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business card in hand mockup psd

35 Free PSD Business Card Mockups

Last time we added some quality free psd business card templates for you to download. This time it’s all about presenting your business card templates in style to the viewers. Mockups are useful to display your own business card in style instead of the flat front and back page of the card. The depth and look of your business card is tripled with mockup as if it were real. Smart objects are the main part of these psd templates as they allow adding your front or back portion of your business card directly into the mockup. Adjusting lighting and colors are also possible without quality loss of the final product. Here you will find 35 free psd business card mock-ups for Photoshop ready to download and modify which we have found this new year.

I have not added similar looking card mockup so this is a mockup list with unique styles which are different from one another. Also, don’t forget to check the premium recommendation at the end of the post. Take care.

Elegant Card Mockup

A brilliant looking mockup where the business card is placed on a table as if it is freshly opened. With the help of Photoshop, you can easily edit this PSD template in one click as it is made as a smart object.

 business cards mock-up scene

Front View Mockup

A simple version of mockup yo ucan find on this page with a front view of your card displayed on a wooden table.

card mockup with realistic shadows

Free Traint Business Card Mock-Up

Mockup designed in photoshop psd will deliver a cut result in final preview.

Download Free_Traint_Card_Mock-Up

Business Card Free Mockup

A simple and elegant way to display your important business card designs to clients.

Download free card mockup

8 Clean Business Card MockUps

A realistic mockup form achieved in real light conditions can produce stunning visuals for your business card promotion. Grab this unique set of card mockup designed for free which can also be edited with photoshop and has smart object layers for much easier editing.


8 Clean Business Card MockUps

Card on Tray Mockup

A realistic mockup of business card which is placed on a card holder. The psd is free to download having well grouped layers and smart object for one click image change.


card holder mockup

Card in Hand

Ever wanted to handover a card to the client ? Then this mockup will be a graphical representation of the same.


business card in hand mockup psd

Business Cards on Table with Books Mockup

A great asset to designer as this psd template will get you going for long. Make unique mock-up of your clients business card and showcase them.


card mockup on book

Letterpress Mockup Of your Card

Get this psd which is well layered and can be used to show your new card design.


Letterpress Business Card Mockup

Embossed Business Card MockUp

Display normal cards in embossed or wood cut design just by adding images to smart object in psd file included here.

Download Wood-Card-MockUp

2 Business Card Mock-ups

A dual preview of mockup designs to display your card.

Download freebie-slide1

Ultimate Business Card Mockups

A huge collection of mockup with well organized layers and smart object customization. There are more than 19 angles and arrangement you can set for your mockup design.

Download ultimate mockup


Edge Business Cards MockUp

Enhance the final preview by adding a golden edge to the card.

Download Edge Business Cards MockUp

6 Business Cards MockUp

This kit contains six mock-ups in psd format which you can later change color and image.

Download card mockup1

Business Card Hand Mockup

An amazing showcase of hand held business card mockup design for you to download.

Download Business Card Hand Mockup

Letterpress Business Cards MockUp

A photorealistic PSD business card mock-up to present your business card design with the unique, tactile feel of letterpress printing. Use the smart layers to place your design and change the business cards side color via adjustment layer.

Download Letterpress Business Cards MockUp

Glossy Psd Business Card Mock-Up

A psd business card mock-up template, ideal to bring life to your business card design. Use it to preview before printing, showcase your design to clients or on a portfolio website.

Download Psd Business Card Mock-Up Vol 1

Realistic Business Card MockUp #2

Today’s freebie is a photorealistic, high quality mock-up from Eduardo Mejia,  perfect for presenting your work  in style. It uses smarts objects to make it easy to place your designs.

Download Realistic Business Card MockUp

Free Black and white Business Card Psd Mock-Up

Our new psd business card mock-up template is the best way to showcase your corporate design. With a simple drag and drop on the smart object layer your design will be presented in a realistic and striking way.

Download Psd Business Card Mock-Up

Business Card Mockup 

It’s easy to edit,the layers are named,and organised.With little Photoshop skills you can create your own business card.Made this one for the perspective view,but if you like the layout you can use it ofcourse,it’s fully editable.

Download Business Card Mockup

Business Card Template & Mockup (PSD)

The business card is elegant and modern in its look, has two sides of the card design. In Addition to this, there is also a mockup that you can use to showcase your business cards to your clients.

Download bc-mockup-preview

Playing Card Business Card Free Template

2 PSD Files (front and back) easy to handle and clearly named layers.

Download playing_card_business_card

Free Business Card Psd Mock-up

Photo realistic Business Card Mock-up with White background. you can put you business card by using smart object. It’s easy to use, fully layered & organized .psd file.

Download Business_Card_Psd_Mock-up

Business Card 3D Mock-Up (Psd)

Perspective 3d business card template made with Photoshop. Business cards are a major part of a corporate identity.

Download Bus-Card-Mockup

Free Business Card Mockup PSD

A simple mockup template in psd format is free to download here which can be used to showcase our new business card template.

Download Free Business Card Mockup PSD

Free PSD: Verticle Business Cards Mockup

Easy to apply your designs using smart objects, just double click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and you’re done!

Download verticle-BC-mockup

Free Business Card Mock up

Easy to paste in your own work via Smart objects ( No skewing or scaling necessary ) with huge 1800 x 1800 Resolution.

Download Free Business Card Mock up

Realistic Business Card MockUp

This business card mock-up is fully customizable. You can add your design or simply edit the template information very easy, via smart object. The shadows, reflections, depth of field and background texture are on separate layers, so you can play around with all the details.

Download Realistic Business Card MockUp

Free Square Business Card Mockup

With organized layers and with smart objects you can add your front and back card designs to display in the mockup right away.

Download free-square-mockup

Business card Mockup by Szesze15 (FREE PSD)

A different psd download from above and you can see the total difference of this mockup.

Download Business_card Mockup by Szesze15


A Mock-Up PSD. It’s a mixture of photography and photoshop work. It was shot with a Nikon D90 and a 50mm/1.4 and processed in Photoshop.

Download mock-up-business-card

Free Vector Business Card Mockup

Find the download link way below the website.

Download Free Vector Business Card Mockup

Mock Up 4 – Business Card

This item contains 1 highly detailed photorealistic mock-up. This PSD files uses Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly.

Download detailed photorealistic mock-up

Round Business Card Mockup

A free round business card mock up in the collection. This item contains 1 highly detailed photorealistic mock-up. This PSD files uses Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly.

Download business-card-round

Business Card Mockup PSD

An elegant mock up file free to download for any purpose.

Download business-card-mockup-01

Premium Business Card Mockup – Recommendations

Ignore below mockups if you are not interested in buying professional mockup but they do serve as amazing inspiration for your next mockup design.

Multiformat Business Card Mock-up

This Multiformat Business Card Mock-up uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace its contents for your own quickly and easily. It offers you 8 different perspectives so you can present your artwork in style.

Source Multiformat Business Card Mock-up

10 Realistic Business Card Mock-up Pack Bundle

You just need to double-click the Smart-Object, copy & paste your artwork, save, and you’re done. Real proportions, real depth of field and real background Includes 10 different styles Portrait and landscape orientation.

Source 10 Realistic Business Card Mock-up Pack Bundle
Past Contributors: Allie Kingsley

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