme which will scale perfectly to any device is actually quite minimal in nautre to encourage maximum typography to the end user.

Download UltraZen

Club Monaco – Fashion Life stlye Tumble Theme

Put a international fashion style website easily with this tumblr theme which is also responsive with minimal blog style features included as well.

Download Club Monaco Theme

Live 2.0 – Gallery tumblr theme

Full gallery theme support for photographers or creative portfolio agency with simple design and custom color options.

Download live2

Alva – Artistic Tumblr Theme

The sidebar design will grab your attention right away as it is designed carefully to look different.

Download alva


Totally amazing tumblr theme to display portfolio projects or grid style photography images with these multiple page layouts is worth taking a look. Choose between infinite online scrolling customizable column width, social icon display on homepage, 2 hover styles and many more features.

Download stamp
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  1. Matt

    Thanks!!! Very nice list with nice and fresh looking themes :)

  2. Leigh Kane

    My question is about the STAMP theme. I love it, but I need a two line title and it just won’t let me do it. I can see it when I customize but not when I SAVE. I am just learning how to insert code and have been searching but can’t find my specific issue with STAMP. http://leighkane-artworker.tumblr.com/

    • Walter

      Hi Leigh, have you tried adding a ?

  3. Fiona Campbell

    Thanks for putting together this fab list! Effector is my new favourite blog theme. :) Wouldn’t have found it without you.

  4. West

    Half of these wont load up at all anymore, like Editor is one I am genuinely interested it but it wont work.

    • john

      I want to add author box on every tumblr posts, any idea for that???

      for my blog


  5. john

    I want to add author box on every tumblr posts, any idea for that???

  6. such

    i really loved ‘indy’ theme, thanks for creating for such a lovely theme, thanks a lot, i have neatly organised ‘indy’ theme here :) suryac47.tumblr.com

  7. Vanessa

    Hi! It’s not possible to download brick or shade theme. Why?

  8. dawnatilla

    Rijo what a great round up of themes!!!! thx!!

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    Thank you. All theme is awesome.

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    Hello Rijo, great list by the way. Definitely helped me find my first theme! :-)

  13. Webtady

    All theme looking also be good ! But I want to create a E-commerce site , so you give me a well E-commerce theme.

  14. Brian

    Awesome roundup Rijo,

    I really love the Hipster theme, it’s one of my all time favorite :) I created a free Tumblr theme here: http://www.softwarefindr.com/reviews/gosimon-tumblr/ that I think would serve a great additional resource for your readers.

    Let me know what you think?

    • Rijo Abraham

      Nice theme Brian.

  15. dawnatilla

    every website’s articles on tumblr themes always post the same old tired themes…year after year…you all need to upgrade your f**ing game and quit being so lazy.

    • Rijo

      Free themes for tumblr are not made as they were a year ago. This topic is in queue for update. :)

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